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SMR Ceramic Disc Valve 20 Splines 3819R

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SMR Ceramic Disc Valve 20 Splines 3819R for the Cold Water side or Hot Water side of your Kitchen Tap.

  • Hot opens clockwise. Cold opens anticlockwise.

Before you order, please read below regarding Taps that your Tap manufacturer recommends the 1212R White sealed valve as the replacement. Please also read below as we have included a lot of extra information regarding alternative valves for certain taps and also regarding bushes.

If your Tap is dripping from the Spout then you might need to change your Valves.  Here is our Guide 7 Easy Steps to replace Kitchen Tap Valve.


SMR Ceramic Disc Valve 20 Splines 3819R

PULL-OUT TAP: If your Tap is a Pull-out Tap, and takes the 3819R Valve, the manufacturer recommends replacing with the parent valve, 1212R.

If your Tap is dripping where the Spout meets the Base you might need to replace your O Ring Kit

Brass Valve with ceramic discs :without thread.
Your tap might have the earlier two threaded version 3984R (1212R).

Measurements SMR Tap Valve 3819R

  • Overall height: 50mm
  • Nut Height:  6mm
  • Diameter at thread:  21mm
  • Splines: 20
  • Height of Splines:  6mm
Valve 3819R
Valve 3819R (shown here the Hot valve. Cold valve is the same without a ‘nick’ in the nut )

For the following Taps, we recommend replacing with the 1212R White seal : Averon, Emporia, Bristan Beeline, CDA TC55, CDA TC56 and CDA TF55 The 1212R valve with white seal looks a little different as it has two threads whereas the 3819R has one set of threads. It is the same height etc and the most important feature of this 1212R Valve is the larger white seal. If you replace your valve with a 3819R and your own Tap is one of the above listed, there is every possibility that your Tap will continue to drip. The 1212R White sealed valve should not drip , if it is a valve reason that is causing your drip to begin with. This link here will bring you to the 1212R Valve with White seal. ' as a replacement. If you are unsure, then just email us a picture of your own Tap and a picture of your own Valve and we will advise you before you place your order.


If you remove your valve and the diameter is wider than expected, (see Gallery images) this is because the bush is stuck to your valve. There are two types of bushes that are very similar in appearance, the 3408R 36mm diameter and the 3409R 30mm diameter. We recommend that you take measurements before you order if your own valve looks similar to the images here below and in the gallery as its not always possible for us to accurately assess which Bush you have based on pictures as the mm differences are small, but the correct sized bush must be ordered as a replacement to fit your own Tap.

3819R and 3408R brass bush together

3819R and 3408R brass bush together

3819R and 3409R together and separate

3819R Valve and Bush 3409R (30mm diameter)

I don't know what Valve I need to fix my dripping Tap is a useful guide if you don't know what Valve you need to fix your Dripping Tap. There are other useful guides in our 'Helpful Tips' section such as the 'How to' section which includes DIY guides on changing valves, cartridges etc. These might be useful if you need to remove the handle (7 easy steps to replace a kitchen valve) or lever (How to replace a Cartridge on your single lever tap) on your tap in order to see what your own Tap Part looks like before you compare to ours. See our Tap Spare Parts Section for all the Spare Tap Parts on our Website.

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- Small items only by Post: £3.50 Can take currently up 7-10 working days.
- Courier Delivery DPD Track & Trace: £5.50 Usually takes c. 2-3 working days.
- BREXIT: No additional charges on delivery once your Order before shipping charges is less than £135.

Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide


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