1. Jim May 19, 2020

    Is there any chance to ship ti Italy for a Franke tap valve? If so, what is the cost?

    • Alice May 20, 2020

      I am sorry Jim, but we do not ship to Italy as we use DPD and the cost of shipping would be prohibitve. If we post we have no way of tracking / tracing as we use DPD for all our track and trace. Is there anyone that you know in the UK that you could order and use their address and then they could send on to you.

  2. Caitlin April 12, 2020

    Hi, is there any possibility to ship to Australia?

    • Alice April 12, 2020

      HI i am really sorry but we are currently only using DPD due to Covid restrictions and its just not possible. Perhaps you know someone in the UK that you can use their address and get them to forward to you instead ?

  3. Damien February 14, 2020

    Do you need to isolate or turn off the hot water to change a valve in the cold tap.

    • Alice February 14, 2020

      NO. You do NOT need to isolate / turn off the Hot Water Feed if you are changing the Cold Tap (only do it to the Cold Feed).

  4. Raymond Waters May 29, 2019

    Hi we have a mixer tap like yours but, we’ve got a problem with the cold water side, the screw has snapped off & the bottom of inner where washer is, & when we turn tap on u have to wind tap quite a few turns before u get water out how much for a new inert body

  5. Ewa March 9, 2018

    How long would it take to receive Carron Phoenix Maui 90 Kitchen Sink if i order it today?
    to be delivered to Barnet UK.

    • Alice March 9, 2018

      Depending on what time of the day you order, we state on our delivery information on this product that it takes 2-3 working days excluding despatch day.


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