Removing Kitchen Tap Valve Bush from Valve

Valve with Brass Bush

Valve with Brass Bush

Question: Hi, is there any tips on Removing Kitchen Tap Valve Bush from Valve? I have tried wwd40 but seems solid.

Answer: When you are replacing a valve in your Kitchen Tap sometimes the Brass Bush (Ring) that surrounds the Valve comes out of the tap as well i.e. the Valve and Brass Bush are stuck together and appear to be ‘one’ part.

It can be difficult to separate the Brass Bush (Ring) from the Valve as limescale, water etc can cause the two parts to stick together over time.


Here are a few tips to try but remember that if the Brass Bush (Ring) is damaged in the process of separating it from the Valve then it might not work properly, in which case you might have to replace the Brass Bush (Ring).

  1. An alternative that you could try to WD40 is TT Oil (which can be purchased from a DIY / Car mechanics shop shop).
  2. To separate the Valve from the Brass Bush (Ring) you need an adjustable (or proper sized) spanner to fit the nut below the splines at the top of the valve.
  3. You also need a vice grips to place around the brass bush (that is surrounding the middle of the valve i.e. the widest part).
  4. Then move both spanner and vice grips in opposite directions (moving the nut anti clockwise).

If you cannot separate the brass bush (ring) from the valve or in trying to separate them, the brass bush ring becomes damaged, then you will need to replace the brass bush (ring) as well.

Contact us here at as different valves take different Brass Bush (Rings).

3561R Valve and Brass Bush 3868R separate

3561R Valve and Brass Bush 3868R separate

3561R Valve surrounded by Brass Bush 3868R

3561R Valve surrounded by Brass Bush 3868R

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  1. Alan Deeley November 14, 2016

    I have a revolve mixer kitchen tap but it is leaking where the cover screws over the valve body
    can you please tell me which part i need
    Thank you.

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