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If you happen to live in an area of hard water or dubious water quality, then kitchen filter taps may be the perfect choice for you.

We offer a choice of two kitchen filter taps from leading manufacturer Carron Phoenix, and our prices on both are lower than anywhere else in the UK marketplace.

Carron Phoenix kitchen filter taps are supremely designed and engineered to integrate beautifully with any kitchen design, from classic to contemporary. They come with a full five-year guarantee, so you can rest assured they will work perfectly as well as look stylish for many years to come.

More about Kitchen Filter Taps
Our Carron Phoenix Dante kitchen filter taps use a double filtration system of charcoal and ceramics, along with grains of silver. This provides top filtration performance by stripping unwanted chlorine, cryptosporidium, and other bad bacteria from your water supply, while still leaving the remaining beneficial minerals intact.

A limescale kitchen filter tap option is also available for use in hard water areas, to improve the taste and odour of drinking water. It also dramatically reduces the amount of unsightly and problematic sediment that settles in kettles and cookware over time, meaning those items will not need to replaced nearly so often.

Carron Phoenix Dante kitchen filter taps are available in both two- and three-lever versions. The three-lever Dante Tri Pure kitchen filter tap has a dedicated lever for filtered cold water as well as one for unfiltered water for washing or other such purposes, and one for hot. With the two-lever model, you simply pull forward the cold water handle for unfiltered water, or push it back for filtered.

Filter cartridges have a life expectancy of six months and are easily replaced when the time comes.

Carron Phoenix Dante kitchen filter taps provide excellent filtration at affordable prices, and that price is more affordable here than anywhere else, as we offer the best prices on kitchen filter taps anywhere in the UK marketplace. Have a closer look at our kitchen filter taps and our prices today, to see just how much you can save while enjoying all the benefits of pure filtered water.

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