Using Pinterest boards for Kitchen decorating ideas

Using Pinterest Boards for kitchen decorating ideas (or any project) can be a fantastic way of gathering together all your ideas and wishlists for when you start decorating or revamping your Kitchen or Bathroom. And what’s even better is that it is simple and fun! You can start your own boards and also follow other peoples boards which you find yourself instantly attracted to. And the beauty of it is that you don’t have to carry around scraps of paper, images torn out of magasines etc… its all there online for you.

There are many trends out there: from Classic to Contemporary, and so many different ranges and prices. Where to start?

I think we all know instantly if we love something or hate it. That’s the best place to begin. If you know what you like you can then move on to finding the right product to fit your budget. If you don’t know what you love or hate… then now is the time to start looking at the different trends and styles out there and that will soon tell you (and this is one of the times that you should listen to your gut and not your brain. Your brain will kick in afterwards when the budget is the main consideration, but first of all, find out what you like!)

If you want some ideas of the different trends that are currently on show, take a look at my pinterest boards.

The beauty of the 21st century is that there is no longer one ‘right’ style. Anything goes as long as YOU like it and want to live in it and with it. At the end of the day it’s your home. It’s your style. It’s whatever you like that counts. Not anyone else’s. And last but not least, it’s your budget!

Happy looking and pinning! (click on image below to visit our Pinterest Board)

Our Pinterest Board

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