The last hurdle: Selecting your Kitchen Tap and Kitchen Sink

Would you go to the ball in a new dress and not bother washing your hair?

No, I didn’t think so! Because we all know that it’s the little attention to detail that is the difference between looking OK and looking absolutely fabulous.

And fabulous is what I know we can all achieve with our Kitchens.

I know what it’s like, having been there in the not too distant past. You are absolutely bamboozled with picking out door styles, colours, wall and floor tiles and please, if you see another door handle you will weep! Or maybe you are refurbishing your existing Kitchen on a very tight budget and have just enough money to re-spray your existing doors and change your Kitchen Sink and Tap. You know the look that you want to achieve but are unsure now if you can do it on your budget… So when it finally comes to the last hurdle of selecting the Kitchen Sink and Tap you are tempted out of sheer exhaustion or bewilderment at the array of choices to say to the Builder / Kitchen Maker / Plumber… ‘you pick’.

There are brilliant Kitchen Makers out there who want to get it right for their clients but I get so frustrated when someone walks in to purchase a Kitchen Tap and Kitchen Sink on someone else’s behalf and when I ask what style kitchen? They just shrug, point at something and say those terrible three words ‘THIS WILL DO’.

Well actually it won’t. Yes there are hundreds of kitchen taps and kitchen sinks out there but it can be narrowed down very quickly (that’s what we are here for) and ‘budget never has to mean compromising style, design or quality’. There is a gorgeous Carron Phoenix or San Marco Kitchen Tap and Carron Phoenix Kitchen Sink out there within everyone’s price range.

Email us at with a brief description of your kitchen style and your price range and we will make recommendations for you. The more information the better e.g. what style you want, are you keeping the existing worktop (in which case measure the existing sink), are there water pressure considerations? Let us use our energy and knowledge to enable you to sit back and have that well earned cup of coffee and allow yourself to be the belle of the kitchen ball.

Have a lovely day!

~Wise Owl

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