San Marco Venice Tap Handle Part 1248R



San Marco Venice Tap Handle Part 1248R is the current replacement handle for San Marco Venice Kitchen Tap.

Please note that the picture is only one version of this handle.  More recent models are coming with slightly flatter styled handled.  If you order only one handle please let us know which you have and we will do our best to match it although we cannot guarantee identical match.  If in doubt order a matching pair to ensure that both handles look the same.  See below for picture of other handle style.

We do not sell the indices separately. Indices measure : 14mm at thread. 18mm at widest part of indice.


San Marco Venice Tap Handle Part 1248R

Spare Tap Part 1248R available in four different finishes. When selecting the finish please also select whether you want the Hot or Cold Indicator to be as the written word .e.g ‘Hot / Cold’ or in Letter form ‘e.g. H or C.

Spare Tap Parts Indicators

Spare Tap Parts Indicators

Other San Marco Venice Tap Spares available

Alternative Venice Tap Handle – if in doubt to which handle you have, please order a pair and then you are guaranteed matching pair of handles.

All our Spare Parts are Genuine Spare Parts sourced directly from the manufacturer of your Product.

Please note that parts might be modified by the manufacturers over the years of a product being made as part of their continual improvements. We have put up the actual part number from the manufacturer so that you can check against your technical specifications sheets provided by the manufacturers when you originally purchased your product. If you no longer have your technical specification sheet we have also put up measurements or pictures, where appropriate, for you to check against your own spare part that you wish to replace. We can not always guarantee that a part will fit an older version of a product. All spare parts that do not fit can be returned for a refund but we do not refund associated postage costs.

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