Match the Carron Phoenix Deca 150 sink with the San Marco Davenport Kitchen Tap in brushed nickel

Carron Phoenix Deca 150 Sink with San Marco Davenport Tap in brushed nickel finish

Carron Phoenix Deca 150 Sink with San Marco Davenport Tap in brushed nickel finish


A customer recently asked us to help her match a kitchen tap with Deca 150 Sink that she was buying from us.

We immediately recommended a tap in a brushed nickel finish.

The Deca 150 Sink has a beautiful stainless steel look to it and consequently we would consider it more ‘matt’ than ‘shiny’.

While you can of course put a chrome tap with it, our preference would be for a matt tap.

After much consideration (lots of opening of tap boxes to put beside the sink 🙂 ) we unanimously agreed that the San Marco Davenport Tap in brushed nickel finish was the perfect match with the Deca 150 sink.

Here is what our customer said after when she received the Deca 150 Sink and San Marco Davenport Tap in brushed nickel:

    Good morning Sarah
    We order and query and chase and chase, and we forget the equally important part – to say THANK YOU for a super service.
    The sink and taps arrived on Wednesday last.
    And you were totally correct, a perfect match.
    Thanks again, superb.
    Betty B.

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Why buy from us?
We are a specialist online store that stocks a selected range of products that we can provide all the technical information on and troubleshoot any problems associated with (no matter how old). We have been selling San Marco Kitchen Taps and Carron Phoenix Kitchen Taps for over 20 years. Not only do we stock the spare parts but our technical department can troubleshoot most problems for you – no matter how old or new your kitchen tap is. Excellent After Sales Service is an intrinsic part of our Customer Care ethos.

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