I have a Franke Davos mixer tap which is dripping. Can you please advise me which discs/washers I need to purchase please?

1. Tap is dripping from the Spout

If your Davos Tap is dripping from the spout then it is most likely that you need to change the valves (one or both) and / or the brass bush ring (but usually its just the valve) hot or cold.

We stock Spare Parts for the Current Franke Davos J and the Current Franke Davos SM

davos j tap image

Franke Davos J Tap


Franke Davos (aka Davos SM)


We do not stock parts for the far earlier Davos Taps in production until 2007 (the most obvious difference is the Spout detail. It does not have the same locking nut detail at the base of the spout as the Current Franke Davos J Spout or Franke SM Spout.

Davos 1990 2007

We do not stock Spare Parts for Franke Davos 1990 to 2007

Before ordering replacement valve please see below for further information, images and measurements on the Manufacturers change of Valve from 1427R Cold (133.0069.364) and 1427R Hot (133.0069.365) to SP3547 Cold (133.0358.165) and SP3547 Hot (133.0358.167). The manufacturer recommends that you order universal 1427R if replacing your valve.  If your valve has 18 splines (earlier valve) we do not have this valve.

Franke Davos Tap Valve

In 2014 the Franke Davos Tap Valve was changed by manufacturer from the 1427R Valve to the SP3547. Your installation guide will tell you exactly which part to order. EITHER valve IS compatible once you have the Davos Tap (although we do NOT stock the even earlier version with 18 splines).
We have provided here measurements and images of both valves for reference if you don’t have your installation guide as otherwise you might receive a valve that looks different from your own valve, when you remove it, and think that you were sent the WRONG valve.

Measurements 1427R
Overall height: 53mm
Nut Height: 8mm
Diameter at thread: 21mm
Splines: 28
Height of Splines: 10mm

1427R Tap Valve

1427R Tap Valve (Cold Valve shown here)

Measurements SP3547
Overall height: 53mm
Nut Height: 6mm
Diameter at thread: 21mm
Splines: 28
Height of Splines: 11mm

SP3547R (shown here Hot Valve)

SP3547R (shown here Hot Valve)


If your valve appears to be wider than ours but all measurements tally except diameter, just make sure that you have removed the brass bush. For more information on removing the brass bush, see here.



2. Dripping where Spout meets Base

If it is dripping where the spout meets the base then it is most likely that you need to replace the O Rings.

davos j tap image

Franke Davos J Tap


Franke Davos (aka Davos SM)


Our Blog / Plumbing Guides section includes tips e.g. how to remove a valve. Follow the links below.

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  1. CHARLES MC LAUGHLIN May 20, 2020

    I have the same tapps im looking for the hot and cold cartridges can you supply ?
    lm sure that they are afer 2007,

    • Alice May 20, 2020

      HI Charles, take a look at the blog post now as i have put in clearer links to the valves for you including pictures of the taps.

  2. Chris Payne January 28, 2020

    Can anyone suggest a way to remove the allen screw at the back of tap which as worn and I can not get the allen key to turn screw ????

    • Alice January 29, 2020

      HI Chris. The most important thing with a grub screw is to always use the correct sized allen key in the first place and thereby avoid rounding it /wearing it . Make sure as well, that there is just not grit or grime in it that is making it harder to grip. Take a look with a small hand mirror and a torch on your phone to check this first. If it is fully rounded / worn , then we would advise calling in a plumber at this stage , but if you wish to try and tackle this yourself (but we could not take any responsibility for what might or might not happen as a plumber would be better placed to sort this) you could tap in a larger size allen key eg. 3mm , which is bigger, and tap in so that it now completely grips (wedged into) the grub screw with a view to removing it. You will permanently damage the grub screw doing this, so you would need another replacement 2.5mm grub screw to hand. This might be more easily done if the Tap was removed from the worktop due to the fact that you might not have ease of access sufficiently to do this otherwise. As you can see, it is not an ideal solution and is not easy.

  3. Robert GIBBS January 21, 2020

    How do I know if I have a Davos or Davos J tap?

    • Alice January 21, 2020

      Thanks Robert. I have now amended the post and included pictures of the Davos J Spout and the Davos SM. We do NOT stock parts for the earlier Davos , finished production 2007 and have included pictures there too now. The main thing is that the valves in Davos J or Davos SM are the same, BUT they do take different O Ring Kits. If you are unsure, just email me a picture of your own tap to sales@tapsandsinksonline.co.uk.

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