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bridge mixer tap from absolutelybeautifulthingsblogspot.comTraditionally a bridge mixer tap was paired with a belfast (farmhouse) ceramic sink.

Recently the bridge mixer tap is also being used in all styles of kitchens, both classic and contemporary.



Bridge Mixer Taps with Adjustable feet: The standard / usual spacing between two pre-drilled tap holes is 180mm but where this space is not exactly 180mm then you would need adjustable feet.  (Ceramic sinks by their nature tend to be inexact in their measurements due to the way they are fired in a kiln. And while most modern ceramic sinks are fairly exact, usually there is a tolerance of+ / – 2.5% in the measurements and this might or might not be an issue when fitting a bridge mixer tap).

With the adjustable feet you have 2 options:

Atholl 2 Hole Kitchen Taps

Carron Phoenix Atholl 2 Hole Kitchen Tap

Carron Phoenix Atholl with cross head (capstan) handles

Carron Phoenix Barra Bridge Mixer Kitchen Tap in Chrome

Carron Phoenix Barra Bridge Mixer with adjustable feet

or the Carron Phoenix Barra with levers instead of handles.


But see below ‘Water Pressure’ as the Barra Lever handles with 1/4 turn valves requires more water pressure than the Atholl (compression valves) and this might dictate which tap with adjustable feet you must select.

If adjustable feet are not a prerequisite then you can add the ornate Tuscany tap into the mix as well!

San Marco Tuscany Tap Brushed Nickel

San Marco Tuscany Tap (shown here in Brushed Nickel)

The Tuscany offers you three colour choices:


Brushed Steel (also known as Brushed Nickel or Pewter)

and Antique Bronze

and has a distinctive ornate spout.  The brushed nickel finish in this tap is one of my personal favourites for pairing with a belfast sink but it really depends on the rest of the kitchen as well.  When taking into account all the other features in the kitchen you might want to have a statement tap in all its ornate glory or you might have a more contemporary (pared back, simpler look) kitchen, and then a simpler bridge mixer tap might look more appropriate.

Water Pressure:

The other important element in any kitchen tap that should always be considered in parallel to your budget / style is water pressure.

If you have low water pressure on your hot water side of your kitchen tap (e.g. you live in a bungalow perhaps) or just have it for some other reason, then we would always recommend a tap that uses a compression valve

e.g. the Tuscany or  The Atholl  (0.3 bar minium ) .


The Barra, having 1/4 turn spindles (valves) would require a higher water pressure (0.5bar and above).

Most houses don’t have an issue with water pressure but if in doubt then email us or ask a qualified plumber to check it for you.

Also see our blog here about guide to water pressure:

If you would like to buy one of these taps or take a closer look, here are the links:




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