7 easy steps to replace Kitchen Tap Valve

Replace kitchen tap cartridge in 7 easy steps


I hope the information below will be of some help to you. Some Kitchen Taps handles can be a little different to take off. At the end of this post too is a link to examples of Valves in situ in Kitchen Taps with Handles off if that is far as you get to identify your Valve.

If you are in any doubt about CHANGING a Kitchen Tap Valve – do contact a professional plumber.

Check out the Tips and Tricks in our Kitchen Taps Troubleshooting Guide for other common Kitchen Taps Problems (with solutions).

If you don’t know which valve to order, please read our blog – I don’t know what valve I need to fix my dripping tap.

Also BEFORE you even go to fit your own New Valve, it would be helpful to read this blog post here first New Valve leaking as there are tips there too that if you are aware of BEFORE you fit the new valve, you are less likely as well to make any common mistakes . Also if on fitting the new Valve it leaks, you would refer to this guide New Valve Leaking as well before contacting us {reason: all our Valves are brand new, precision engineered and used daily in the production of actual Taps (each Tap is checked before packing) so if a valve was faulty, entire production process would pick this up. If a Valve drips after being fitted either you have fitted the wrong valve, fitted incorrectly or it got damaged in transit. To reassure you as well, We do offer a one years no quibble warranty on all our spare parts.


Just follow the 7 easy steps below to replace Kitchen Tap Valve

Step 1

Make sure to turn OFF the hot and cold water supply to the Tap.

Step 2

With a lot of Kitchen Taps the hot and cold indicators on the handles can be “popped” off with a screwdriver or unscrewed by hand. Here is a more detailed blog too How to remove the Handle on your Kitchen Tap.

Note: We would strongly recommend trying first with something small e.g very small glasses type screwdriver or your finger nail to avoid scratching the surface finish of your Kitchen Tap.

When these are removed you will be able to see a small brass screw in the centre of the handle. Unscrew this and you should be able to remove the handle. Where there is no indicator to pop off: check UNDERNEATH the handle as often the screw is there instead.

Removing Indicator from Tap Handle to access screw underneath.

Removing Indicator from Tap Handle to access screw underneath.

Removing Handle by Loosening the grub screw underneath with an Alen Key

Removing Handle by Loosening the grub screw underneath with an Allen Key

Step 3

When the handle is removed there may still be a shroud (valve cover) covering the valve. This can be removed by either twisting off anti-clockwise OR there maybe a grub screw on the underside of this cover which you will remove with an allen key. Then the valve should be exposed.  Also here is a more detailed blog How to remove the handle on your Kitchen Tap.

Shroud still covering the Valve which also needs to be removed.

Shroud still covering the Valve which also needs to be removed.

Twisting off Shroud covering the valve (or remove if there is a grub screw underneath that you will loosen wiht Alen Key).

Twisting off Shroud covering the valve (or remove if there is a grub screw underneath that you will loosen with Allen Key).

Shroud removed exposing Valve.

Shroud removed exposing Valve.

Perrin & Rowe recommend for their taps / Franke Triflow models: If you cannot remove the hood (shroud) that covers the valve due to build up of limescale – try soaking it for max 30 mins at a time in a solution of 50% lemon juice and 50% water. You can repeat this as often as required provided that in between you completely wash away the solution.

Step 4

With the spanner loosen the brass Valve (this may be very tight in older kitchen taps so try some WD40 on the area if you have no luck). You loosen it anti-clockwise under the “splines” (the part the handle attaches to).  It is there that (on the Nut part of the valve) that you attach a spanner or a wrench.

You screw a valve out ‘anti-clockwise’ – which means on a standard 2 lever tap where you pull both levers towards you to turn on, and push back up to turn off (and hot on the left and cold on the right – on the hot side you have to push away from you i.e. towards the wall behind the tap, and for the cold side to loosen the valve you would have to pull towards you and downwards to loosen the valve .  [Note, to screw in a valve it goes in ‘clockwise’ which is the reverse of what you do to loosen the valves]. As you loosen the Valve some water may start to ‘seep’ out. Don’t panic.  It’s just some water left in the tap chamber (P.S. some taps have a brass bush that surrounds the Valve and it may come out with it.

If this happens you can order a brass bush from our Taps spares section on our store or email me directly. Here is our guide to removing a Brass Bush Removing Brass Bush Ring from Valve

Remove Valve with adjustable Spanner (gripping the Nut underneath the Splines)

Remove Valve with adjustable Spanner (gripping the Nut underneath the Splines)

Franke Eiger Tap Valve inside Brass Bush

Example of Valve stuck inside Brass Bush

Step 5

Replace the old Valve with your new Valve and tighten it into the body of the kitchen tap (You don’t have to over tighten).

Step 6

Then all you have to do is replace the handle, re-tighten the small brass screw and replace your indicator.

Step 7

Turn your mains water back on.

