Carron Revolution Pop Up Plug Maintainance

Carron Phoenix Revolution Pop Up Plug Maintenance

Carron Phoenix Revolution Pop Up Plug Maintenance

Carron Phoenix Revolution Pop Up Plug Maintenance

This is the pop-up plug by Carron Phoenix that comes now as standard in most of their sinks.

It has a sleek design and you can open or close the plug by pushing down on it.

Carron Phoenix offer a two year warranty on these plugs so here are a few pratical tips if you want to increase longevity of these plugs,

– never take apart to clean, use a washing up brush instead to clean

– never put in a dishwasher (it causes rubber to perish).

– never wash something in a sink that has sand or grit attached as it does affect the pop up mechanism on the plug.

If you need to buy a Carron Phoenix Revolution Pop Up Plug (V4) you can find it here

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  1. David Paul May 18, 2020

    I bought my new property in Or hard Gardens Hemsby 14 months ago from Norfolk Homes. The pop up plugs in the kitchen sink have been erratic in holding water, and now both of them do not work. The builders are not working at the moment so I would be grateful if you could supply me with two new plugs under your warranty.

    Reverend David Paul

    • Alice May 19, 2020

      Hi David, as we are an online store, we only offer a warranty on any products that we supply. We do not offer a warranty on all Carron products in the UK, only on products directly supplied by ourselves.

  2. Mr Eric G Levey May 14, 2020

    Have used our Phoenix sink everyday for the last 7 years. As many as a dozen times a day. Never had any trouble at all with this model. First replacement plugs. I think that speaks for it’s self. First class workman’s ship.

  3. Ian January 28, 2020

    These are a very poor design indeed – overcomplicated, difficult to clean (should you put them in the dishwasher), hard to extract from their housing if you have any e.g. arthritic problems with your hands, and the seals can be inadequate. There is nothing whatsoever to commend them over simpler, cheaper designs which do the job immeasurably better.

    • Alice January 28, 2020

      Hi Ian i will pass your feedback to the manufacturer. A word of caution, no plug , irrespective of make /design, should be put in a dishwasher as it will cause the seals to perish.

      • Ian January 29, 2020

        Thanks Alice – the ‘avoid dishwasher’ advice is why all-metal arrangements are preferable.
        As noted earlier by Roger in this thread, the seals on my new units are not of a consistent size. And so they leak.

        • Alice February 1, 2020

          HI Ian, if you give me your order number i can send you on a free replacement plug as all our spare parts carry a 1 year warranty. We also offer any customer who buys a sink from us the option of which plug and waste kit they want before the sink is fitted. I have the revolution plug myself and like all plugs there are pros and cons e.g. you only have to tap it with a washing up brush if you wish to empty out the sink without having to put your hand in the water to pull out the plug. It is just possible that you were supplied with a faulty plug ? I have looked for an order from you but cannot locate one but perhaps you used a different email address/name, as otherwise presumably you would have contacted whoever you got the part from ?

  4. laurence griffiths October 13, 2019

    why cant you take the plug apart to clean, i must have a 3rd party plug in my carron phoenix sink because it simply unscrews its dead simple & so much easier to clean. is it not possible to do this with the original plug??

    • Alice October 14, 2019

      HI Laurence I don’t know what plug you have in your own sink but if it is a 3rd party plug, then you would also have a different cup as well (which the plug fits into). We don’t manufacture these parts. This is the way it comes with the sink. I have same plug at home and have no issue cleaning it using a washing up brush.

    • Denise Taylor-Dunn April 14, 2020

      I had a new kitchen fitted which included a Carron sink 5 months ago and now the pop up plug is leaking quite badly. I must say I’m not impressed with the quality of this plug and when it arrived it did look out of shape, now it’s next to useless as it holds no water at all.

      • Alice April 15, 2020

        HI Denise
        we did not supply the sink to you and therefore cannot deal with your complaint. You should contact whomever supplied the sink to you or contact Carron directly. If the plug looked out of shape from the start then perhaps it was faulty / damaged but i would expect that any reasonable supplier would deal with a complaint such as this promptly . We ourselves take our own warranties and obligations seriously and had you purchased from us, then I would happily look after you but as we did not supply you and you are not a customer of ours, this advice is all i can give you.

  5. Roger September 29, 2019

    Hi, After a lot of searching managed to find Carron Phoenix Revolution Pop Up Plug (V4) which appears to be what I an after having checked the dimensions given on your site. Our kitchen was installed 2012 with Carron corner double sink unit. One of the sinks could not hold water so I investigated and come to the conclusion the rubber washer/seal on one waste was 50mm diameter (and leaked) the other is about 55mm diameter and seals ok. I also noticed that the 50mm seal turned upwards and 55mm seal turns downwards. My question is can I purchase a rubber seal only at this time to prove if I am correct if I am then I can purchase complete units as replacements as I am sure if one has gone it will not be long before the second one will fail.

    • Alice September 30, 2019

      HI Roger
      we only supply complete plugs as that is how they are supplied to us by Carron Phoenix. I don’t know how you are cleaning your plug but , having them also myself, I do know that grit can affect them and then they might stop working , but a good careful clean can get them working again. We also advise to not put in a dishwasher. Here is the link to the plug itself if you wish to purchase.

  6. Jude November 7, 2017

    Hello we have just had our sink fitted is the plug sectioned designed to come out to be cleaned ?

    • Alice November 8, 2017

      You can remove the entire plug as in the picture. But do not take the plug apart to clean.

  7. Jamie nelson December 27, 2016

    Can you just buy the rubber seal?i have two plugs that both don’t hold water!very annoying and now they leak that bad water is gone in minutes

    • Alice December 27, 2016

      HI Jamie, we only sell the plugs complete. Here is the link if you wish to see the plugs for the Carron Phoenix Kitchen Sinks that we have in store.


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