Kitchen Tap Review – Carron Phoenix Opus Tap

Carron Phoenix Opus Tap ReviewLooking for a flaw in this opus tap was like looking for a needle in a haystack. The Carron Phoenix Opus tap remains one of our most popular mixer taps by Carron Phoenix (and one of Carron Phoenix’s most popular as well). The entire world cannot be wrong !


Guarantee: 5 YEARS

Style: It’s a deceptively simple design – but actually quite clever. The two lever handles taper in gradually at the base and is mirrored invertedly by the base tapering slightly inwards from the bottom of the base upwards to the start of the spout.

Colour finish: Chrome or Brushed steel (brushed nickel). Read my blog on this ‘its all in the detail: chrome or brushed steel finish kitchen tap for your kitchen sink?’ if you are unsure about which colour finish to use.

White ceramic handles option with chrome finish in a Modern style. Most kitchen taps with white ceramic handle are quite traditional in style (e.g. San Marco Boise or San Marco Boston). The Opus with white ceramic handles in chrome gives you a modern / contemporary option if you want to match the detail of another white appliance in your kitchen e.g. a white ceramic sink like the Shonelle or a Belfast kitchen sink).

Flow / water pressure: This tap has 1/4 turn valves that are suitable for most water pressures (standard water pressures 0.2 bar and above). If you have issues with the hot water side of your kitchen tap then we would advise you to go for a tap that uses a compression valve. See blog on low hot water pressure from your kitchen tap if this is an issue.

Aerator: No high pressured back splash.

P R O S or C O N S

Height: Ok – this is the one that for me could either be a ‘Pro’ or a ‘Con’ depending on your preference.

At 300 mm it is the shortest of all our swan neck, two lever taps. This shortness is compensated by the generous clearance under the spout (greater than a typical swan neck). Stores tells me that a lot of customers like this ‘shortness’ when they show our kitchen tap displays to them if they don’t want a too tall kitchen tap in front of their kitchen window. (So Stoes is definitely knocking my query about the height issue firmly on the head!).

Where the height of this tap could be a negative feature is if you were going for a very contemporary style and wanted a ‘statement’ tap with a swan neck style with two levers. Then I would steer you towards a much taller kitchen tap such as the San Marco Cedar (390 mm), San Marco Davenport (350 mm) or San Marco Maya (355 mm).


If you would like to buy one of these taps or take a closer look, here are the links:


Why buy from us?
We are a specialist online store that stocks a selected range of products that we can provide all the technical information on and troubleshoot any problems associated with (no matter how old). We have been selling Carron Phoenix Sinks and Taps for 30 years. Not only do we stock the spare parts but our technical department can troubleshoot most problems for you – no matter how old or new your kitchen tap is. Excellent After Sales Service is an intrinsic part of our Customer Care ethos.


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