Here is link to Examples of Valves (handle of Kitchen Tap removed) that might also assist you: Examples of Valves in Taps for help with identification
Browse Our Taps Parts – Click Here to purchase Taps Spare Parts you need!


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  1. Dave B February 14, 2020

    Hi, I have an Astra Shannon mixer tap dripping. I have done taps before but not had this problem. There are no grub screws on the handles so I do not know how to get handles off, so can’t get at the cartridge. Can you help?

    • Alice February 14, 2020

      Thank you for your enquiry. We don’t have any technical details on file for your Tap. I would recommend that that you contact Astracast directly as they should be able to assist you.
      If you can’t get the valves from them then then we might have a compatible valve.

    • Shak April 24, 2020

      i’ve just changed my tap cartridges on this tap. the grub screw is not obvious.on the left tap grip the slim upright (may have to use a cloth) twist anti-clockwise, turn this and the upright will come off revealing the grub screw. use a 2.5mm Allen key to loosen the grub-screw (anti-clockwise). slide off the cylindrical shaped body of the left ap. this will reveal the cartridge. I bought Astracast replacements online and it looks a bit small when it arrives). Turn off the mains and run the taps until no water comes out. I used an adjustable wrench and removed the old one. There is a small brass screw in the one, my old cartridge did not have one of these so i removed this, cleaned the area and screwed in the new cartridge and tightened it with the adjustable wrench ( be careful its brass and therefore a bit soft so the wrench should be very snug. then put the tap back together

  2. Nick Cumpsty February 10, 2020

    Can anyone tell me how to get the cartridge out of my mixer tap? The cartridge is held in place with a threaded ring which has two slots, one on either side. The ring is about 40 mm outer diameter and 28 inner diameter. The slot width is about 4 mm. I have a photo, but can’t upload it here

  3. Shane Fox January 24, 2020

    Hello, I have the lamona hi-tech tap 3407 and have a drip at the spout. I have removed the small screw from the end of the the tap but am unable to remove the handle from either the hot or cold tap apparently they should just come off but they are stuck fast. Have you any ideas

    • Alice January 24, 2020

      Hi Shane, please read this blog post here How to remove the handle on Kitchen Tap as that should answer your question / provide the tips that you need. Also if you have the Lamona Hi-Tech Tap , then see the Valve here because it is important that you select the correct valve based on the age (approx) of your tap. All the information / the Why about this is explained in the Valve Product itself.

  4. Pete November 13, 2019

    I have a Franke Zurich chrome tap in my kitchen. It’s dripping so I’m trying to remove the cold side to get at the valve. I’ve removed the screw, but the handle still isn’t coming off to let me get at the valve. Should it just pull off now the screw is out?

  5. Finn W October 28, 2019

    Hi, I’m trying to do this with a Franke Wave pull out Chrome tap-hp bit there isn’t a way to get the handles of, I can see that there is a small hole on the back of the handles, but I’ve tried all the Allen keys I’ve got, and I can’t seem to do anything with it? Some help would be appreciated.

    • Alice October 28, 2019

      The Franke Wave tap takes a 2.5 mm allen key. I don’t know, by trying various Allen keys, whether you have rounded the screw or not. If you don’t have a 2.5mm Allen Key, you can buy here.. If you request us to post it, in the comment box presented to you at the shipping stage, then we will post rather than DPD it to you.

  6. Nigel B October 21, 2019


    I have Astracast Colonial 328 TN9 taps, I have replaced the valves on both the cold and hot sides of the tap before. And I have to replace them again, so this will be the 3rd set of valves from new. I just wanted to check, the valves come with a red cap (I presume indicating the hot tap side) and the other with a black cap (I presume indicating the cold side). But when I changed the valves last time from new, the hot side had the black cap and the cold side had the red cap valve, so I replaced the new valves in exactly the same place as before. My question is, is there a difference between the red capped valve and the black, or can they be used on either the hot or cold side?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Alice October 21, 2019

      Hi Nigel , in quarter turn taps the ‘hot’ valve opens clockwise and the ‘cold’ valve opens anticlockwise. In bridge mixer taps the lever on the cold feed usually opens clockwise, and therefore usually in bridge mixer taps you will find a ‘hot’ valve i.e. a clockwise opening valve, in the Cold feed , and vice versa for the other side. A hot and cold valve are mirror images of each other so you are better off working out if you need a clockwise (hot) or an anticlockwise (cold) valve and then ordering accordingly.

      • Nigel B October 21, 2019

        Hi Alice

        Thanks for quick reply. I understand your answer, but I have ordered the correct replacement parts, as per last time I replaced them. However, apart from the direction of opening (either hot or cold feed), is there any other differences between them? I will just replace them in the sequence they were fitted originally!

