Shipping to Ireland/Great Britain

We ship from Ireland


  • Great Britain
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Northern Ireland



We are registered with the Revenue and HMRC.

Shipping to Great Britain :
We take care of all the duties / Vat on import charges due to HRMC once your Order Sub-Total i.e. the products before shipping charges are added, is LESS than £135.

  • We pay the Vat to HMRC.
  • We ship DDP.
  • Provided that your order is under £135 there are no extra charges on delivery.
  • There is No Vat claimable on any order sent to Great Britain as we pay the Vat on Import (as it is called) to the HMRC

Shipping to Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland :

  • Vat is included on all Orders at the current VAT rate applicable at date of Order.
  • There are no customs charges / duty applicable on any order irrespective of value (due to the unique position of Northern Ireland post Brexit).

All Shipping / Returns information in detail can be found here.

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