How to replace a Cartridge in your Single Lever Kitchen Tap

How to change your Cartridge in a Single Lever Kitchen Tap

How to change your Cartridge in a Single Lever Kitchen Tap

Just follow the 11 easy steps below to replace cartridge in your Single Lever Kitchen Tap:
Step 1 Make sure to turn OFF the hot and cold water mains.
Step 2 To remove the handle you must remove the grub screw with a suitable sized allen key.  Be careful not to lose grub screw.
Step 3 Unscrew the silver dome shape.
Step 4 Use an appropriate sized spanner to loosen the brass nut.
Step 5 Remove defective cartridge.
Step 6 Before putting in new cartridge check the inside of the tap body and remove any debris that might be there.
Step 7 Replace and tighten brass nut.
Step 8 Replace silver dome.
Step 9 Refit the lever handle.
Step 10 Refit the grub screw.
Step 11 Turn on the water.

I hope the information below will be of some help to you.  If you are in any doubt about CHANGING a Kitchen Tap Cartridge – do contact a professional plumber.

Check out the Tips and Tricks in our Kitchen Taps Troubleshooting Guide for other common Kitchen Taps Problems (with solutions).


Here is a detailed listing of the Cartridges that we currently stock (including images and measurements) if you need to replace a Single Lever Tap replacement cartridge

You can purchase Tap Spare Parts here.


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  1. Phil August 8, 2016

    Question: I have a franke belfast pull out nozzle tap which is dripping from behind the lever handle. Is this a cartridge or O ring problem?
    Answer: This would usually indicate a valve or cartridge issue.
    The following Guides will provide you with more information : Kitchen Tap Mixer Tap leaking from handle and also UK Kitchen Taps Troubleshooting Guide for further information / help.
    and you will find all the parts that we stock Franke Belfast Pull Out Nozzle Kitchen Tap Spare Parts


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