  7. Robert Galliers September 11, 2019


    I have a Howdens Lamona Victorian Tap4802 Valve where the cold water side keeps dripping. Have replaced the filter but still drips. Have purchased a valve to replace . Question is do I have to turn off both cold water and hot water supply to work on ythe cold water valve only. Isolating the hot water requires a drain down and would rather not do so if possible. So question is are these two supplies independent so that I can work on one side only . Thanks

    • Alice September 14, 2019

      HI Bob, i am not sure what you mean when you say that you replaced the filter as there is no filter on the Lamona Victorian Tap e.g. it is not a Filter Tap (perhaps you mean the Aerator? which is not the part to replace if your Tap is dripping. This Blog post might assist you in identifiying the most , My Kitchen Tap is dripping. The Hot and Cold Valves operate independently. We do say though that if in doubt, consult a plumber.

      • Robert Galliers November 17, 2019

        Sorry Alice – you are right – it is an aerator not a filter. The real question was regarding turning the supply off. As I only want to replace the cold water valve can I just turn off the cold water supply at the stop tap or do I have to drain down the hot water too? Draining down the hot water is a hassle if I do not have to. It seems logical that I do not have to do that but ….



  8. James September 9, 2019


    I am trying to replace the cold valve on a Franke Venecian kitchen tap. I have managed to get the tap handle off and can see the end of the brass valve but cannot get to the rest of it. Is it just a case of the shroud being extremely difficult to get off and I need to use the lemon juice and water or is there an easier way to get to the valve?


    • Alice September 14, 2019

      HI James , do you have the Franke Venician or Franke Phoenician Tap ? as they are different inside (even though both look very similar) and the Phoenician is more complicated . Here is the link to the Franke Venician Valve which includes pictures of the Phoenician as well to assist you in identifying which tap you have (they also take different valves). Here is also a link to the Phoenician Valve Changing Guide to assist you if that is the Tap that you have.

  9. Lynne August 19, 2019

    We have a dripping Franke Triflow (Tradition Nozzle) tap. The plumber took one look and has not been seen since. How do we go about stopping it dripping please?

  10. Colin July 1, 2019

    Hi having a problem with the Phoenix Dante handle,purchased new handle from yourselfs fit onto spindle no problem but tightened grub screw and customer has complained handle keep coming off any suggestions???

    • Alice July 1, 2019

      Hi colin
      did the customer replace the valve ? It is quite common, that if a handle is slipping, that the splines are worn on the valve OR there is dirt on the splines of the valve that makes the grooves less defined. Can you check this. Any time we ever have a query and we check the handle against a new valve, there is no issue. It is always either the grub scrwe (but you state that this has been tightened) or the splines on the valve. Can you check this?

      • Colin Mcintosh July 2, 2019

        Hi have ordered new ceramic valve from yourselfs as don’t think valve they have installed is the right one,so this maybe problem wrong size of spindles??

        • Alice July 2, 2019

          HI Colin
          if you are sure that it is a Dante Tap, then the existing valve SHOULD have 28 splines. Unless the customer changed the valve themselves? the original valve should have 28 splines and have the markings SMR on it. Before we ship , do you want to email me a picture of the customers Tap in case they do NOT have a Dante Tap to begin with ? rather than having more costs ?

  11. Peter Maisey June 1, 2019

    Undone Lamona Garda tap3531 and removed valve which left the old brass bush in place . I wanted to renew bush but could not remove the old one as it seems to be wedged in, Any ideas how I can remove it . Tap still drips but not so bad as before. Thank you

  12. Peter Sharpe May 30, 2019

    I have a Franke Sion mixer tap and it is intermittently dripping hot water. I’m damned if I can unscrew the cartridge, which you’d think was welded in. Why on earth do they have a special fitting which seems to match no spanner on earth? I’ve attempted some of the suggestions found online, including one using two adjustable spanners, but I canbut I can’t find one that will grip hard enough. I managed to get a grip with a ring spanner that would have shifted anything else, but it refuses to budge. I’ve heard a suggestion that you may simply be able to clean the cartridge rather than fit a new one straight away, but that’s assuming you can get the damned thing out. I thought Franke was supposed to be a good make, but I wouldn’t buy anything by them again.

    • Alice May 31, 2019

      HI Peter, I don’t know which Valve you have in your Sion tap – is it the earlier 3308R (SP3308) valve or the later 3794R (SP3794) valve. Here is the link to the Sion Tap Valve. The earlier 3308R valve has two flat sides whereas the later 3794R has a 6 sided nut. If you have the earlier 3308R valve, then there is valve removal tool or a Plumber should have the tool needed. It is possible that your own Valve is steadfastly stuck due to a build up of debris, e.g. Limescale. This Tip here Removing Limescale might assist in softening the debris. My concern at this stage though is that you might have damaged the nut of the valve and changed its shape, rendering it impossible, even with the proper tools, to remove it. But try to soften it and see.

