O Ring Kit Seal kit Changing Procedure for the Perrin and Rowe Mixer Tap.

O Ring Kit Seal kit Changing Procedure for the Perrin and Rowe Mixer Tap.
It should be an easy matter to change the O Ring Kit (seal kit) in your tap if you follow these simple instructions.
To remove the Spout:
1) Turn off the water supplies to the mixer tap. Place plug in to waste to prevent loss of small pieces.
2a) Using the supplied Allen Key, undo the small grub screw which will be located at the back of the body of the tap.
2b) If your tap is from the country collection and has a screw piece on the top resembling a chess piece, then you will not have a grub screw, and should be able to access the seals by unscrewing this part instead.
3) Remove the spout from the body of the tap – if you find it is stuck you may have a build-up of lime scale.
In the event of a lime scale build up, clean the area using a solution of 50/50 lemon juice and water; please ensure that you clean the citric acid off the tap thoroughly with water after 1 hour to avoid damage to the metal finish.
Note: the seal kit you have been supplied will possibly contain more seals than your tap has on it at present.
This is to make sure that regardless of the age of your product, and taking in to account any design changes that we may have made to the design of the spout since you purchased the item, that the kit will be suitable.
Please only use the seals that match the ones that your product has on it, and do not use any additional ones.
4) Remove the old seals from the spout, taking care to note the order in which you have removed them.
5) Replace the old seals on a like for like basis with the new ones in the supplied kit.
6) If the kit you have been sent has a sachet of silicon grease, please lightly grease the spout and the seals before reassembling the item.
Note: Note all kits will contain grease.
7) Once the seals have been replaced, position the spout back in to the body of the tap, taking care to align the hole on the white clip ( if appropriate to your tap ) with the hole in the body , and replace the grub screw with the Allen Key and tighten up the screw.
8) Once you have ensured the spout is secured, turn the water back on and run the tap the leak should now be fixed.

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  1. Clinton McDuffus October 19, 2019

    I’m having some trouble refitting the spout as the new plastic bearing ring seems a little too proud. I’ve tried forcing as hard as I dare but I’m in the realms of possibly causing physical damage to the spout. Any advice much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Alice October 19, 2019

      Hi Clinton, can you tell me which o ring kit you purchased from us so that I can advise you as I dont know which part or which Tap you have as I can’t find an order under the email address you used to post the comment. Perhaps you used a different email address to purchase, so the Order number will do plus which Tap you have?


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