How to change a Cartridge and O Ring Kit Single Lever Tap – Tall Design (Video)

This DIY Video Plumbing Guide shows all the steps involved in changing a Cartridge or an O Ring Kit on a Single Lever Tap. Due to the design of the Tap (its a Tall Single Lever) you are essentially stripping the Tap down to access the O Rings. Some guides advise removing the tap entirely from the worktop. Other guides give such brief guides that it can appear as a very simple job. It is doable. Just follow the steps here. That is why we take our time with this Video. This Video was done in real time. We used the SMR Vegas Tap so used a 2.5mm allen key and a 27mm size spanner but that does not mean that your own Tap might have slightly different measurements. If you have any questions just post a comment below the video and we will reply.

If you follow this guide step by step it is very doable. Make sure you turn the water off before hand. Note when replacing the cartridge, line it up correctly to slot over the grooves in the chamber. We recommend using silicone grease for applying new o rings.

How to change a Cartridge and O Ring Kit Single Lever Tap (Video)
00:00 – Removing Handle
00:28 – Removing Dome & Brass Nut
00:53 – Removing Cartridge & Casing
01:12 – Removing PTF Ring
01:24 – Removing Spout
01:36 – Removing O-Rings
02:17 – Replacing O-Rings
03:02 – Replacing Spout & Casing
03:30 – Replacing Cartridge
03:58 – Replacing Dome & Brass Nut
04:20 – Replacing Handle

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