    • Peter Sharpe July 21, 2019

      Apologies for not replying sooner but I had lost my bookmark. I don’t think the hot water valve has had enough use for it to be furred up, especially as the cold water one is fine. I have applied so much pressure to it that I find it difficult to believe there isn’t something going wrong here. It’s very difficult to see from the angle it’s mounted, but it looks as if there might be some kind of circlip on the spindle of the valve. Could it be that this needs to be removed before the valve can be released? It seems ridiculous to manufacture a tap with which simple dripping can only be stopped with a specialist removal tool and a very expensive valve. If I’d known this beforehand I would never have bought it.

      • Alice July 21, 2019

        HI Peter
        i don’t know which valve you have in your own Tap – be it the earlier 3308R or the later 6 sided 3794R. As per the Sion Valve details, Please Note: Some customers find it difficult to remove the earlier SP3308 Valve (133.0150.219 Cold /130.0120.220 Hot) which has 2 flat sides on the nut.  You can try a mechanics long socket and ratchet tool to remove the Valve from this Tap OR We have a specially designed SP3308 Valve Removal Tool from the Franke Sion Manufacturer to remove it here.. I would advise, if you can’t remove it and you have tried the appropriate tools as referenced above (?), to call in a Plumber lest you permanently damage your Tap. A plumber would have all the appropriate sized tools. We supply the removal tool for DIY customers who have the earlier 3308R valve and don’t have the requisite plumbing tools. It is not a necessary tool to have.

        The newer version of this valve has 6 sides on the nut so is easier to deal with or use a size 14 hex key.

        • Peter Sharpe August 2, 2019

          It’s definitely the earlier one. I thought I had a full socket set, yet not one of them will fit properly. It looks as if I’ll have to resort to getting in a plumber, but I do resent having to do that. I’ve fixed dozens of dripping taps before and it has always been a two-minute job. This one will be made worse by it being the hot inlet, because the kitchen installer failed to fit isolation valves.

          • Peter Sharpe August 2, 2019

            Forgot to mention – I prised off the circlip, only to find that it appears to serve no purpose whatsoever.

          • Peter Sharpe August 2, 2019

            I’ve just found a video showing how to service a similar tap. You will immediately see why I’ve been having such great difficulty and it looks as if a plumber will find it just as hard. At least I now know what the circlip is for and that I shouldn’t have to replace the cartridge – simply soak the affected parts in white vinegar.

          • Alice August 2, 2019

            Hi Peter
            the tool is designed to fit the earlier model but plumbers also should this tool. I have sent you a link for this tool in earlier replies.

        • Peter Sharpe September 13, 2019

          After putting out an appeal on Facebook, somebody brought round the special too for removing the cartridge in a Franke Ascona. I assumed this was bound to be the same but it isn’t and was too loose to use. Somebody told me I needed a 1/2″ spanner. The shop didn’t sell them, so I bought 12mm and 13mm ones; both were too big. I took them back for a refund and then had to buy a set of five imperial sized spanners to get the half inch one. It was too small. No tool I have will fit far enough into the recess to get any kind of grip. Somebody else suggested buying a set of long reach sockets, suggesting that the 17mm one was the one to get. A set of these costs around £18, with no guarantee that any of them will fit. Another suggestion was to buy a cheap set of box spanners, but looking at these I think they would have to be made out of titanium to withstand the immense force that needs to be applied to shift the cartridge. Which leads to the question, why on earth are these cartridges tightened up to such superhuman torque settings when there is absolutely no need? Little more than finger pressure should be needed for them to work properly. It’s beginning to look as if I might have to replace the entire tap, just because it was started dripping. I certainly don’t want to be faced with the prospect of going through this all over again when the cold one starts to fail.

          • Alice September 14, 2019

            Hi Peter, if you have the earlier Sion valve with the flat side on two sides of the nut, then you have the earlier tool. I don’t know whether or not attempting to remove it using other tools of the incorrect fit / size , will have damaged the edges of this valve and render it harder to remove. Back in May i sent you a link to the correct tool to remove this valve. This tool comes from the manufuacturer of the Tap and Valve.

          • Peter Sharpe September 14, 2019

            This is the tool which is supplied for the similar Franke Ascona, yet it is too big for the Sion, as you can see by the chunks bitten out of it when trying to use it on the Sion.
            As accurately as I can possibly with a ruler, the gap between the two straight sides appears to be 14mm.

          • Alice September 14, 2019

            HI Peter
            As previously said, I dont know if your own valve has now been distorted by you trying to remove it. If you want to email me or put up here a picture of your own valve in situ i can see if it has been damaged or not by you trying to remove it with other tools. Back as far as May, when you first posted , I gave you links to the correct tool. I have always recommended that you consult a plumber if you do not have the correct tools or are unable to remove this valve yourself lest you damage the valve and thereby render it impossible for even a plumber to now remove.

