Valve & Vernier Insert Changing Procedure for Perrin & Rowe Crosshead Taps

From Perrin and Rowe (Avillion)

It should be an easy matter to change the Valve & Vernier Insert if you follow these simple instructions from Perrin and Rowe (Avillion) and refer to the diagrams below.

1) Turn off water supplies to tap. Place plug in waste to prevent loss of small pieces.
2) Remove Boss A by unscrewing in an anticlockwise direction from Valve C.
3) Unscrew Boss A and once free pull off.

4) The Vernier Insert B may be left inside Boss A or remain on Valve C. Remove and replace if damaged.
5) Please go to stage 8 if replacing the Vernier Insert B only.

Note: Before removing the valve from the mixer, check that the replacement is the same.
6) Unscrew Valve C using a 17mm or adjustable spanner.
7) Screw Valve C into body by hand. Use a 17mm spanner to turn valve until valve stops against body. Do not tighten beyond this point

(Recommended torque setting 15Nm).

Warning: Do not over tighten valve – this may cause damage to valve, body and mounting surface.
8) Slide Vernier Insert B onto Valve C.
9) Slide Boss A onto Vernier Insert B, just enough to see if it is correctly orientated.
10) To get exact alignment on the tap it may be necessary to remove the Vernier Insert B and turn a few splines until correct alignment can be achieved.
11) Boss A can now be screwed back over Valve C.
12) Your tap should now be ready for use, turn on supply and check carefully for any leaks.

avillion cross head changing valve

If you have Perrin and Rowe Taps with Lever Handles, please see Valve Vernier Insert Changing Procedure Perrin and Rowe Lever Taps

Troubleshooting Tip:
If when you twist to remove the handle (as in Fig 2 in the diagram) and the entire handle and valve comes away as one piece then it is possible that they are stuck together with limescale. You could try pulling apart. If stuck then you could try a mixture of lemon and water to see if that will loosen but mind your tap finish and don’t soak for more than 30 mins at a time. Lemon juice to Water ratio = Max 50:50.

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  1. Patrick January 22, 2020

    Do you have to remove tap handle before unscrewing boss A or does it all come off together ?

    • Alice January 24, 2020

      Hi Patrick, it shows it all coming off together as one piece in the diagram at the bottom of the Post.


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