Ceramic Disc Valve 20 Splines 9.13145 Hot


Ceramic Disc Valve 20 Splines 9.13145 Hot – Hot Valve opens Clockwise

Cold Valve opens Anti-clockwise is 9.13146

White Plastic Vernier included.

If your Tap is dripping from the Spout – change your Valve. Please see below for more information regarding whether you need a Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise Valve.



Ceramic Disc Valve 20 Splines 9.13145 Hot  

Overall Height: 53mm
Nut Height: 5mm
Diameter at thread: 21mm
No of Splines (teeth at top): 20
Height of Splines: 12mm
Height of Splines 10mm (without white plastic vernier)

Please note that if you have a PAIR of taps e.g. a separate Hot Tap and a separate COLD tap and BOTH your taps turn in the SAME direction ie. both turn anti-clockwise then you have the SAME valve in both the Hot and the Cold i.e a 9.13146 Valve in the Hot and a 9.13146 Valve in the Cold side.  If they turn in opposite directions ie. one clockwise and one anti-clockwise then you have  a 9.13145 Hot valve in the Hot side and a 9.13146 Cold Valve in the Cold side.  In other words both the Hot and Cold valves are the same but open in mirror directions so please select the valve you require according to how your taps work.

As this Bridge Lever Tap has levers that are Horizontal when the tap is turned off and are turned towards the middle of the tap to turn the water On, the valves need to work in the opposite way to a typical two lever tap. A Valve opens Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise. In a Standard Two Lever Tap (non-Bridge) the levers operate Vertically i.e you pull the Lever down towards you to Turn On and Push back Up to Turn Off. In a Bridge Mixer Tap the Levers are turned Horizontally i.e You pull the Lever towards the Centre of the Tap to Turn On, and Push back to Turn Off. If your Bridge Lever Tap is fitted correctly, then when the Tap is in the OFF position, the Levers point outwards, and the Hot Feed is on the Left side of your Tap as you face your Tap i.e stand in front of it. You then need to Order an Anti-Clockwise Valve for the Hot Side and a Clock-wise Valve for the Cold Feed (which would be on your right). 'Hot' valves are Clockwise, and Cold Valves are Anti-Clockwise, so in effect you will be ordering a 'Cold' Anti-Clockwise Valve for the Hot Side of your Bridge Lever Tap, and a 'Hot' Clockwise Valve for the 'Cold' Side of your Tap e.g. the opposite of what you would order if you had a standard Two Lever Tap where Levers are operated vertically. .

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Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

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