How to change a Kitchen Tap O Ring Kit

If your Kitchen Tap is dripping where the spout meets the base of the tap then usually a new set of O Rings should fix this problem.

Different Kitchen Taps take different O Rings.

If you are unsure email us picture of your tap together with as much information as you know e.g. brand name, to assist you. You can email all details to

Tip: Take a picture of your own O Rings on your Spout before removing/replacing, to ensure that you replace like for like.

White PTFE rings: Usually only the black rubber O Rings need to be replaced i.e. do not replace the White PTFE Rings unless they are obviously damaged, even though they come with the O Ring Kit that you have purchased from us. If you do need to replace the white plastic O Rings, please ensure that you replace exactly in same position as before. e.g. if there is a gap / split in the White O Ring, this is to allow the grub screw to be screwed back in after and therefore it needs to be put back in the exact same position as was there originally.

If your O Ring Kit has surplus O Rings, don’t worry. Some of our Kits cover more than one Spout from the same manufacturer so just replace like for like.

Guide to Installation of new kitchen tap spout “O” rings:

  1. Turn off the hot & cold water supply under the sink unit.
  2. Unscrew the spout collar by hand or remove your grub screw (ensuring that you use correct size allen key because if you damage the head on your grub screw you might not be able to remove it. They are usually 2.5mm or 2mm.
  3. Pull the spout out of the body of the tap.
  4. Remove the two black “O” rings. You should not have to replace any of the white PTFE rings unless they appear broken or damaged. Please note: The larger ring has an intentional split to accommodate spouts with grub screws so that is not a fault/break.
  5. Fit new greased “O” rings. We would recommend that you use a lubricant that doesn’t cause rubber to perish if you wish to grease them first e.g Plumbers grease, washing up liquid. Do not use Vaseline, as Vaseline can cause rubber to perish. As sometimes the new rubber o rings can be damaged on installation and the tap will still leak.
  6. Gently push the spout into the body. Care must be taken when reinserting the spout into the body to ensure that the grub screw is located in the split of the white PTFE ring (where Grub screw is present). Where no Grub Screw present care must be taken to ensure that the black o rings remain in correct position because if they move your tap will continue to leak from this spot.
  7. Screw the spout collar, hand tight.
  8. Turn on the hot & cold water.

You can buy Allen Key Pack here if required.

This Blog Post here – Guide How to remove Kitchen Tap Spout – might also be of use.

If your Spout is still leaking at the base, please check that all rings have been properly fitted into their grooves.

Please check also for pin holes in the spout (Pinholes) as these can be missed and that could be the reason why your spout is leaking. You would have to replace the spout itself.

Here is an example of a worn spout that had pinholes:

Example Pinhole in Spout

Example Pinhole in Spout


For replacing an O Ring Kit on a single lever Tap

See above guide if the location of your O Ring Kit is similar to a standard monobloc twin or tri lever tap e.g. straight forward e.g like in this example here, the O Rings SP3527 are on the base of the Spout and the Cartridge SP1202 is in the body of the Tap.

Single Lever Tap O Ring Kit Above Cartridge

Single Lever Tap O Ring Kit Above Cartridge

It is not as straightforward if the o rings are placed below the cartridge, which makes it harder to access.

Where the O Rings are placed BELOW the cartridge (which is harder than where they are ABOVE the Cartridge) :

Here is a blueprint of one type of Single Lever Cartridge to illustrate what we mean – In this example below the O Ring Kit is code 1231R and the Cartridge is 1229R and it shows how far down the O Ring Kit is located in the Tap.

Single Lever Tap O Ring Kit Below Cartridge

Single Lever Tap O Ring Kit Below Cartridge

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  1. Scott May 11, 2020

    Hi my Reginox Elbe/Brooklyn mixer tap is leaking at the spout. Which o-ring set do I need to purchase?

    • Alice May 11, 2020

      Hi Scott, we do genuine o ring kits for 99% of the brands that we have up on our website. But there there is the brands like Reginox, Cooke and Lewis and some Astracast Taps that we only do some compatible valves for. We do not do compatible o ring kits as they need to be exact. All i can advise is that you contact Reginox directly and I am sorry that we cannot be of anymore assistance to you.

