My Franke Triflow Kubus Tap is dripping

Triflow Kubus Tap from Franke

Triflow Kubus Tap from Franke (Discontinued Spring 2011)

Filterflow Kubus Tap from Franke

Filterflow Kubus Tap from Franke

If your Franke Triflow Kubus Tap is dripping from the Spout then you need to replace the valves.

Your Franke Triflow Kubus Tap or Franke Filterflow Kubus Tap takes 3 valves (1 hot and 2 cold).  The Triflow version was discontinued Spring 2011 and replaced by the Filterflow version.  They have different parts.

Triflow or Filterflow ? It is easy check which version you have:

The Triflow valve has 20 Splines and only one set of threads below the black rubber O Ring, whereas the Filterflow valve has 28 Splines and two sets of threads, one above the black rubber O Ring and one below it.

If your Tap is leaking from the Hot side then usually replacing the hot valve will solve this. It is a little bit trickier if your Tap is dripping from the cold side – which is dripping – filtered cold or mains cold or both ?

If you don’t know whether is is the Mains Cold OR Filtered Cold valve that needs replacing (or both?) you could buy 2 cold, try one (same one) in mains first and if still dripping then switch the new valve into the filtered side and if still dripping then chances are both mains and filtered are dripping (reason why I am advising to try the ONE new valve in both mains and filtered is because once you fit one of our valves then you cannot return it – whereas you can return any unused valve for a refund).

The triflow version was discontinued spring 2011.


Franke Kubus Triflow

FRFR9762 / FR9763/FR9764

Overall Height: 53mm
Diameter at thread:  21mm
No of Splines (teeth at top):  20
Nut Height:  8mm

Franke Kubus Filterflow SP3561
(previously listed by manufacturer as 1427R
Same valve, just name change)

Brass Valve with ceramic discs.
Overall height: 53mm
Nut Height: 8mm
Diameter at thread: 21mm
No of Splines (teeth at the top): 28
Height of Splines: 10mm




If your tap is dripping where the spout meets the base then you need to replace the O Ring Kit

Use the information above to see which Tap it is.



If you have a non Filterflow Tap e.g. the Franke Kubus Tap, here are the Spare Parts that we stock.

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  1. sian October 6, 2016

    i can’t get the tap to now fit back into body after replacing the O rings – please can you help?

    • Alice October 6, 2016

      Hi, if you give me your Order Number I will check out the product details and advise you.

  2. John Evans June 1, 2017

    My Franke Kubus tap is dripping from the spout. I guess I will need to replace the valves but am not sure how to get at them as there is not a grub screw holding the handle end in place. Do I just unscrew the lever and pull?

    • Alice June 1, 2017

      Hi John, which Franke Kubus do you have ? the Triflow version or the standard version? There should be a screw to undo the handle to get at the valve. This blog post should help you :


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