        • Peter Sharpe September 16, 2019

          Hello Alice,

          I obviously have the dreaded 3308R, which has two flat sides. After putting out an appeal on my local community Facebook page, I managed to find somebody had the special tool for the two-sided Ascona valve, which I assumed would be identical. Strangely, it seemed a bit of a loose fit and in trying to use it, actually bit small chunks out of the metal of the tool, without being able to shift the valve at all. After watching the YouTube video, I had been out to buy a spanner set, first in imperial as was advised by a plumber. None of them fitted, so I then swapped it for a metric set and none of those fitted either. I then tried another suggestion, which was to buy a set of box spanners – yet again none of them fitted. A set of long reach sockets costs in the region of £20, all for what should be the two-minute operation of fixing a dripping tap.
          At somebody’s suggestion I phoned Central Services, who offered to replace the tap if I could find the receipt, which I had somehow lost. Luckily, I was relieved to find that after logging on to the QS Supplies website, I was able to retrieve my order from June 2015. I prefer the satin fisish to chrome, so have asked for a replacement, assuming that it will have the newer hex thread. It means I will have to pay for it to be replaced by a plumber, which seems a ridiculous length to do to for a dripping tap. I will certainly ensure that the valves are unscrewed before installation and re-tightened to a sensible torque.

        • Liz Parker March 10, 2020

          What has a hex size 14 key got to do with unscrewing the nut in the cartridge to remove it from the tap in order to clean it or replace it?
          I need to buy a proper tool to release the nut as it will not budge. I have a Franke Sion tap with the newer cartridge.

          • Alice March 10, 2020

            Hi Liz the manufacturer tells us that the 3794r can be removed by a spanner or a size 14 hex key.

  13. Jon March 7, 2018

    I think I have a Perrin & Rowe Ionian two hole sink mixer with porcelain handle some. I can’t see any screws holding the tap heads on.

    Do I just undo the shrouds and pull off the tap and shroud together to get at the valve.

    I can’t detect any movement and bothered I’ll damage the tap

  14. Alice February 22, 2018

    From a Customer with Franke Davos Tap
    When I remove the outer lever to access the valve it ‘doesn’t want’ to come out. Should I just pull it out forcibly? There’s nothing obvious to loosen or remove to get the valve out.
    Thanks for your help.

    Everything on that Davos tap was sooooooo tight for dismantling. Even the shroud/tap-handle had to levered off rather than just pulled.
    If I hadn’t been confident that I was doing it right, thanks to you, I’d have presumed that I must be doing something wrong as nothing appeared to be moveable.

  15. Andrew Walker November 1, 2017

    Carron Phoenix Victoria tap dripping. Website suggests whole valve needs to be replaced. Surely a replacement washer is all that’s needed?

    • Alice November 1, 2017

      Hi Andrew, it depends on where your tap is dripping from but we do recommend, if dripping from the spout , to replace the valve, Cost £14. I don’t know what you mean by replacement washer ? We believe that it is prudent to replace the entire valve which includes rubber seals and ceramic dics inside it as you don’t know which part of the valve has been worn. The manufacturers of these taps concur as they do not supply ‘parts’ for valves, but supply the entire valve as one part.

  16. Mike Tooze October 26, 2017

    Hi I have a Perrin and Rowe Phoenician 4460 in pewter I am trying to replace the ceramic disc valve, but cannot get to it can you help in telling me how to do this.
    Many thanks

    • Eoin October 27, 2017

      HI Mike
      I have emailed you the guide to changing the valve in your Phoenician Tap. Alice

  17. Michael N October 17, 2017

    Hi Alice hope you can help
    We have a Franke Kubus Filterflow fitted 2008 which has been dripping from the spout end-no sign of leakage from the tap barrels. The washer in the splashguard is wrecked so my question is would that be responsible for the leakage problem or will it be in one of the valves? If valves then am I correct in thinking that the tap handles have to be unscrewed (they act as a grub screw?) but then how do the tap and shroud get separated from valve itself?
    Hope you can point me in the right direction many thanks

    • Alice October 17, 2017

      HI Michael, if your tap is 2008 then its more likely that you have the Kubus Triflow (not filterflow). I am going to email you on the installation guide and see if that helps. If it doesnt, email me back and I will contact the manufacturer – let me know exactly where you are stuck once you have read / tried the installation guide. Also usually the spout dripping does mean the valve but you also have 3 valves so it could be any of them. Ideally you would stop the feed into each of them in turn to isolate which one is dripping. Take a look at the installation guide and see how you get on. The Aerator is not designed to stop the Tap dripping.

  18. Chris F October 10, 2017


    I’ve got a Franke Bern Tap that is leaking from the tap. The cold doesn’t appear to be shutting off. I’ve removed the handle to expose the valve, I’ve been thinking of buying the valve from you guys, will I need anything else for this job?