      • Scott May 11, 2020

        Ok thanks Alice

  2. Alan February 20, 2020

    My Dante Chrome 2T0905 tap is leaking at the spout.
    It is approx 10 years old.
    Do I need replacement orings??

    • Alice February 20, 2020

      HI Alan, if it is leaking at the base of the spout then you need either o rings or it could be that there is a pin hole in your actual spout, in which case you would need to replace the spout (this is on the basis that there is no damage / corrosion to the base itself as we cannot view the tap so can only give you best advice based on what you tell us). If it is the o rings only, then here is the link to the Dante Chrome Monobloc Parts . Here are the parts to the Dante Filter Tap with Two Levers and here are the parts to the Dante Tripure Filter Tap. If it was leaking from the Top of the Spout that is usually the valves.

  3. Sharon January 21, 2020

    My tap is leaking from where the spout meets the base. Having looked at info online, I thought it may be the O rings, and removed the spout to check them. I then noticed that the spout itself has a horizontal crack underneath one of the o rings. I am thinking I need to order a replacement spout from you, but want to be sure that I didn’t damage the spout myself by removing it incorrectly. My tap spout is a Lamona Rhone Chrome Tap3456 Spout 1306R CH. I couldn’t find a grub screw or a locking nut, so simply removed the collar, and firmly pulled the spout upwards. Was this the correct method for this tap? Will the replacement spout be easily fitted by just pushing in, or should I call a plumber?

    • Alice January 21, 2020

      Hi Sharon, the main thing about pulling out a spout with a locking nut is that you have to pull it upwards rather than at an angle so as not to damage the base. Some customers, where the spout appears stuck have said that by twisting while pulling upwards they have removed. You might know from the crack if it is a fresh crack or an old one? You should be able to replace the spout yourself as we do have a clear guide up on this plus lots of comments from cusotmers below the guide which are also useful. Here is the guide and if you did it as per the guide then the chances are that your spout was already cracked. I don’t know your water quality but iron can also weaken a spout or it could be age or usage related. All our Spouts come complete with O Rings and Aerator / Perlator included. Here is our Guide : How to remove Kitchen Tap Spout We do advise to call in a plumber if in doubt, but it is not that complicated provided water turned off. I would try it myself, if anyway handy, and only get the plumber if it failed (but you would know your own level of DIY skills better than me).

      • Sharon January 23, 2020

        Many thanks for really helpful response – have ordered from you, and will give it a go ourselves

  4. Matt September 7, 2019

    Hi, I have just purchased the O ring repair kit 1239R for my three year old Davenport twin lever tap in chrome. I have replaced the two black O rings as instructed, and even the white ring. They are the same size as the originals. The originals show no signs of wear.

    Once replaced the tap continues to leak on the spout meets the base.

    Any suggestions please?

    • Alice September 7, 2019

      Hi , first of all can you email us at a picture of your own Tap to verify that you do have the Davenport Tap. Assuming you have , then you need to ensure that they are sitting properly in the grooves and that the locking nut is fully tightened. Detailed pictures are up on the product to show you . If all appears to be correct then perhaps you have a leak in the spout itself . But do all the above first and let us know. Alice

  5. Frances Sweeney March 23, 2018

    Hi, my Franke Olympus tap was leaking where the spout meets the base. I ordered the O Ring kit 1425R as the larger white plastic ring was looking perished. I have replaced this and the other O rings supplied in the kit, however the tap still leaks. It is ok unless moved from side to side but then starts leaking again. Could I need a whole new spout? thanks

    • Alice March 24, 2018

      HI Frances. You don’t say how old your tap is. Firstly you should recheck that you have fitted the o rings correctly. If you are sure that you have, and the tap is still leaking, then yes, you would need a new spout. But before you buy a spout, can you email me the age of your own tap please, and also send me a picture. If you end up having to buy a spout from us, I would deduct the cost of the o ring kit from a spout. Alice

  6. Phil Mehrtens March 14, 2018

    I’ve just received an o ring replacement kit for the Franke Olympus tap. The kit has two nylon split rings as well as the rubber o rings however my tap appears to have space for the top white nylon ring only. It seems to work OK with just the top nylon ring but is this normal?

