3656R Kitchen Tap Valve



Bridge Kitchen Tap Valve 3656R (Compression)

Please note that the same valve works for the Hot or the cold side i.e. they are interchangeable.

Overall Height: 65mm Diameter: 20mm Number of splines: 24 Nut Height:5mm

As the part of the Valve can be seen when fitted it is important to select the correct colour finish i.e. Chrome, Brushed Nickel or Bronze, as part of the Valve.

***We only stock the CURRENT version of this valve and depending on the age of your tap , this valve might not be compatible with your existing handle, in which case we would recommend purchasing a new handle (which may look different than your original handle) to suit the new valve, the handle can be returned if not needed, refer to our returns section if necessary. ***


3656R Kitchen Tap Valve

Please note that the manufacturer might have changed the valves over the years that a Tap is in production. If the Valve does not fit you can return it – once unused. Full details of our Returns policy is here.

A kitchen tap with a compression valve is recommended to use if you have very low water pressure on the hot water side of your kitchen tap.

See our blog on this for more information – low hot water pressure from your kitchen tap.

Parts might be modified by the manufacturers as part of their continual improvements. We cannot always guarantee that a part will fit an older version of a product. All spare parts that do not fit can be returned for a refund.

Shipping Information (in Brief - see links below for more detailed information).

Spares Parts: Minimum of £4.50 Royal Mail First Class 3-5 days to Maximum £6.00 Parcel Force Track & Trace , Signature Required, 2 - 3 days after dispatch day. Click here for more information about all Shipping here.

Please note that these shipping times apply to Mainland UK Only. Please refer to our Shipping / Returns section for other destinations.


Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide


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