Carron Revolution Pop Up Plug Maintainance

Carron Phoenix Revolution Pop Up Plug Maintenance

Carron Phoenix Revolution Pop Up Plug Maintenance

Carron Phoenix Revolution Pop Up Plug Maintenance

This is the pop-up plug by Carron Phoenix that comes now as standard in most of their sinks.

It has a sleek design and you can open or close the plug by pushing down on it.

Carron Phoenix offer a two year warranty on these plugs so here are a few pratical tips if you want to increase longevity of these plugs,

– never take apart to clean, use a washing up brush instead to clean

– never put in a dishwasher (it causes rubber to perish).

– never wash something in a sink that has sand or grit attached as it does affect the pop up mechanism on the plug.

If you need to buy a Carron Phoenix Revolution Pop Up Plug (V4) you can find it here

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  1. Jamie nelson December 27, 2016

    Can you just buy the rubber seal?i have two plugs that both don’t hold water!very annoying and now they leak that bad water is gone in minutes

    • Alice December 27, 2016

      HI Jamie, we only sell the plugs complete. Here is the link if you wish to see the plugs for the Carron Phoenix Kitchen Sinks that we have in store.

  2. Jude November 7, 2017

    Hello we have just had our sink fitted is the plug sectioned designed to come out to be cleaned ?

    • Alice November 8, 2017

      You can remove the entire plug as in the picture. But do not take the plug apart to clean.


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