    • Alice March 14, 2018

      Hi Phil, it depends on the age of your Franke Olympus Tap. The O Ring kit that we supplied you is the current one. This Tap has been modified over the years and that is why we also include an additional different sized grub screw (for earlier models). Feedback from customers with Olympus Taps dating back to 2006 tell us that the older O Ring kit was a little different. So while it works, depending on the model, you might have surplus O Rings. All we can get is the current 1425R kit from the manufacturer. So once it stops the leak, then you are fine !

      • Phil Mehrtens March 14, 2018

        OK thanks for the super quick reply – yes the leak had been fixed I just wanted to ensure I wasn’t missing something.

  7. Ian January 27, 2018

    I have a Franke Danube kitchen mixer tap and the chrome plasticised collar where the tap meets the sink unit is breaking into small pieces. I would be grateful if you could assist me in what would be the best way to repair or is it too late to repair.

    • Alice January 27, 2018

      HI Ian i am not exactly sure what part you are referring to but can you email me picture of your tap pointing to the piece you refer to ? and i will check here to see if we have this part for you. Alice

  8. Matt Hall January 9, 2018

    Hi, i have a Franke Olymous tap.
    I had a leak between base and spout so changed the black O rings and white split ring. I didn’t use any grease.
    i’ve put it back together and the leak is now worse than ever ??? I’ve taken it out and refitted it a few times but no change.
    Any ideas please ?

    • Alice January 11, 2018

      Hi Matt
      how old is your Olympus Tap please. And in the meantime, wrap a towel around it. I can’t see any order from you so i don’t know if purchased the O Ring Kit from us ? and thereby, until I know that you got the correct O Ring Kit in the first place, I can’t advise further, as I don’t know what part you bought.

  9. Jenny brassel January 5, 2018

    Hi I have a Franke bridge sink tap
    Gone to change the black O rings as it’s leaking at the bottom of the spout and noticed a small hole in the metal under where the o ring sits….. should this hole be there??

    • Alice January 5, 2018

      HI Jenny, what is your order number so that i can begin with checking which o ring kit you orderd

  10. Daniel Gray December 26, 2017

    I have an Abode Atlas Single Lever Tap with water weeping out between the spout and main body. Is it possible to change this seal? I cannot see any retaining grub screw but don’t want to use too much force to remove it. I presume the O-Ring Kit 1425R is for this purpose?

    Many thanks in advance

    • Alice December 27, 2017

      Your Tap should have a grub screw. It is possible that it is covered over with some debris / dirt and you cannot see it but it would be located in the back of the base. Try checking with small mirror and camera light to find it.

      Here is how you woudl replace it

      To replace the spout o-rings:
      1. Loosen grub screw on the rear of body using a 2.5mm A/F allen key.
      1. Pull the spout vertically away from the body.
      2. Remove the old o-rings using a small screwdriver or similar.
      3. If worn, remove the white PTFE spacers.
      4. Ensure the inside of the body and the spout base is clean of dirt and grit with a soft wet cloth.
      5. If required locate the new white PTFE spacers.
      6. Carefully locate the new O-rings onto the spout base (A4).
      7. Grease the O-rings thoroughly with silicone or alternative similar grease (that will NOT cause Rubber to perish – do not use vaseline for example).
      8. Reassemble the tap in the reverse order.

      Here is Abode Atlas Single Lever O Ring Kit 1425R and grub screw

      • Chris Payne January 28, 2020

        The 2.5mm allen key will not turn the grub screw just slips round [the grub screw is worn ] could you recommend the best way to get this out so I can replace the rubber washers to the spout to stop the leak from the joint

        • Alice January 29, 2020

          HI Chris. The most important thing with a grub screw is to always use the correct sized allen key in the first place and thereby avoid rounding it /wearing it . Make sure as well, that there is just not grit or grime in it that is making it harder to grip. Take a look with a small hand mirror and a torch on your phone to check this first. If it is fully rounded / worn , then we would advise calling in a plumber at this stage , but if you wish to try and tackle this yourself (but we could not take any responsibility for what might or might not happen as a plumber would be better placed to sort this) you could tap in a larger size allen key eg. 3mm , which is bigger, and tap in so that it now completely grips (wedged into) the grub screw with a view to removing it. You will permanently damage the grub screw doing this, so you would need another replacement 2.5mm grub screw to hand. This might be more easily done if the Tap was removed from the worktop due to the fact that you might not have ease of access sufficiently to do this otherwise. As you can see, it is not an ideal solution and is not easy.

