How to remove Antisplasher Aerator from your Kitchen Tap

To remove the standard screw in antisplasher (also known as Aerator or Perlator) from your Kitchen Tap :

Franke Professional Tap Aerator SP1232

Franke Professional Tap Aerator SP1232

Take an adjustable spanner. Cover your antisplasher with a cloth so that you don’t mark or damage it. Turn anticlockwise to loosen. If as sometimes happens with an old / broken Aerator (Antisplash) that part of it is stuck inside your spout, try this tip:
Try checking with a pin, and twist anticlockwise to remove

Some Aerators come with their own removal tool like the SP3575 in the image below.

SP3575R Aerator and Removal Tool

SP3575R Aerator and Removal Tool


See here for the most common Antisplashers / Perlators / Aerators that we stock, which we have listed by thread type (male or female) and size.

If your Antisplasher is different , just email us with a picture of  yours in your tap.

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