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Ceramic sinks are quite possibly the most traditional form of kitchen sink of all, and they still bring unbeatable ‘olde worlde’ look to any kitchen in which they feature.

We offer for sale some of the leading ceramic sinks from the Carron Phoenix range, where satisfaction is so assured that all their ceramic sinks come with a lifetime guarantee.

Even better news is that we offer these ceramic sinks for sale at better prices than any other retailer in the UK, so if you’re looking for a ceramic sink to add a traditional touch to your kitchen, you’ve come to the right place!

More about Ceramic Sinks…
When most people think of ceramic sinks, they think of the classic Belfast Sink design. They remain a popular feature today in traditional kitchen designs in particular, although they can also help complete a stylish look in a more contemporary setting.

Belfast ceramic sinks continue to bring together classic styling and unique old-fashioned charm, and we have three to choose from. The Belfast 100 ceramic sink has a modern touch in the form of a stainless steel overflow in place of the more traditional ‘weir’, while if you’re a real stickler for that tradition, the Belfast 110 adheres more closely to customs of the past as it envelops a classic weir design.

There’s also the Belfast 200 ceramic sink, featuring side-by-side bowls and extending to a massive 800mm from left to right – it really would be a fitting centrepiece for any kitchen!

Other ceramic sinks options are provided by the Carron Phoenix Solaris range, offering a contemporary interpretation of classic style. Solaris ceramic sinks be easily inset into a range of work surface materials and the choice of models balance stylish good looks with practical ergonomics, offering design versatility for contemporary, classic or traditional kitchens alike.

Remember all our ceramic sinks come with full lifetime guarantee and are on offer at the best prices in the UK marketplace. If you’re looking for a ceramic sink, do both yourself and your kitchen a favour by ordering with us today!

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