    Its definitely the cold valve leaking as I’ve turned off the valve under the sink and its stopped dripping. Many thanks

    • Alice October 10, 2017

      Hi Chris , depending on whether you have the original valve SP3308, which has two flat sides on the valve, then you might require the SP3308Removal Tool 4013R. If you have the later six sided valve SP3794, then you won’t require this tool. Here is the link to the Franke Bern Tap Valve. All our Franke Spare Parts are genuine.

      • Chris October 10, 2017

        Thanks Alice, I have ordered one from yourselves. I managed to remove the old one this morning and attempted to clean it up by removing the lime scale. It has made an improvement but it\’s still dripping slightly. Thanks for your help.

        • Alice October 10, 2017

          You are very welcome. Here is a troubleshooting guide that might be of help to you when fitting the new valve. Mind that you don’t overtighten it. Some Tap manufacturers recommend tightening by hand and only to tighten the last 1/4 turn with a spanner.

  19. Bryan Stokes September 22, 2017

    I have removed the handle on my Franke Ascona tap, but it is clear that I need to remove the shroud before I can get any spanner on the valve. How can I remove the shroud please?

    • Alice September 22, 2017

      HI Bryan
      There is no shroud. You should be able to see your valve once you remove the handle. If your Tap has the original mini valve SP3308, it has two flat sides, and there is a removal tool to remove it. If you have the later 6 sided valve, the SP3794, then you shouldn’t even need this tool. Please note that the SP3308 has been discontinued and has been replaced by the 6 sided mini valve, SP3794 (or 3794R). So when you order the Ascona Valve, this is the Valve that you will receive. This is a change made by the Franke Ascona Tap manufacturer.

      • Bryan Stokes September 23, 2017

        Thank you. However, there is a snag, What you say is true of the latest Ascona model but older models have an extended shroud that hides most of the valve making it impossible to get a purchase on the valve. I have decided to go for a new tap!

        • Alice September 23, 2017

          HI Brian
          do you want to email me a picture of what you are referring to. If we think that it can be sorted by using the tool 4013R – cheaper option than replacing a Tap, I will get back to you. I dont see any shroud listed in the Ascona Installation guide.

  20. Richard August 20, 2017

    Hi Alice
    I have an Oberon tap. I am trying to remove the cartridges to repair or renew. I can easily remove the handles but am unable to remove the shrouds. I cannot find any small retaining screws but before I use force I need confirmation that there are no screws to remove. Is it just a case of patience with the lemon juice trick,


    • Alice August 22, 2017

      Dear Richard, here is the excerpt from the Oberon Installation Guide
      “Remove Boss A (valve cover) by unscrewing in an anticlockwise direction from Valve C, once free pull off.”. I will email you the complete instructions. As with everything, we always recommend that if in doubt, contact a Plumber. Alice

      • Richard September 1, 2017


        Many thanks

        All resolved now


      • Marcus August 7, 2019

        Hi Alice – please could you forward me the same Oberon installation guide? I cannot see what your Boss A and Valve C are referring to and I have the same issue with 4863. Please help! Yours in desperation, Marcus

        • Alice August 7, 2019

          HI Marcus i am going to get the guide for your tap so bear with me. Kind regards Alice.

  21. maria Rigas August 5, 2017

    Hi i have a Franke wave pull out mono mixer kitchen tap . Its 2 and a half year old. Its dripping and my concern is that i am on a water meator . Can you help i know nothing whatsoever anout plumbing . My brother in law says i may judt have to buy a new one . This tap is advertised as having a five year guarantee. I cant find the psperwork , my partnrt dealt eith it and had passed away. I would be grateful for any advise you give ad i really like this tap .

    Thank you in advance

  22. Malcolm July 30, 2017

    Hi, I’m trying to remove the handle on my franke eiger tap and I need to know the size of the Allen key I need.


    • Alice July 30, 2017

      HI Malcolm, it’s usually 2mm for the grub screw on the handles and 2.5mm for the grub screw on the o ring kit. We have Allen key packs that contain both which you can order here to cover all sizes in case the manufacturer has made any modifications.

  23. Kieran May 30, 2017


    Have been trying to remove the leaking cold tap valve cap from a Franke Ascona tap but cant find the right size allan key. Can you help ?

  24. Darren Maskell March 21, 2017

    Hi I cannot get enough grip on the small hex area that is on show to enable me to remove the valve its so hard and tight

    • Alice March 21, 2017

      Dear Darren if you are referring to the 3308R (SP3308) Valve, this Valve can be tricky to remove. You could try a mechanics long socket and ratchet tool to remove the Valve from your Tap OR we have a specially designed SP3308 Valve Removal Tool tool

  25. John Connor March 13, 2017

    I have just received my Maya kitchen tap valves but I cannot get the brass bush of the old ones, is there a knack any advice would be appreciated

    Kind regards

  26. Brian Oldham March 11, 2017

    Hi Alice,
    Our Franke Triflow Mini System Filter tap started dripping some weeks ago. It looks like I need to fit a replacement valve kit FR 9495. However, before I order it I feel I need to know how to remove the old one and replace the new. I have got as far as removing the handle leaving the existing valve unit exposed. However, I cannot see how to remove the splined plastic piece from the metal unit – giving access to the nut. It looks as if an 18mm socket will do the trick – but mine is not long enough with the plastic in place. Can you suggest anything? (I have tried pulling it off with grips!)
    Thanks Brian

    • Alice March 12, 2017

      HI Brian – can you take a picture – several – of where exactly you are stuck – and I will do my best to assist you. Kind regards Alice p.s. mark the pictures FAO Alice – and take them where you get as far as you have described above.

