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Franke Fuji Pull-Out Nozzle Tap Aerator



The Franke Fuji Pull-Out Nozzle Tap has had some modifications but which ever version you have, the current Aerator SP1485 will fit your Spout.  Earlier part listings were 2327R and 1485R.  Available in Chrome or SS (SilkSteel).  This aerator has a female thread which has 21mm inside diameter. (check this size against your existing aerator before purchase).

Aerator: Found at the tip of the spout. Most aerators can be screwed onto the end of the spout, creating a non-splashing stream and often delivering a mixture of water and air (sometimes referred to as the ‘champagne’ effect).


Franke Fuji Pull-Out Nozzle Tap Aerator


There is Version 1 (with Aerator Codes 2327R which was then replaced by 1485R (fun codes 133.0068.771 CH & 133.0068.722 SS) and Version 2 with Aerator Code SP1485 (133.0068.791 CH & 133.0068.792 SS.

1485R and SP1485 are the same, and even if you have the earliest Aerator 2327R, the 1485R should still fit in your Franke Fuji Pull-Out Nozzle Tap.

The differences between these two taps are more relevant if you need an O Ring Kit as Version 1 takes a different O Ring Kit from Version 2.  If you require the Franke Fuji Pull Out Nozzle Tap O Ring Kit here.

Franke Fuji Pull-Out Nozzle Tap (referred to here as Version 1) was in production from approx Dec 2003 to March 2013 – it takes O Ring Kit 1315R (aka 3915R)
Franke Fuji Pull Out Nozzle Tap (referred to here as Version 2) has been in production since March 2013 – it takes O Ring Kit 3782R (SP3792)

Franke Fuji Pull Out Nozzle Tap Version 1

Franke Fuji Pull Out Nozzle Tap Version 1

Franke Fuji Pull-Out Nozzle Tap Version 2

Franke Fuji Pull-Out Nozzle Tap Version 2

The one noticeable difference between the Two Tap Versions is the handle.   This difference is only of relevance if you need to buy the Franke Fuji Pull-Out Nozzle O Ring Kit.


Available in Chrome or Brushed Nickel

Fun Code: 133.0068.791 CH or 133.0068.792 BN

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