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Low Price Guarantee on Taps and SinksTaps and Sinks Online have been supplying Taps, Sinks and spare parts to both the trade and public for over 30 years.  We have been selling Online since 2012.

We ship from Ireland.

We have ensured that post Brexit, there will be no hidden costs and tariffs.

If your Order is under £135 there are no hidden charges on delivery, No Vat on Import. These charges only arise where an order is over £135. We are registered for VAT in both Ireland and Great Britain. You can read our full Brexit policy here.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and our range of genuine spare parts and expertise on these parts simply cannot be beaten.

We only sell quality products that have been specifically designed for the UK and Irish market so that you have the reassurance that every product we supply is suitable for your needs.

Our staff have an in depth knowledge of all our products and we stand by our commitment to deliver the highest quality Spare Parts and Taps and Sinks at prices that our competitors cannot even dream about.

We have an in depth knowledge of how all our Spare Tap Parts work so when you buy a Spare Part from us, not only do you get DIY guide links appropriate to the product, but we also review pictures from customers to assist in identifying the correct Spare Part where the customer does not know the brand or make of their tap. 99% of our products are genuine products i.e. sourced directly from the manufacturer. Lately we have started selling compatible parts for certain brands where the customer can no longer get the part from the original manufacturer. We clearly state where a part is compatible.

Feel free to ask any questions  – email us at sales@tapsandsinksonline.co.uk together with any information that you might have if it is in relation to a spare part that may help you make the right purchase.  We prefer email over telephone as some of our staff are working off site due to Covid-19 restrictions. You receive a quicker, more comprehensive reply, if you email us. It also means you can send us pictures of your own Tap / Part . We look for a mobile number rather than a landline as our Couriers text shipping details to you.  Some email addresses treat our replies as Spam / Junk, so if you go to the trouble of sending us an email, just make sure to save us as a Safe email address.  We always reply to every email so if you think that we have not answered you, please check that you sent to the correct email address and also check your Spam / Junk Mail box.  If we see several enquiries from you we will know that you have not received our reply.  It is in our own interest to reply to you so if you don’t see a reply from us we have either not received your email OR you are spamming / blocking ours.


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