  27. mr arthur stokes March 9, 2017

    need to replace valves on my Franke Ascona tap but the valves have two flat sides and it is almost impossible to get a spanner in and apply enough pressure .any removal tips ?

    • Alice March 9, 2017

      Dear Arthur, yes this Valve can be tricky to remove. You could try a mechanics long socket and ratchet tool to remove the Valve from this Tap OR Or we have a specially designed SP3308 Valve Removal Tool tool

  28. Louise Jones March 3, 2017

    I have a Franke Md Olympus Minimalist Tap Ss (brushed). It is 3.5years old and is dripping from the spout. Please could you advise on the valve ( brush?) part that I will need to replace, I would like to order the parts and get it sorted ASAP as it is very annoying !

    Thanks so much for your help,

    • Alice March 3, 2017

      Dear Louise – is this the Tap that you refer to here ? My Franke Olympus Tap is dripping. This will cover all the parts that are needed and give you links to them. If your Tap is dripping from the Spout it usually means replacing a valve – Hot, Cold or Both. Also watch out for the Brass Bush which is a part that the valve sits into inside the Tap. It can often come out WITH the Valve as if it is one part (whereas in fact it is two separate parts i.e. Valve and Brass Bush). If your valve looks fatter than the valve ordered, that would be the case. There are pictures of this on the blog post as well as on the Valve Products. We recommend that customers remove their own valve prior to ordering to see whether or not they also need to replace the bush as well (to save on unnecessary shipping charges). Any unused spare parts can be returned and on every product is a link to our Shipping / Returns policy in detail.  This Blog Post How to tell which Valve needs replacing : Hot or Cold? might help.

      How to Order:
      Please Order via our Store Online. We ship thousands of spare parts daily and we have found that we can offer you, our valued customer, a more efficient and fast service if you purchase from us Online (i.e. via Our Store). This ensures that you receive the correct Order as quickly as possible. You can pay by Card or PayPal. Whichever is the most convenient for you. Here is the link to our Shipping / Returns section on our website if you have any queries : https://www.tapsandsinksonline.co.uk/shipping-returns/

      Our Returns Policy:
      We offer a 28 days return No Quibbles Policy. For more information here is the link to our Shipping / Returns Policy in our Store:

      Terms and Conditions: You will find these here

      Yours sincerely


      Customer Care
      Taps and Sinks Online Sales Office

  29. Mike February 9, 2017

    Hello again Alice, Further to our conversation on 3 Feb: The tap is a pre-2011 Franke Triflow Doric with plain chrome shrouds (no grub or Allen screw). According to the Franke tipsheet to access the valves these shrouds should simply unscrew, together with the tap handles. However the shrouds are seized and cannot be unscrewed. An engineer from my original kitchen installer cannot shift them either a) by hand with rubber gloves to give more grip or b) by gentle use of a ‘Mole grip’ style wrench over a cloth to protect the chrome. You will understand that he and I are reluctant to apply more force. Do you have any advice? Should we consider gently heating the shroud eg with hot air? As a last resort are new shrouds available should mechnical force be needed? Meanwhile the valve is still leaking…

    • Alice February 9, 2017

      Hi Mike, I contacted the manufacturer of your Tap. Their advice if it is limescale is to soak it in a solution of 50% lemon juice and 50% water for max of 30 mins at a time. You can repeat this as often as you need provided that in between, you wash away the solution. If you damage the handle of the shroud (hood) I could get the spare parts for you. Kind regards Alice

    • Alice March 7, 2017

      Dear Mike, have you tried the lemon / water solution that the manufacturers of the tap recommended ? I also know that TTOil can penetrate far better than WD40 but I would try what the manufacturers of this Tap recommend themselves first. Can you let me know how it goes? I can also find out if Shrouds are available and revert to you on this one too.

  30. a plumpton February 6, 2017

    Can I get spares /replacement for BROWN FRANKE single outlet H&C 2 tap fitting

  31. Mike February 3, 2017

    I’m following your instructions in trying to replace a leaking valve on my Franke Filterflow Doric but there do not appear to be grub screws to unscrew in order to remove the tap handle? Does this mean the handle should just slide off – I am wary of attempting to force it. Please advise.

