My New Kitchen tap is dripping

In the unusual, but not impossible situation, that your kitchen tap is dripping, our troubleshooting guide has some tips below to solve some problems that might arise after your kitchen tap has been fitted and as always, you can contact us with any questions that you might have.

My Kitchen Tap is dripping after installation?

New valves can take a few days for the rubber washer to “bed down”. If after a few days the dripping continues, the seating and/or the rubber washer may have been damaged by debris in the plumbing system. It might need to be checked by a plumber and he will advise you if you need to order a free replacement valve from us at, and flush the system.


This guide here might also be of use if this is the first time you are removing your Kitchen Valve.  7 Easy steps to replace Kitchen Valve.

If your Kitchen Tap is operated by a Single Lever, then you will have a Cartridge rather than a Valve in your Tap.  This post here might also assist you.  How to replace a Cartridge in your Single Lever Tap.

My Kitchen Tap is dripping from the end of the spout when the Tap is turned Off?

Again, new valves can take a few days for the rubber washer to “bed down”. One cause might be High pressure in your plumbing system. Check the pressure in your system: if it is too high, more than 5 bar, it could be necessary to use a pressure reducer. If it is still dripping contact our after sales service at

My Kitchen Tap leaks at the joint of the body & spout?

The spout “O” rings have been damaged during installation. It needs new rubber “O” rings. Contact our after sales service at  This blog post here might also assist you.  How to remove a Kitchen Tap Spout.   and How to change a Kitchen Tap O Ring Kit.

My Kitchen Tap leaks under the work-top?

The tap tails have not been screwed in tight enough or the plumbing installation may be suspect. Tighten the tap tails without damaging or deforming the plumbing.

My new Tap leaks by the handles?

The valve may need tightening or replacing. Again, new valves can take a few days for the rubber washer to “be bed down”. Tighten the valve and if leak continues after tightening please order a new valve from If the valve bush comes out with the valve, order a new set of valve and valve-bush.

My Tap spout is clogged with stain deposit or impurities?

Unscrew the antisplasher and clean it (be careful not to damage the antisplasher if using a spanner or wrench).


Contact us for any Kitchen Tap spare parts for the San Marco Kitchen Tap Range or the Carron Phoenix Tap Range. Also please note that some of the spare parts for these taps also fit Franke Kitchen Taps, Howdens Kitchen Taps, Rangemaster Kitchen Taps, Leisure Kitchen Taps and Abode Kitchen Taps.

If you have any other trouble shooting queries that i have not covered above just email us at We have not gotten a query yet that we can’t solve!

By the way, the tap included in the post is the Carron Phoenix Lucida Kitchen Tap in Brushed Nickel finish. I put it in because I love the style of the square spout with rounded edges for a softer contemporary look. I like it that much that Stores made ‘in store’ a filter version for my kitchen. All my recommendations truly come from the heart!

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If you require any further information on these kitchen sinks, the kitchen taps featured in the images, or any other product in our store, please contact us at


Why buy from us? We are a specialist online store that stocks a selected range of products that we can provide all the technical information on and troubleshoot any problems associated with (no matter how old). We have been selling San Marco Kitchen Taps and Carron Phoenix Kitchen Taps for over 20 years. Not only do we stock the spare parts but our technical department can troubleshoot most problems for you – no matter how old or new your kitchen sink or tap is. Excellent After Sales Service is an intrinsic part of our Customer Care ethos.

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