My Franke Doric Tap is leaking

Filterflow Doric Tap from Franke

Franke Doric Filterflow Tap

Franke Doric Triflow

Franke Doric Triflow

If your Franke Doric Tap is leaking from the Spout then you need to replace the valves.

The most important issue is for you to establish is whether or not you have the Triflow version (discontinued Spring 2011) or the Filter flow version of this tap as both look almost identical but take Different Valves and O Rings. If you cannot tell from the pictures WHICH version you have, then the easiest way is to remove a Valve and that will tell you definitely WHICH version you have and then order accordingly.

* The Triflow Valve has 20 splines (ridges) & either Avillion / Triflow / TCL stamped on your Valve whereas * The Filterflow Valve has 28 Splines (ridges) & either SMR or San Marco stamped on your Valve.

This Guide here 7 easy steps to replace Kitchen Valve will help you check which Valve (and therefore whether ‘Triflow’ OR ‘Filterflow’ version of Tap you have. Click for detailed Franke Triflow Doric Guide that also includes a Guide to changing the Valve here.  

Your Doric Triflow or Filterflow tap takes 3 valves (1 hot and 2 cold).
If your Franke Doric Tap is leaking from the Hot side then usually replacing the hot valve will solve this. See Tip below to assist in identifying is the drip coming from the Hot or the Cold side. It is a little bit trickier if your Franke Doric Tap is dripping from the cold side – which is dripping – filtered cold or mains cold or both ?

    1. If you don’t know whether is is the Mains Cold OR Filtered Cold valve that needs replacing (or both?) you could buy 2 cold, try one (same one) in mains first and if still dripping then switch the new valve into the filtered side and if still dripping then chances are both mains and filtered are dripping (reason why I am advising to try the ONE new valve in both mains and filtered is because once you fit one of our valves then you cannot return it – whereas you can return any unused valve for a refund).
Franke Doric Triflow FR9145 / FR9146

Overall Height: 53mm
Nut Height: 5mm
Diameter at thread: 21mm
No of Splines (teeth at top): 20
Height of Splines: 12mm

The same cold is used in both i.e… FR9145/FR9245 is used in the mains cold and another FR9145/FR9245 is used in the filtered cold.

YOu will find a comprehensive guide to all the Franke Triflow Doric Spare parts, including guide to change the Valve here.

Franke Doric Filterflow 1427R

Brass Valve with ceramic discs.
Measurements: Height 53mm
Diameter at thread 21mm
Splines 28
Nut Height 8mm

Again the same cold is used in both i.e… 1427R-C is used in the mains cold and another 1427R-C is used in the filtered cold.


This blog post here contains a tip in identifying which Valve is faulty i.e Hot or Cold.


If your tap is dripping where the spout meets the base then you need to replace the O Ring Kit

Use the information above to see which Tap it is.


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  1. Pauline January 28, 2017

    Sorry for posting twice – first one didn’t show.

  2. Pauline January 28, 2017

    Thank you. I had tried that but wondered if the remaining hot water trapped in the tap was misleading me. I will try the two valve option first. The tap is only 2 years old – do they normally need replacing so soon?

  3. Pauline January 28, 2017

    How can I tell if my Franke filterflow doric is dripping from hot or cold?

  4. Stephen Otter January 16, 2017

    I have fitted a new replacement hot valve, however the outer case does not screw back on to the tap. It is slightly short of getting the screw fit to bite. Any suggestions

    • Alice January 16, 2017

      HI Stephen
      I wonder is there any debris left inside your tap from your old valve that is causing your new valve to not fit in snugly as the valve you purchased is the valve per the manufacturers specifications so there should be no reason why it would not fit. This same valve is used in many Franke Triflow Taps with no issues like this. Take a look at this guide here New Valve Leaking as it covers standard Trouble Shooting issues including cleaning out the inside of your Tap and this might help you. Let me know how it goes. Also I am assuming that you purchased the correct Valve ? as there are 2 different types of Valves for this Tap – depending on whether you have the Triflow or Filterflow version and the valves differ in lenght but of course you would know this from the Valve that you removed when you were changing the Valve. Alice

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