  11. Howard October 14, 2017

    I have a Pegler kitchen mixer tap that is leaking at the point where the spout meets the base. Do you sell a suitable o ring set for this tap?

    • Alice October 15, 2017

      HI Howard, i would need to know what markings are on you valve and which Pegler Tap before I could try and assist you any further.

      • Howard October 21, 2017

        ORS7 O RING SET for Sequel pillar mounted sink mixer. Dualflow. Tubular spout.

        • Alice October 24, 2017

          Im sorry but we would not have parts for these taps.

  12. dan October 9, 2017

    I have fitted 2 new black O rings to my kitchen mixer tap as it was leaking from the swivel joint. The leak has stopped BUT the spout is stiffer to turn than before but tolerable. I did put Vaseline on the new O rings. Will the spout and new O rings wear in over time so the spout turns more freely?

    • Alice October 10, 2017

      Hi Dan, did you purchase the O Ring Kit from us as I could check to ensure you purchased the correct one for your Tap ? The spout should move correctly if the correct O Rings are fitted in the correct way. You should NOT use vaseline as that will cause the rubber to perish. You should only use some form of grease that does not affect rubber e.g Silicon grease.

  13. Brian February 17, 2017

    I want to replace the O rings.

    Unscrewing the Spout by hand! Do you take out the grub screw protected by a cap and keep turning the spout. Nothing seems to happen

    • Alice February 17, 2017

      Hi Brian, this Blog Post here : How to remove a Kitchen Tap Spout should answer all your questions as it takes you through each step in detail but please come back to us if you still have any queries.

  14. Xander's Dad February 11, 2017

    Hi, firstly thanks for the really informative website. My mixer tap leaks between base and spout when the spout is lifted up, or down, I.e if filling a kettle etc, otherwise it never leaks. Does this sound like an o-ring replacement is needed. Any help gratefully appreciated!

    • Alice February 11, 2017

      It could be the O Ring but equally could be the cartridge itself.

    • Alice February 17, 2017

      HI Xander’s Dad – I am not sure what you mean by the Spout being lifted up or down – do you mean the handle ? as Spouts only move from left to right and back again. Usually though if a Tap leaks where the Spout meets the Base it would point to the O Rings needing to be replaced.

  15. Alan Mincher January 21, 2017

    I have a Franke Rotaflow Mixer tap leaking where the spout meets the main body. Is it really necessary to turn off the hot & cold water supply to change the rubber seals or can the job be done without turning them off.

    Alan Mincher

    • Alice January 21, 2017

      HI Alan
      You could do it without turning off the water, but if you accidentally turn a lever / handle you will have water everywhere. Thats the only reason why you would turn it off.

  16. Dave January 17, 2017

    I have a Franke Zurich mixer tap and the spout has gone very siff i have purchased the o ring kit and silicone grease.How do i get the spout out the collar unscrews about 3mil then what do i do.
    Dave harriso

    • Alice January 18, 2017

      HI Dave, here is our link to the Franke Zurich Tap O Ring Kit 1239R and within the Product link there is a link to our Blog Guide How to replace a Kitchen Tap O Ring Kit that should answer all your queries. All our products on our website have guides as to how to remove and replace the old product with the new product purchased from us.

      • Dave January 20, 2017

        Thanks for the advice i followed those instruction and fitted the O ring kit but i never fitted the white wasnt sure where it went.The spout now moves freely but the spout has develop a small drip not much which wasnt there before i changed the O ring.Please advise

        • Alice January 20, 2017

          Hi Dave, it woudl be extremly rare that you would need to replace your White O Ring. I dont know the reason why you replaced your O Ring kit in the first place but if you now have a drip then I would recommend that you remove spout and check the positon of the O Rings as there should be no drip if they have been replaced correctly. You could also try and use any type of grease / lubricant of the non-rubber perishable type that you could purchase in any local merchants / garage.

