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My Franke Olympus Tap is dripping DIY Guide

Note:  At the end of this blog are links to all the Spare Parts referred to throughout the Blog for ease of reviewing / purchasing.

3 main causes as to why your Franke Olympus Tap dripping :

1. Franke Olympus Tap dripping from the Spout:

Most likely you need to change the valves (one or both), and / or the brass bush ring, (but usually its just the valve) hot or cold.  This Blog Post How to tell which Valve needs replacing : Hot or Cold? might help

2. Franke Olympus Tap dripping where Spout meets Base:

Most likely that you need to replace the O Rings.

3. Franke Olympus Tap leaking from the handle:

olympus tap dripping from handle

Olympus Tap dripping from Handle

Valve may need replacing. Here is our Guide How to remove the Handle on your Kitchen Tap.

If the valve bush comes out with the valve, order a new set of valve and valve-bush.

If you have replaced the valve :

remember new valves can take a few days for the rubber washer to “be bed down”. Tighten the valve manually and only use a wrench for the last quarter turn so as not to damage the seals on the Valve.

If leak continues after tightening please contact us on


Valve Details:

Hot and Cold valves are NOT interchangeable. A Hot Valve opens Clockwise.  A Cold Valve opens Anti-Clockwise.

If you have the Franke Filterflow Olympus Tap then the same Cold Valve is used in both the Cold ‘mains’ and Cold ‘filtered’.

Tip: Franke Olympus Filterflow :If your water is dripping from the Cold side and you don’t know whether it is the Cold Mains valve or the Cold Filter Valve that needs replacing, try the replacement valve in one of the cold sides and if drip continues switch. If drip still continues then you either need 2 Cold valves i.e. both need replacing, or the drip is on the Hot Water side.

We only stock the Franke Olympus Tap spare parts ‘currently’ being used in the manufacture of the Franke Olympus Tap, Franke Olympus Filterflow Tap ,Franke Olympus Side Spray and Franke Specialist Spring Tap as per the current technical specifications (1427R/3561R).

Here are the measurements of the Valve that we stock 1427R / 3561R (4276R) as we supply the original version of this with the white seal underneath as the Olympus Tap was modified c.2011 and by supplying the original valve with larger white seal, then irrespective of the age of your own Olympus, you will receive a part that will work. Later Olympus Valve with coloured seal is flatter and is only for post modified Olympus Taps. We call this earlier valve 4276R to distinguish from later same coded valve with the flatter seal:

    • Length of Valve from top to bottom (brass) 53mm
    • Diameter at thread: 21mm
    • Number of splines: 28
    • Nut (below splines) Height: 8mm

* all ‘mm’ measurements are rounded to the nearest mm.

There are two sets of threads, one above the Black Rubber O Ring and one set below.

Franke Olympus Tap Valve 1427R Blueprint

Franke Olympus Tap Valve 1427R Blueprint



Brass Bush still attached to Valve:


If your valve appears to be wider than ours but all measurements tally except diameter, just make sure that you have removed the brass bush. For more information on removing the brass bush, see here.


There have been 3 different Franke Olympus Brass Bush.  We stock two of them.

We do not stock the very earliest one (thin lip / ridge at the bottom) in which case , all that we can recommend is that you try to separate in order to re-use.  Here is close up detail of the old Franke Olympus Valve inside this Bush that we do NOT stock.

Old Brass Bush (with lip) . Can be used with the New Valve but the Brass Bush 3868R is not suitable if your Tap has the old brass bush style.

Old Brass Bush (with lip) . Can be used with the New Valve but the Brass Bush 3868R is not suitable if your Tap has the old brass bush style.

old olympus brass bush with liP DETAIL

We do not stock this brass bush – note thin ridge (lip) near the bottom. The newer SP3561 Valve will fit in this bush, if you can remove your own Bush to re-use with New Valve SP3561


Franke Olympus Brass Bush that we stock (if in doubt, order the one with Recess but to be 100% sure, remove your own Valve prior to ordering):

Franke Bush with lip (less common than the one with recess and used for just one very early phase of the olympus tap)
SP3886 with lip

SP3886 with lip

Franke Bush with recess (most common)
Brass Bush 3868R (SP3868)

Brass Bush 3868R (SP3868)


If your own valve looks like this :

old franke valve v SP3561

Old Franke Olympus Valve – order New SP3561


If your own Valve looks like this image below, then you need to order the SP3561 plus Brass Bush with lip SP3886

old franke valve v SP3561 and bush SP3886 with lip

old franke valve v SP3561 and bush SP3886 with lip

old Franke old Olympus Tap Valve and Brass Bush with lip 3886R



If your own Valve looks like this below – order SP3561 and SP3868 with recess. :

3561R Valve surrounded by Brass Bush 3868R

3561R Valve surrounded by Brass Bush 3868R


[/one_half] [/one_half]

O Ring Details:

Franke Olympus Tap O Rings (1425R) Franke Olympus O Ring Kit is suitable for the Franke Olympus Tap, the Franke Olympus Side Spray Tap and the Franke Filterflow Olympus. The Franke Specialist Range Olympus Spring Tap requires a different O Ring Kit can be purchased here:


See here for all our Franke Olympus Spare Parts (Valves, Brass Bush, O Rings, Handles, Spouts and Aerator).
For common Kitchen Tap problems, see our Kitchen Taps Troubleshooting Guide here.
Our Blog / Plumbing Guides section includes tips e.g. how to remove a valve. Follow the links below.

