SMR is stamped on Valve

If SMR is stamped on Valve

  • We supply only Genuine SMR Valves.
  • We will recommend the best replacement Valve to fit your Tap, and send the link to you for you to purchase it.
  • If you have removed your Valve then that is because your Kitchen Tap is dripping from the end of the Spout (where the Aerator is) or from your Tap handle. If this is Not where your Kitchen Tap is dripping ? Then you should read our blog post   “My Kitchen Tap is dripping” first.

Additional Information required if  ‘SMR Stamped on Valve’ :

    • Send in a picture of your Valve if you have it (complete Valve if you have removed it or the amount of Valve that is visible if you have only removed the Handle).
    • Send in a picture of your Kitchen Tap that this Valve relates to as well.
      • We need to know which Tap your valve relates to as sometimes the manufacturer replaces an alternative valve with a different seal depending on age and model.
    • Date Stamp & Other markings: There is usually a date stamp e.g 01/2013, 07/2018, 09/2021 etc.
      • This date can be relevant where your Tap was modified over the years of production.
      • The date stamp will assist us in recommending the best replacement Valve for your Kitchen Tap. Please tell us the Date stamp in the email if you know it.
      • Sometimes in very old taps the Valves were stamped differently. They might have the words ‘San Marco’ stamped on them together with some letters or numbers.
      • Here is Our Guide 7 easy steps to replace kitchen tap valve  to assist you in removing your Valve in its entirety in case your own Tap has a bush part that comes out alongside your valve i.e the two parts are stuck together. See below for pictures of what this means.

    Bush stuck on SMR Valve – explained :

    • A bush is an extra piece of Brass that usually surrounds the Valve when screwed into the side of the Tap.
    • Not every Tap takes a Bush and there are some Taps where there is only a Bush on the Hot side of the Tap, e.g. the Carron Alba Tap.
    • Sometimes this Bush is stuck to the valve i.e 2 parts are like one part.
      • Where this happens and you cannot separate the two parts to re-use the Bush part, then you will need to order a new Bush as well as a new Valve.
      • Our Guide to separate a Valve from a Bush is here.
    • If you don’t want to remove the valve in its entirety you can always order the Bush (if the Tap normally takes a bush) with a view to returning if you do not need it. You can email us if you need this information.
    • In the example below of the Howdens Lamona Garda Tap you can clearly see that the Bush is visible around the Valve.  Until the Valve is removed it’s not possible to know if the Bush and Valve will be actually stuck together.

    Some Bush examples :

    Lamona Garda Tap Valve and Bush example
    Valve and bush examples 1

    Valve and bush examples 1

    Example of 1212R Valve Bush 3408R in Kitchen Tap
3819R and 3409R together and separate

3819R Valve and Bush 3409R (30mm diameter)


General Picture Tips

        1. Try and take the picture as clearly as possible in good light.
        2. Show all the Valve in the picture i.e don’t hide part of it with your fingers.
        3. Please Tell us the Date stamp because then it doesn’t matter if it is not showing in your picture.
Good example SMR Stamped on valve example 1

Good example SMR Stamped on valve example 1

SMR Stamped on valve example 2

SMR Stamped on valve .  If finger was any lower on the splines (top of the valve) then we would not be able to identify this valve. Example 2



Additional Information that might be relevant :

Your Tap is a a Bridge Lever Tap or any other tap with two levers extended horizonally?

Then it is worth reading about Clockwise & Anti-clockwise opening Valves in this Post here because the valves are usually fitted the opposite way around e.g the ‘Hot (Clockwise Valve ) is fitted to the Cold Water Feed and the Cold (Anti-clockwise Valve) is fitted to the Hot Water Feed. Here are two examples of what we mean by a Tap that the levers are operated horizontally.

Rangemaster Bridge Tap TBL3BF BF

Rangemaster Bridge Tap TBL3BF BF

Vesta Tap from Franke

Vesta Tap from Franke


SMR is stamped on Valve – Blueprint measurements of Valve:

Here are the 4 most common measurements, but usually the

        • Picture of the Valve ,
        • Picture of your actual Kitchen Tap, and
        • Approx age of Tap (or date stamp on valve)

is sufficient to enable us to advise you on the correct SMR replacement Valve for your Kitchen Tap.

San Marco Valve Blueprint
San Marco Valve Blueprint
      • Length of Valve from top to bottom (brass) in mm
      • Diameter at thread: in mm
      • Number of splines – always an even number, e.g. 20, 28…
      • Nut (below splines) Height: in mm

Where to send the pictures and information :

Email all details to

Why buy from us ? Here are 4 reasons:

      • We have expertise in SMR parts because we have been supplying SMR parts for over 30 years.
      • We also know when Taps were modified by the manufacturer which can sometimes mean actually recommending a slightly different valve (based on the manufacturers advice to us) than the valve that is in your Kitchen Tap.
      • Your Warranty can be voided if you replace with compatible parts.
      • All our SMR Valves have splines ranging from 20 to 24 to 28.  We do not stock any 18 splined or 32 splined valves.
      • Please note that parts might be modified by the manufacturers over the years of a product being made. While we guarantee that the parts we supply are as per the technical specifications sheets provided by the manufacturers, we can not always guarantee that a part will fit an older version of a product. You can return any spare parts that have not been fitted for a refund. We do not or refund associated postage costs.