  17. Graham smith January 3, 2017

    hi, I have a 10 year old rotaflow looking franke tap. The valve turns 2 revolutions not ceramic. can I use the current rotaflow O rings kit and use new ceramic valves? If so which valves?
    is this old tap still a rotaflow or another model?


    • Alice January 4, 2017

      Dear Graham the Rotaflow Tap has a compression valve i.e twist turn (it is not a quarter turn valve). Here is the link to the Valve if your Tap is dripping from the Spout or leaking from the handle, that you need Franke Rotaflow Tap Valve 3768R (now renamed SP3768) and if your Tap is leaking where the Spout meets the Base you would replace your O Ring Kit, Franke Rotaflow O Ring Kit 1239R (now renamed SP1239). There are guides on the parts themselves to change / replace the parts.

  18. Sue December 3, 2016

    Franke Olympus tap, have replaced the two black o rings, and one split white nylon collar, there is a left over smaller white collar that came with the spares from franke, it even shows this component on the website but I can’t see where to fit it, the tap works fine without this small collar, the collar does and can sit in the bottom of the body loosely and the tap still works the same. I wonder if we have an old tap that doesn’t need the smaller collar? We didn’t take a smaller collar out anyway, puzzled seems to be a spare part? Grateful for any advice. Thank you

    • Alice December 5, 2016

      Hi Sue, mostly you just need to change the black o rings as these are usually the ones that require replacing first. The small o ring that you refer to is the one that goes at the very end of the spout. If your tap is working and not leaking having replaced the other o rings, then I would not do anything further with it.

      • Sue December 5, 2016

        Thank you very much for your reply. Tap not leaking since change of black o rings, glad to hear other white o ring surplus to requirement. Thanks once again.

  19. nancy November 6, 2016

    I have a franke olympus tap which was leaking between the base and the spout. I replaced the o rings , but now the spout keeps popping out when i turn the tap .

    • Alice November 6, 2016

      HI Nancy
      if you have replaced the O Rings and the Spout keeps popping out that means that you either haven’t replaced them correctly or that you haven’t fixed back your grub screw (or both).

  20. Peter November 2, 2016

    Hi , I have the Carron Pheonix Opus and the spout has gone very stiff to move.
    I have tried to unscrew the base but it is also very tight ( no grub screw type)
    Can you advise.

    • Alice November 2, 2016

      Hi Peter you could try TTOil – just try a tiny bit at the back first to ensure no discolouration but that might help penetrate as the shroud must be stuck with minute debris in water over the years. As a last resort you could try wrapping a cloth around it to protect it and using some kind of vice grip to turn it but be careful not to mark / damage it.

  21. Ron Sliwinski May 24, 2016

    I have a Lamona Garda tap which is leaking where the spout meets the base.
    It only leaks when using the cold water so do I need to replace the cold water valve?

    Am I wrong to discount the O ring as faulty as it doesn’t happen when using the hot water?

    Many thanks Ron

    • Alice June 8, 2016

      Hi Ron
      Usually if a Tap leaks where the spout meets the base, it is due to a faulty O Ring. What I would recommend is
      that you purchase both spare parts i.e the O Ring Kit and the Cold Valve – and it might be useful to see if you can remove your Valve without the Brass Bush, i.e. if the Valve comes out stuck inside the Brass Bush, then you might need to replace this too, which you can buy here.

      Then firstly change the O Ring Kit and if that doesn’t fit the leak, only then fit the cold valve. but if you have all parts to hand all options are covered. You can return any unused spare parts within 28 days for a full refund as per our Terms and Conditions and Shipping / Returns details

      You can find complete list of the Lamona Garda Spare Parts that we stock here

  22. Blisters January 22, 2016

    Thank you I’ll give it a try

  23. Kev holberry December 16, 2015

    I have a franke eiger tap and it is leaking from the joint between tap handle and collar that joins it to tap Base. Can you advise on parts required. Ta Kev


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