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Triflow FRX02 / FR9455 Screw Fit Filter Cartridge

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Triflow Filter FRX02-FR9455 is the “universal” filter cartridge for the Triflow system; it has been designed to accommodate the requirements of the majority of water quality conditions that are likely to be encountered.




Triflow Filter FRX02-FR9455

For the last 15 years, Triflow Concepts has been supplying Franke with Franke-Triflow filtration systems. All cartridges for your Franke-Triflow and Triflow Systems are specifically developed & manufactured in Switzerland.

The FRX02® Filter Cartridge has the capability to remove:

  • triflow Pathogenic bacteria
  • triflow Cysts
  • triflow Turbidity
  • triflow Chlorine
  • triflow Organics
  • triflow Heavy metals (including lead)
  • triflow Taste
  • triflow Odour
  • triflow Colour
  • triflow Iodine (including Iodine-131*)

It leaves the essential minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, unaffected.


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