How would I go about getting a new kitchen sink?

The answer to this is almost endless but let’s gets started…

Your starting point should be the style of your kitchen, the design of your kitchen, and last but not least, your budget. You cannot look at any of these in isolation.

By style: I mean the overall look of the kitchen: do you have a preference for contemporary or classic (traditional).

By design: I mean the amount of worktop space you have.

Is it a galley kitchen where space is at a premium (in which case, if budget allowed I would recommend a worktop suitable to undermount a sink in e.g. granite, corian, bushboard etc, as that way the drainer can be etched into the worktop so your sink takes up less space and your kitchen will look less cluttered. Or maybe you have a long length of worktop space and you actually want to make a feature of your sink! Maybe you have a dark worktop and want the sink to fit into it seamlessly e.g. a matching granite sink. Maybe you have an island and want to put in a sink for hand washing when preparing vegetables?

And then, last but not least is budget.

You might be on a tight budget but you still don’t have to compromise. (See Carron Phoenix Developer range or there new Debut sink range in Granite) or you have lived for years in your house and are finally getting around to re-vamping your kitchen and want something completely different

There are so many sinks out there in so many price ranges that the choice is endless.

If there is a tight budget, then decide on the style of sink as per above and then just concentrate on the ranges within that budget. But allow some of your budget for your Kitchen Tap. The Kitchen Tap is what everyone will see before your sink!

Sometimes the sink and tap can be overlooked in a kitchen design (you are so fed up making decisions on the style of cabinets, the handles, the floor tiles… that by the time you come to the sink you might let the kitchen designer select it for you. And if you trust his judgment, there is nothing wrong with that!) But it is the last piece of the jigsaw to achieving that look that you want, so why give up at the last hurdle! When you consider the cost of replacing a sink e.g. plumber, replacing the worktop etc, it makes sense to buy something of decent quality that will last. It is far easier to change a Kitchen Tap than a Kitchen Sink!

To quote Carron Phoenix: “Carron Phoenix’s sink and tap collections bring together a choice of designs and materials to suit the diversity of to-days kitchen styling. From classic to contemporary, our products combine design inspiration and practicality. Choose from sinks in granite, ceramic and stainless steel and taps that perfectly complement them.”

We stock on site a wide range of their sinks and taps but if there is any sink of Carron Phoenix’s that is not on our site, just contact us for a price and lead time as we can get it for you. Also a lot of the sinks come with optional accessories but the beauty of that is that if budget is a priority, then buy the accessories at a later stage.

If you want any help or suggestions on what type of sink might be suitable, then email me with any details or ideas that you have and I will be only too glad to help!

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