If you have a Franke Filter Flow or Franke Triflow, please see the blog here

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  1. Alan February 8, 2018

    Hi there

    I have a Franke Olympus, along with a spray attachment. The tap is dripping from the spout, and getting progressively worse. It was installed in 2012. How do I know whether I need to replace a valve, and which one it is?


  2. Bernard October 6, 2017

    Update – I can undo the valve cover but obviously cannot take it off as the handle is still there. Could the lime scale inside be preventing the handle coming off? If so I can see how I will get rid of the lime scale as it is “inside” the handle.

  3. Bernard October 6, 2017

    Hello, I am trying to replace the valve of a Olympus tap that is dripping from the handle as per the picture in your point 3 above. I can remove the grub screw from the handle with no problem but the handle itself is not going anywhere. Am I missing something – for instance should I remove the valve cover first even though the video’s that I have found do not suggest this? Thanks

  4. Veronica Mcpartland September 23, 2017

    In my kitchen i have a Franke Mythos MTX quarter turn tap in chrome that is leaking from the spout intermittently ,but when we run the hot tap in the bathroom it leaks a lot (which I find strange). Can you advise what is needed and how to change this please as your video although a Franke is different from mine
    I purchase this in 2012
    Many thanks Veronica

    • Alice September 23, 2017

      HI Veronica, usually if your tap is dripping from the spout you would need to replace the valve and here is the link to the Mythos Valve (Buy the earlier version 2307R and if calling a plumber you could buy the brass bushes as well and return if not needed). The bathroom situation seems to be some how water pressure related.

  5. Paul May 8, 2017

    I seem to have a problem replacing a grub screw into the back of my frankie taps. Any tips on how to do this

    • Alice May 8, 2017

      Not sure exactly what you mean. Do you have the correct size Allen Key – the grub screw changed in size so you jsut need to get an Allen Key that fits your screw.

  6. Oliver Marshall October 24, 2016

    Hello There,

    Your website is very helpful – Thank you. I have an old Franke Olympus tap and the cold feed copper tail underneath is weeping a small amount of water even when not in use. I have also noticed that the tap is leaking where the spout meets the base when the spout is rotated and the hot tap is on. Are there multiple issues here/ please can you advise on the replacement parts needed? Thanks. Oliver Marshall

    • Alice October 24, 2016

      Hi Oliver, if your tap is dripping where the spout meets the base then you would most likely need to replace the O Ring Kit. I am not sure about the copper pipes part. I could supply you with Tailpipes but it could be the connector that needs replacing / tightening but I can’t say for sure without seeing the Tap. Alice

  7. bob October 16, 2016

    how do I replace the O rings on a Franke Olympus kitchen tap?

    • Alice October 16, 2016

      HI Bob
      Here is our Guide: How to change a Kitchen Tap O Ring Kit
      You will find the Franke Olympus O Ring Kit that you need here: Franke Olympus O Ring Kit.

      Earlier models take a different grub screw so we would recommend that you retain (carefully remove your existing one as they are very small) in case it is a different size than the one currently supplied by the Manufacturer.

  8. Irene January 19, 2016

    Is it easy to replace filter on tap or does it require a plumber. The tap also has drinking filter tap attached

    • Alice January 21, 2016

      The instructions we post are for someone handy at DIY. If in doubt we always recommend calling a plumber. The advantage to having procured the spare parts in advance of a plumbers visit is that they can fix the tap for you rather than recommending purchasing a new tap when all your existing tap might require is the replacement of some spare parts.

  9. Mrs Anne Hewitt November 28, 2015

    My Franke Specialist Range Olympus Chrome Tap is leaking on the cold water side
    of the tap cold valve. My plumber looked at it for me and asked me to buy replacement
    valve parts. On your website it stated that the parts have been replaced since 2007,
    which was when my tap was installed (in May). I have the instructions for installation
    which state the part needed was S1022 for the cold valve, and S1023 for the hot. I would
    like to replace both but am not sure which parts (presumably replacements for the dis-
    continued ones) will fit my taps. Otherwise my tap is still working perfectly.

    • Alice November 28, 2015

      Dear Anne, the parts you require are the same (just a different code name, as this same valve has also been coded 3561R on some installation guides).
      Here is the link to the to the parts for the Olympus S (coded on later Installation Guides as the 1427R Hot and the 1427R Cold) and here is the link
      Olympus S Valves. If you require any further help just email me

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