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Carron Phoenix Mahogany Shonelle Chopping Board 2A1058

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Made from Mahogany, this Carron Phoenix Shonelle chopping board is designed to complement the Shonelle white ceramic sink.

Lead-time:  The current Lead-time is approx 6 weeks but you can pre-order by buying now.



The Carron Phoenix Mahogany Shonelle Chopping Board

Carron Phoenix Mahogany Shonelle chopping board is suitable for Shonelle White Ceramic Sink.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask us. With 30 years experience in supplying sinks and taps and the accompanying spare parts to the UK market we consider ourselves to be experts in this field. This means that we are pretty confident that we should be able to answer any queries you may have. Any queries received will be answered as quickly as we possibly can in as clear a manner as possible.

P.S. Experts may sometimes use jargon terms that you pick up when working in the same field for so many years. If this happens and the answer is not clear enough for you please let us know and we will try to explain in more layman terms.

P.P.S. Did you know that Taps and Sinks Online supply the Carron Phoenix brand products for less than any other online store?

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