    • Alice February 3, 2017

      There should be a grub screw at the back of the base of the spout. Its on the installation guide.

  32. Delphine January 10, 2017

    Hi. when I turn on any of the three taps on my Franke modern triflow tap, water comes out of both the filtered water and unfiltered water spouts. They do not drip when the taps are in the off position. Do the valve(s) need replacing? If so, which ones (or is there only one)? Is this something I would be able to do myself? I have successfully changed the O seals but would not call myself a very competent DIYer. Many thanks for any replies

    • Alice January 13, 2017

      Dear Delphine here is the link to the Franke Modern Triflow Tap Valves. If you click on this link it will take you into the Valve to purchase it. You need to order the Cold Valve but I can’t tell you whether it is the Cold Filtered or Cold Mains (only someone who can isolate each feed separately and then test again for a drip would know that). It could be either valve or both. Any parts unused can be returned within 28 days for a full refund excluding shipping costs. Our shipping and returns details are on the product details.

  33. john lazenby December 29, 2016

    Hi, my franke eiger mixer tap in my kitchen is dripping from the cold handle! Any ideas, is this still just a valve replacement ?
    Yes, as per our Blog Link Kitchen Mixer Tap is leaking from the Handle. Here is the link to the Franke Eiger Kitchen Tap Valve. Take note regarding the Brass Bush as well. What would be useful is if you were to remove your own Valve prior to ordering and that way you would know whether or not you require the Brass Bush as well. If you don’t want to do this / it will be a plumber, then you could also order the Brass Bush (as this is one Tap that the Brass Bush often comes out stuck to the Valve) as any unused parts can be returned within 28 days for a full refund excluding shipping costs. Kind regards, Alice.

  34. Philippa December 18, 2016

    Hi there,

    I need to replace the valves for my Franke Zurich tap and have taken the hot and cold buttons off and unscrewed but the handles still won’t come off. Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance of your help!

    • Alice December 19, 2016

      Hi Philipa its just possible that the handles have seized on the valves due to debris etc in the water over time.
      You need to turn off her water, apply a lubricant oil or WD40 etc around the joint of the handle, then cover the handle in a cloth. From there you need to turn the handle to “on” and apply reasonable force to pull it off. You could tap it with the likes of a mallet or back of a nail punch etc. This should remove it.

      We always advise: if in doubt please contact a plumber.

  35. Julian Gawthorpe December 3, 2016

    After replacing the cold valve I found limescale has worn the cold handle splines so it won’t grip the valve splines. Any ideas the get a decent grip. The grub screw won’t hold the tap enough.

    • Alice December 5, 2016

      Hi Julian
      In this case, if the splines inside the handle itself are worn you would be best placed to replace the handle as well. If you tell me what Tap is was that you purchased the valve for, I can see if we have a replacement handle here in stock. Email details to sales@tapsandsinksonline.co.uk.

  36. Nick October 6, 2016

    Hi, bought new cartridges from you for my Alba tap. Can’t see how to remove the lever end hot or cold caps to get at interior. Have tried prying off and attempting to unscrew them but they seem to be very slightly smaller diameter than the lever body. Any suggestions? Are they screw off or pop off? Getting a bit frustrated.

  37. David Bloy July 9, 2016

    Thanks for this ‘How to’ – it really helped

    • Alice July 23, 2016

      You’re welcome ! Glad that it helped you.

  38. nick May 3, 2016

    Caple lam2 tap – do you know how the ceramic cartridge is held in place/removed as there is no thread on the cartridge?

    • Alice May 5, 2016

      Hi Nick, I have inserted some pictures into this blog now as I am not sure if you are asking about the shroud part that also has to be removed. This piece also covers the valve and also has to be removed once you have removed the handle. The shroud can be either twisted off, anti-clockwise, or if there is a grub screw underneath, you would loosen this with an allen key. This will leave the valve exposed for you to remove it and see our blog above for instructions on these steps. If this is not what you are asking, can you email a picture of where you are stuck in the process to sales@tapsandsinksonline.co.uk

  39. Howard November 21, 2015

    I have a replacement valve for the Franke Zurich tap, however, the brass bush has come out when I unscrewing it. Wasn’t sure how to remove this and replace the valve. Is this recommended or should I change both. If so how do you remove the bush?


  40. tony coots October 19, 2015

    Hi. I just need a pair of silicon washer gasket inserts to stop a drip from my Franke Olympus mixer tap. The valve has ‘san marco 2006’ stamped on it. Can you supply or do you have a suggestion?

    • Alice October 19, 2015

      Hi Tony
      we can supply the replacement valves that you need (genuine spare parts) . We don’t supply ‘parts’ of valves. You just have to establish if the drip is coming from the hot or cold side – so try running the hot water and then turn off and see if your drip remains hot (then most likely the hot valve) or if it turns cold then most likely the cold.
      If you click here it will bring you to the Franke Olympus Valves that you need.

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