Here are the most common SMR Valves




And this link here to more SMR valves including SMR compression valves: Kitchen Tap Valves


Contact us for assistance

If in any doubt, having read the links please  contact us before buying because we can advise you on the correct part for your Franke Ascona Tap. Or you can use the contact button at the bottom right of your screen.

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  1. Neil Gallacher April 29, 2020

    I am looking for a replacement cold water valve cartridge for my mixer tap. The dimensions are: Height 5.5cm, thread 2cm,nut height 1cm. The date stamp on it is SMR 01/15. I have a photo of the valve and tap but can you advise how I send it to you.

    • Alice May 2, 2020

      Hi Neil can you email us a picture please if you havent done so to determine which valve it is that you have. Also a picture of your tap as well please as there are certain taps that the manufacturer recommends the two threaded version of the valve as a replacement, even if the original valve in your tap is a one threaded. Until we see the tap as well we won’t be able to recommend the most appropriate valve as a replacement for you

  2. Gordon McArthur November 1, 2019

    Hi i am looking to replace a tap gland “SMR 01/12” i was just wondering if you are able to determine the diameter from this?

    • Alice November 2, 2019

      HI Gordon, as outlined in the post, that is just a date stamp. We would need details of your own Tap (pictures) and Valve (pictures). Sometimes we also require measurements, but usually pictures are sufficient and if you have removed the valve to see date, then you can take pictures of the part at the same time. Please email to . If you have put back the part, email your Tap picture. We still might be able to advise you based on this. Alice

  3. R N Bateson November 8, 2017

    Hot tap is dripping. Ceramic is marked SMR 06/11. Please advise corresponding Part no.
    Thanks for your help. R&R

    • Alice November 8, 2017

      Hi there, if you read the blog that you have posted in underneath , you will see that 06/11 is only a date stamp. As per the blog at a miniumum we need a picture of your own Tap and a picture of your own Valve to identify WHICH SMR Valve you have.

  4. P. woodhouse May 21, 2017

    My cartridge has SMR 10/13 which one do I need ?? cheers

    • Alice May 21, 2017

      Dear Peter – as per the blog post above that you posted your comment on, that is just a date stamp on your SMR (San Marco) Valve. We would need you to send in the information e.g. Pictures as requested / detailed on the blog and basic valve information for us to identify WHICH SMR (San Marco) Valve you have in your tap. You can start by emailing a picture of your Tap AND a picture of your Valve , but to save you going back and forth, measuring the valve height from top to bottom of brass would also be useful. Alice

  5. Colin January 12, 2017

    My mythos tap is leaking on the cold side. The valve is stamped smr01/12.
    Can you please tell me what to order to replace the valve.
    Best regards
    Colin crease

    • Alice January 13, 2017

      Dear Colin, here is the link to the Mythos Valve. If you click on this link here it will take you into the Valve to purchase it. You need to order the Cold Valve for £14 and you will receive an SMR valve. 02/12 is just the date of your SMR valve. Please ensure that you read all the additonal information on the brass bush which costs £10. Thre brass bush is cylindrical and sometimes when you remove your valve, this comes out as well. If your valve and brass bush cannot be separated then you will need to order a valve and a brass bush. The same Brass Bush is used on both the hot and the cold side (one brass bush per valve). If you are ordering the parts and waiting on a plumber to remove, then you might be advised to order the brass bush as well as valve and return to us within 28 days for a full refund excluding shipping charges if it is not required. That way you will have all the parts that potentially might be needed when the plumber comes. If you are doing it yourself there is a guide on the valve link 7 easy steps to replace kitchen valve that should assist you and then you can check your own valve (and whether you might need a brass bush) prior to ordering. Our shipping and returns details are on the product details.

  6. Cliff Bichan December 7, 2016

    I can’t find original paper work for my two Franke taps which means can’t identify which tap it is! We installed the kitchen 10 years ago and think its a one tap mixer tap

    • Alice December 9, 2016

      HI Cliff. I emailed you. For ease of reference, if you don’t know which Franke Tap you have, here is the Franke Spare Parts section which shows every Tap by image for spare parts that you might be able to identify quickly yourself, and then the Valve specific to that tap will have a link to the Brass Bush (should you require it).
      If you are still unsure, or you can’t find your Tap listed, then you can email us here with the following:
      1) Picture of your kitchen tap. Please make sure to send a picture (or pictures) of your complete tap in such a way that we can identify it. Sometimes we receive pictures taken at angles or in poor lighting that make it impossible to identify the tap. Difference between some taps can be subtle but It can make all the difference when it comes to identify the correct spare part !
      2) Any information that you know regarding the age of your tap – e.g. installation date ,
      FRANKE FILTER TAPS (Triflow or Filter flow)
      If you have a filter tap then please read this post.
      It will help you identify the correct tap as some of the Triflow taps and Filter flow Taps are very similar but have completely different parts.
      This Franke Tap Spare Parts Guide Section here contains many blog posts to fix the most common Franke tap enquiries that we receive and might be very useful as well as your own tap could be listed there with the answer for you.


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