Spam texts and Spam emails

A fraudulent email or text message may include official titles, a logo or colors that make the message look authentic when it is not. These electronic messages often contain hyperlinks to malware that infects electronic devices and can put you at risk for fraudulent activity.

If you’ve accidentally selected a link, run a virus scan immediately.

If we POSTED: Definitely Fraud.

If GB Customer and we sent by DPD – See below.

I have gotten Text / Email for extra charge from Royal Mail- Is this Spam? Fraud? Could be. It is definitely NOT from us.

We can’t know if you have a delivery via Royal Mail that relates to another company? All we know is that it is NOT us. If you are expecting a delivery from any company that might be sending via Royal Mail, check back with them / us. Remember: never click on a text message or email that is looking for a payment with out checking first with the Sender.

We know it can NOT be us because We do not give out any Customer Details to An Post / Royal Mail when posting any Order.

I have gotten Text / Email for extra charge from DPD- Is this Spam / Fraudulent?  It depends .

  • Check with us.
  • Do NOT reply to any text or email.
  • Send us a screen shot that you received.  DPD, if genuine, will include a DPD tracking number which we can verify for you.

We can access all the DPD information or you can track it yourself with tracking number. The DPD tracking information on the DPD website will show whether or not a customs import charge is due.

When is a Customs / Vat on Import charge due ?

  • This only applies to GB customers since Brexit.
  • This does not apply to ROI / NI customers.

Important points to note (in case this is a scam text or relates to an Order from another company):

  • For GB customers, a Vat on Import Charge only arises where an Order is £135 or more.
  • If your Order with us is for less than £135, you will not be paying any additional charges.
  • DPD always give a tracking number when they send a text or email looking for an additional payment. So check back with us and we can confirm if that is Our Tracking Number.

If you are expecting a delivery from us, and you receive a text from DPD looking for additional payment, Contact us Before you do anything.  We can confirm that it is not us.

If your order is over £135 then you willl be expecting this additional demand from DPD because we remind our Customers at the checkout stage that an additional charge ONLY arises where the Order is over £135.

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