Stainless Steel Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Solutions

Sometimes it can be hard to find a nice stylish stainless steel double bowl kitchen sink. It was on my own wishlist as I always loved the idea of letting dirty dishes / bowls steep in one sink and do the final rinse / wash in the second sink. Unfortunately I just didn’t have the worktop space where my sink was located to accomodate two bowls. But if you are lucky enough to have the space, then Carron have currently two inset double bowl kitchen sinks in their range that are both stylish and practical.  All the sinks below can be fitted with a waste disposal unit.


While stocks last we have the Lavella 210.

Carron Phoenix Lavella 210 Sink

Lavella 210 Double Bowl Sink – shown here with a right hand drainer

This is a handed sink (i.e. you have to specify which side you want the drainer on) and is highly polished.






Zeta 215 Double Bowl Sink with Drainer Lifestyle

Zeta 215 Double Bowl Sink with Drainer Lifestyle

The Zeta 215 is a larger double bowl sink and requires a larger size cabinet (1000mm) than the Lavella 210 (800mm).  It’s reversible (which means that there is a tap hole cut out in either side of the sink and the hole not required is filled with a blank.

Main differences between the Zeta 215 and the Lavella 210

Drainer Format : Lavella is handed. The Zeta is reversible.
Polish Finish: Both are described as ‘polished’ but the Zeta is not as polished as the Lavella. If you had a very contemporary style kitchen then you might prefer the Zeta for its more ‘stainless steel’ finish.
Cabinet size: Zeta 215 is longer (1200mm) and the bowl sizes of the Zeta are bigger as well, and it requires a 1000mm cabinet, whereas the Lavella 210 is 800mm.



Undermount stainless steel double bowl sinks:
An alternative to an inset sink is the undermount sink.  Undermount kitchen sinks are a great way of achieving a streamlined look in your kitchen and can be a useful space saving device i.e. the drainer is etched into your worktop.  The only disadvantage with an undermount sink is that you have to use a more expensive worktop e.g. granite, corian etc, instead of the more budget friendly worktop type ie. laminate.

Carron Phoenix Lavella 200 Undermount Sink with Rennie Tap

Lavella 200 double bowl undermount kitchen sink

Currently in the undermount sink range we have the Lavella 200

which has two double bowls in a single piece. It really is a style choice as to whether or not you put in two separate bowls, or one welded piece of two bowls. Although bear in mind that your worktop provider might charge you extra for cutting out two holes instead of one larger hole.



If you would like to buy one of these kitchen sinks or take a closer look, here are the links:



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