Abode Atlas Single Lever Tap O Ring Kit 1425R and grub screw


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Abode Atlas Single Lever Tap O Ring Kit 1425R , if your Abode Atlas Single LeverTap is dripping where the Spout meets the Base.  See below for details as to how to change this O Ring Kit.

If your Tap is dripping from the Spout then you might need to replace your Valve or Cartridge.

Here is the link to all our  Abode Atlas Kitchen Tap Parts, Abode Atlas Single Lever Tap and Abode Atlas Aquifier Tap.


Abode Atlas Single Lever Tap O Ring Kit 1425R

To replace the spout o-rings:
1. Loosen grub screw on the rear of body using a 2.5mm A/F allen key.
1. Pull the spout vertically away from the body.
2. Remove the old o-rings using a small screwdriver or similar.
3. If worn, remove the white PTFE spacers.
4. Ensure the inside of the body and the spout base is clean of dirt and grit with a soft wet cloth.
5. If required locate the new white PTFE spacers.
6. Carefully locate the new O-rings onto the spout base (A4).
7. Grease the O-rings thoroughly with silicone or alternative similar grease (that will NOT cause Rubber to perish – do not use vaseline for example).
8. Reassemble the tap in the reverse order.

Abode Atlas Tap O Ring Kit 1425R Sideways

Abode Atlas Tap O Ring Kit 1425R Sideways

Note on the Grub screw included with the Abode Atlas Tap O Ring Kit: The grub screw takes a 2.5mm allen key. Please retain your existing grub screw in case it is an earlier version in which case you will need to use your existing grub screw.  This O Ring Kit covers several different UK Kitchen Taps so you might not require all the O Rings provided in the Kit.


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