San Marco Kitchen Taps – 5 Traditional Kitchen Taps Guide

San Marco Kitchen Taps – 5 Traditional Kitchen Taps Guide

San Marco Traditional Style

There are 5 beautiful traditional kitchen taps in the San Marco Kitchen Taps range, that are firmly anchored in the classic style.

They come in a variety of finishes: chrome, brushed nickel (also known as pewter or brushed steel) and a variety of handle styles and spouts.

The 2nd Kitchen Tap, the Tuscany, is of the bridge mixer variety and can look fabulous when placed behind a Belfast (farm house) Ceramic Kitchen Sink.


I have compiled a simple guide in a table (matrix) format (see below) to give you at a glance the key pointers for each traditional kitchen taps: height (starting with the lowest ), water pressure, price range and colour finish available.  The beauty about having all the different colour finishes is that you can pick up on other details in your kitchen e.g. a boston with white ceramic handles to complement a white ceramic sink, or a brushed steel finish if you have stainless steel accessories.  The choice is yours!

If you click on any Traditional Kitchen Tap Name in this Table it will take you into this Traditional Kitchen Tap in our store where you can obtain more technical information and where you can Add it to your shopping cart if you wish to buy it.

San Marco Kitchen Tap NameKitchen Tap HeightWater Pressure Rating(£) Chrome(£) Brushed Nickel(£) Bronze (Dull Gold)(£) Antique Gold (Shiny)

(★★★★★★) – all water pressure ratings | (★★★★★) – low water pressure (0.3 bar and above)

Selling San Marco Taps for over 20 years we stock all the spare parts for the Kitchen Taps and if you have any queries about any of these taps, or any other Kitchen tap, simply contact us.

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  1. Jon Steele September 23, 2016

    Out of interest what is the range of pressure ratings for 6 stars? Assuming 5 is 0.3 and above. Thanks Jon

    • Alice September 24, 2016

      6 stars means that it is suitable for all water pressures. We always put in a proviso that there are other factors in addition to the Tap itself that can affect water pressure e.g. where the hot water tank is located is one such example. But if you have very low water pressure on the Hot water side then the only better option is two separate pillar taps or a pump system. We always recommend consulting a plumber if you are not sure before buying.

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