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Lamona Rienza Tap3547 Valve



Lamona Rienza Tap3547 Valve. £16 per Valve. £10 per Bush.

The manufacturers changed c.2013 from 1212R valve to 3819R valve.  Irrespective of which version (the two threaded 1212R or later one threaded 3819R) the manufacturer has specified the 1212R White Seal valve as replacement. 

See below for valve measurements & more valuable information.

Click here for steps on changing your Kitchen Tap Valves


Lamona Rienza Tap3547 Valve

Suitable for the Lamona Rienza Tap3547.

1212R Valve and 3819R Valve

1212R Valve and 3819R Valve

Remember, irrespective of whether you have the two threaded version 1212R (with white seals or red/blue seals) Or the later one threaded 3819R, you will receive, on the manufactuerers guidance, the earlier 1212R White sealed two threaded valve version as the replacement. This is because seals in later valves are flatter and the earlier 1212R Valve with white seal covers all of Tap modifications.

Measurements 1212R
Overall height: 50mm
Nut Height: 8mm
Diameter at thread: 21mm
Splines: 20
Height of Splines: 8mm

1212R-C (cold Valve shown here).

1212R-C (cold Valve shown here. The Hot valve looks the same but has a nick in the nut).

Measurements 3819R
Overall height: 50mm
Nut Height: 6mm
Diameter at thread: 21mm
Splines: 20
Height of Splines: 6mm

Valve 3819R

Valve 3819R (shown here the Hot valve. Cold valve is the same without a ‘nick’ in the nut )


Sometimes the brass bush (which is a separate part) might be attached when you remove your own valve. Here are some examples of the 3408R 36mm Bush.  It you wish to buy, remember it is one bush per valve, but you might not require it or might be able to resuse your own one if your own bush comes out stuck to the old valve.   If your own bush diamter is smaller, e.g. 30mm, then you must have the 3409R Bush which you can buy here

1212R and 3408R Brass bush attached

1212R (3984R) Valve and 3408R Brass bush attached

3819R Valve and 3408R Brass Bush attached.

3819R Valve and 3408R Brass Bush attached.


This is a Genuine Spare Part.

Parts might be modified by the manufacturers as part of their continual improvements. We cannot always guarantee that a part will fit an older version of a product. All spare parts that do not fit can be returned for a refund excluding shipping costs.

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Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide


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