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SP3308 Valve Removal Tool 4013R

£13.20 incl. VAT

SP3308 Valve Removal Tool 4013R

This Valve Removal Tool is for removing the SP3308 Valve that has a nut with two flat sides. See below pictures to see if you need this Tool or not BEFORE you buy it. This tool is of NO USE if you have the later 6 sided valve in your own tap (3794r). You place the tool over the valve. You can then grip this tool with an adjustable spanner, to turn, and loosen the valve in order to remove it. If your valve is stuck, we would recommend that you try and soften first eg. here is a tip for removing limescale, or try TT Oil, first because if you round the valve edges it will prove harder to remove.


SP3308 Valve Removal Tool 4013R

Valve Removal Tool For removing the SP3308 Valve that has a nut with two flat sides.

Example of 3308R Valve in Situ in Tap

Example of 3308R Valve in Situ in Tap

Here below is example of the later valve 3794r (SP3794) which is now the replacement for the SP3308(3308R). If your own valve inside your tap has these 6 sides, then the removal tool will NOT be of any use so do NOT buy it.

Example of 3794r valve in Tap

Example of 3794r valve in Tap (see 6 sides)


  • Inside Diameter of Tool: 13mm
  • Outside Diameter of Tool: 22mm

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  1. John Stevens

    Hi there, just ordered this tool but anticipating getting valve out will be a struggle due to limescale build up, It was mentioned in an earlier post that TT oil would help, what is that please? When I search for it only Audi TT comes up.

  2. W grigg

    Hi I am looking to remove valve from bern kitchen tap. It would appear to be sp3308 ,two flat sides.Could you confirm how tool works . Does it connect to a rachet.

    • Alice

      HI William it fits over like a socket wrench and is designed to fit over the two flat sides on the valve. It does not connect to any ratchet BUT you can then grip the tool using some adjustable spanner, its 17mm diameter (if that is of any help to you ).

  3. Alice

    18.01.2019 From customer Alex-F (Via email)
    I have just bought and fitted hot and cold valves plus spout seals using tool to remove old valves. I read previous reviews and was concerned I was going to have problems. Tool was well made and I was able to change valves and seals without any problems probably because of soft water in my area. Only giving review to balance opinions.
    Quality of parts are excellent
    Thank you Alex-F.

  4. Oliver Wood

    I’ve recently purchased the valve removal tool as my tap was dripping. It didn’t fit at all which was very frustrating seen as though the had to wait a week for it to get to me and I still don’t have a working tap I’ve looked at the picture and it even has the type of valve I have in my sink in the picture and it still doesn’t fit! Do you have any other types of valve removal tools if not I will obviously have to buy a new tap which I would rather not do. My tap is only 3 years old as we moved into a new build so I can’t see the age been a problem. Even the picture of the fittin doesn’t match the one I’ve been sent it’s more of an oval shape than rectangle which my valve looks more like. Like I said if you do have another solution to removing the valve please let me know as I’ve been trying with grips and adjustable s and due to how to valve is fitting in the tap I can’t get it out with out this ‘removal tool’.

    • Alice

      Hi Oliver
      the valve removal tool 4013R comes from the manufacturer of the tap and is designed for the 3308R valve – which has two flat sides, unlike the later mini valve 3794R that has 6 sides.
      If you have the 3308R with the two flat sides and you cannot remove the valve with the tool then I would recommend that you call in a plumber as this is the only tool.

  5. Stephen Day

    This wasn’t really fit for purpose. I had to change both cold and hot valves from an Ascona tap. On first arrival, I thought the ‘working edges’ of the tool looked a bit compromised, as if spoilt by previous use. On doing the job, the tool just about functioned for the first (cold) valve, but entirely failed with the next (hot) one. The tool was rather a lose fit, and the material not really resistant enough, so it gradually was eaten into by the well-embedded valve. I’ve had, now, to go out and buy a replacement mixer, wasting the cost of valves and tool, but perhaps have learnt some kind of lesson. It might be that the tool wasn’t, after all, entirely suited to the valves fitted (although looking correct on first inspection) but there was no way of knowing before utter destruction!

    • Alice

      Hi Steve
      I am sorry that you did not have a good experience but if you had contacted us when trying to remove the valve we would have been happy to assist you and advise you regarding the removal of your own valve. We would have asked you to send us pictures of your valve / tap to ensure that you had the correct tool for your tap. It’s also impossible to know whether or not the valves had been rounded due to attempts to remove previously. You don’t say how old your own valve (tap was). The Tool you would have received would have been new as we don’t supply second hand parts in any instance. This tool is only designed for the earlier Valve 3308R and not the later Valve 3794R (as stated on our website). This Tool comes from the manufacturer of the Tap that has this 3308R valve and is specifically designed to remove the valve. We have never had any complaints before regarding the tool wearing after removing only one valve as this tool is designed to be used over and over again. If you did have the earlier 3308R valve then another possibility is that your own valve was stuck inside your tap due to environmental factors like limescale, as just one example, which can cause a valve to be steadfastly stuck and difficult to remove. Had this been the case we would have advised you as to what to do. Also I don’t know if you were removing / turning the tool in the correct direction as you could have been tightening the valve further rather than loosening it (should be anti-clockwise). I have just checked a sample of the tools myself and they fit the valves so we do not understand why you had any issues with it. I should also state that we have never had a complaint regarding the tool.

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