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Kitchen Tap Compression Valve 3656R



Franke Bridge Mixer Kitchen Tap Valve 3656R (SP3656) 133.0202.762 As the part of the Valve can be seen when fitted it is important to select the correct colour finish i.e. Chrome, Brushed Nickel or Bronze, as part of the Valve. Please note that the same valve works for the Hot or the cold side i.e. they are interchangeable.

Please read the detailed information below about this Valve before ordering.


3656R Kitchen Tap Valve

Overall Height: 65mm Diameter: 20mm Number of splines: 24 Nut Height:5mm

Please note that the manufacturer has changed this Valve over the years that the Tap is in production and while both Old and New Valve have 24 splines, the splines on the Newer Valve are thinner and are incompatible with the Old Handle. If you have the old Valve, a new Valve will not fit onto your old Handle, and you will then have to order a New Handle 3715R as well.  You can tell the difference by removing your own Valve and comparing to the picture here.  One obvious difference is the Nut – it is ‘stepped’ on the new version. Some very Old Installation guides refer to the Old Valve as 1301R but even later guides specifying 3656R refer to the older Valve as well.

Example of 3656R SP3656 Old V New Valve

Example of 3656R SP3656 Old V New Valve

If the Kitchen Tap Valve does not fit you can return it. Full details of our Returns policy is here. If in doubt as to which Valve is in your own Tap, then we would recommend that you purchase the handle and return if not required.

Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide


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