How to remove the handle on your Kitchen Tap

Just follow these 3 easy steps below to remove the handle on your Kitchen Tap:
Step 1
Removing Indicator from Tap Handle to access screw underneath.

Removing Indicator from Tap Handle to access screw underneath.

If the handle has indices (Hot and cold) on it, these can be either screwed off or removed and the screw is underneath to screw off the handle. With a lot of Kitchen Taps the hot and cold indicators on the handles can be “popped” off with a screwdriver or unscrewed by hand. {note: We would strongly recommend trying first with something small e.g very small glasses type screwdriver or your finger nail to avoid scratching the surface finish of your Kitchen Tap.}
Step 2
Removing Handle by Loosening the grub screw underneath with an Alen Key

Removing Handle by Loosening the grub screw underneath with an Alen Key

When these are removed you will be able to see a small brass screw in the centre of the handle. If your handle does not have any indices e.g. the H or C is just etched out on the handle, check underneath your handle as there should be a grub screw underneath.
Step 3
Twisting off Shroud covering the valve (or remove if there is a grub screw underneath that you will loosen wiht Alen Key).

Twisting off Shroud covering the valve (or remove if there is a grub screw underneath that you will loosen with Allen Key).

When you have removed the outer handle the inside shroud covering the valve can then be twisted off to uncover the top of your valve. Again sometimes there is a screw underneath this as well that has to be removed before this shroud can be removed. Below in the video is an example of removing a handle and valve hood where the handle is held in position with a grub screw and the hood covering the valve is also held in position with a grub screw.
See our Blog 7 easy steps to change a kitchen valve.

If hood (shroud) is stuck or Handle won’t budge:
Tip 1:Perrin & Rowe recommend for their taps / Franke Triflow models: If you cannot remove the hood (shroud) that covers the valve due to build up of limescale – try soaking it for max 30 mins at a time in a solution of 50% lemon juice and 50% water. You can repeat this as often as required provided that in between you completely wash away the solution. 
Tip 2:
Where Handle has Seized up i.e. Grub screw removed and handle still stuck : You could try Tip 1.  If this doesn’t work, you could try to a lubricant oil like TT Oil or WD40 etc around the joint of the handle.  Then cover the handle in a cloth.  Then turn the handle to “on” and apply reasonable force to pull it off.  If it still won’t move tap it with the likes of a mallet or back of a nail punch etc. This should remove it.  If in doubt, we always recommend consulting a plumber.  

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  1. Len dewing June 14, 2016

    I have a frank bern tap bought just over a year ago it’s started to drip from spout I tried to take out the cold cartridge can’t get a spanner on it .can u help .just wondering is it still under guarantee bought from b&q but can’t find receipt thanks

    • Alice June 14, 2016

      HI Len,
      if you want to email us a picture of where exactly your valve is stuck i.e. what step in the process of removing it, we will look at. Just email it to and mark if FAO Alice.

  2. Len dewing June 14, 2016

    Hi Alice can’t seem to send a photo to your e mail just need to know if I need a special spanner to remove cartridge as only about a millimetre is visible thanks

  3. AMC December 15, 2016

    My handles are stuck to the Valve. Would you know how to loosen it? The small screw was removed long ago, and the handle would not come off.

    Thank you for your help.

    • Alice December 15, 2016

      HI Adela, can you email me a picture of your complete Tap please so we can see what Tap you have? Thanks Alice

      Hi Adela, You have the Ascona Tap.
      If you have removed the grub screw that means that your handle is literally stuck to the valve.
      We suspect that the handle has simply just seized up as it has never had to be removed before.
      You need to turn off her water, apply a lubricant oil or WD40 etc around the joint of the handle, then cover the handle in a cloth. From there you need to turn the handle to “on” and apply reasonable force to pull it off. You could tap it with the likes of a mallet or back of a nail punch etc. This should remove it.

      We always advise: if in doubt please contact a plumber.

  4. Ian April 4, 2017


    I have a San Marco blade tap and have ordered a new valve from you but I am struggling to remove the lever. It is hard to even see if the grub screw is in due to the position of the tap. Can you tell me it is is an allen key fitting and what size it would be?


    • Alice April 9, 2017

      Hi Ian,

      Thank you for your query. To remove the handle you need a small Allen key as the grub screw is on the underside of the Tap handle.

      Kind Regards


  5. Harry May 14, 2017

    I’ve got a leaky Franke Olympus tap (leak is at the lever). Accessing the grub screw is fiddly but I can’t seem to identify the correct size of allen key. Is there a standard for this make?

    • Alice May 18, 2017

      Different versions of the Olympus took different grub screws. You could try a 2mm Allen Key.

  6. Mike Cantab June 27, 2017

    I have a 2 yr old Cooke & Lewis Zale monobloc 2 lever tap which leaks frequently on the warm tap side. How do I fix this?

    • Alice June 27, 2017

      Hi Mike
      you would need to replace the Hot valve. Can you remove your valve and send me pictures of it and also measure the height of your valve and we can see if we have the valve here ? I would also need to know the markings on the valve. Alice

  7. Alistair August 16, 2017

    Hi I have a Franke Kubus Triflow tap (think it may be the earlier model as was fitted around 2010?) the tap is leaking and I was going to remove the cold tap first but I can’t see how to remove the handle as I can’t see a grub screw beneath the handle? Would appreciate any hel;p you can give as don’t want to damage the tap not knowing how to safely remove the handle. Thanks, Alistair

    • Alice August 21, 2017

      Hi Alistair
      here is the information regarding the handle: Pull the handle firmly towards you, and also at the same time slightly upwards to remove the handle from the tap. I will email you full installation guide. Alice

      • Brian King September 4, 2017

        Hi Alice, I’ve had the same problem with my taps…taken the grub screw out,can’t get the handle off. Can you help please ?

        • Alice September 5, 2017

          Hi Brian
          what tap do you have ?
          Kind regards

          • Brian King September 6, 2017

            Abode TAP3582

          • Alice September 13, 2017

            Like the response to the other gentleman just now, we are taking a look here to see if we can help in anyway.

  8. eddie September 12, 2017

    hi i have same prob as brian king above (abode tap3582)am trying wd40 &tapping with mallet.will keep trying for a wee while.could you also let me know solution if any.thanks in anticipation

    • Alice September 13, 2017

      HI Eddie, we honestly do not know why it is stuck. You could try TTOil which penetrates more effectively than WD40 (although be careful regarding tap finish so i would test first on an unseen part of the tap) and in case it is limescale that has caused it to ‘stick’, you could try lemon juice as per this blog here:

  9. eddie September 14, 2017

    ok thanks for your reply .it feels as if the tap lever is fused to the plastic bush beneath .ok thanks again

  10. pete October 9, 2017

    I have a hafelle kitchen tap with a single side-mounted lever (the handle’s very similar to the bottom taphere ). There’s no grub screw to remove the handle. The handle lever (the long thin cylinder) looks as if it’s screwed in but I can’t seem to unscrew it. Any ideas?

    • Alice October 9, 2017

      They are the only two options i.e grub screw or handle screwing out so if you have no grub screw, then your handle must screw out. You could try WD40 or some kind of releasing agent but be careful of the tap finish. It could take the chrome off your tap.

      • pete October 9, 2017

        Thanks. Already used a bit of WD40, so it looks like I just need to get a better grip and apply some extra elbow-grease then. I’ll give it a couple of goes over the next few days .


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