My Kitchen Tap is dripping….

Usually your Kitchen Tap is dripping from either (1) the spout, (2) less common is the handle and (3) where the spout meets the base.

If it is dripping from the Spout or Handle then if your Tap has two or three levers it is most likely that you need to change the valves (one, two or three) and / or the brass bush ring (but usually its just the valve) hot or cold.   If your Tap is a Single Lever Tap then it could be the Cartridge.  Also this guide here might help How to tell which Valve needs replacing Hot or Cold or Both?

The following posts might be of use to you :

If your tap is dripping where the spout meets the base then it is likely that you need to replace the O Rings (see below for O Rings).

Here is our Spare Tap Parts Section by Brand.  If you know the Brand of your Tap, then click on that Brand. Each Brand Section lists the Spare Tap Parts by Tap. You can see which Tap Picture resembles your own, and click on that to take you to the Spare Tap Parts in store for that particular Tap. Due to the high volume of Spare Parts we might have a part in store but not listed on the website. Please EMAIL us if we stock Spare Parts for your Tap if the specific part that you require is not listed.

If you don’t know the Brand of your Tap or do not have the installation guide with Spare Parts listed, then we can still help you fix your Tap.
In order to identify which  Valve you have that needs replacing we will need you to EMAIL the following to us:

1. 4 measurements
2. Picture of your Kitchen Tap showing full tap i.e. spout, body etc
3. Picture of your Valve.
4. Any markings on the valve e.g. SMR / San Marco / TCL / Atriflo etc

Below are the 4 measurements that ideally we look for, but at a minimum we need the exact height from top to bottom (brass of the valve) and spline count (ridges) – 20, 24 or 28


You might find this guide 7 Easy Steps to replace Kitchen Tap Valve useful in removing your valve in order to measure it.

  • Length of Valve from top to bottom (brass) in mm
  • Diameter at thread: in mm
  • Number of splines – always an even number, e.g. 20, 28…
  • Nut (below splines) Height: in mm
Valve Blueprint Guide

Valve Blueprint Guide

Please make sure that when you have removed your valve, that the brass bush wasn’t removed as well (this surrounds the valve inside the tap) and you will need this for the new valve. If you find it impossible to separate the two we do supply brass bushes as well for San Marco Valves. For more information on removing the brass bush, see here.

O Rings.

The picture of your tap will help us identify which O Rings you require and then you can use this guide How to change a Kitchen O Ring Kit to change them

Don’t forget to also email us a picture of your Tap.

Email all details to


Please note that parts might be modified by the manufacturers over the years of a product being made. Therefore while we can guarantee that the parts we supply are as per the technical specifications sheets provided by the manufacturers, we can not always guarantee that a part will fit an older version of a product. All spare parts that do not fit can be returned for a refund but we do not refund associated postage costs.

Can’t find your Valve ?

We stock a wide range of compression valves for Kitchen Taps which you can find here. All the measurements, images and details are there for each Kitchen Tap Compression Valve to assist you in finding the correct Compression Valve for your Tap.


If you have a Quarter Turn Valve (also known as a Ceramic Disc Valve) e.g. usually a lever to turn on or off the water, you will find our Range of Quarter Turn Valves in our Ceramic Disc Valve Section of our Store.


Our Blog Post ‘My Kitchen Tap is dripping‘ is very useful to explain and assist you in fixing your Kitchen Tap. If you want help, please read this blog post HERE first and email us the relevant information for us to help you.

Please note that due to the high volume of Spare Tap Part queries that we receive, and the information that we will require e.g. Tap Pictures etc, ALL spare part queries are dealt with via email. We do not answer spare part queries via telephone. For any query EMAIL and our Team will contact you as soon as possible.

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  1. Margaret dsouza October 3, 2017

    Tap leaks and when another tap in house is opened, it makes a brief wailing sound and then it streams a short blast of water. Howden Swan.

    • Alice October 3, 2017

      Hi Margaret, usually a tap leaking points to an issue with the valves in your tap. You could have a separate water pressure issue, but if this leak has only been recent i.e was not there from the start, then I would recommend replacing the valve that is leaking (i.e hot or cold) and see if that sorts the issue. Here is the link to all the Howden Tap Parts that we do and you can check to see if your own tap is there (as there are many Howden ‘Swan’ Taps). If it is not there, then email us a picture of your own tap and approx purchase date .

  2. vince August 18, 2016

    Hi I am looking for a part for my franke mixer tape the part number I have is 3669 it’s the valve assemble

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