My Kitchen Tap is dripping at the base of the tap?

Kitchen Tap dripping at the base Post

Kitchen Tap dripping at the base

There are usually two reasons why your Tap is leaking at the base

  1. O Rings on the spout are worn and need replacing
  2. The Spout itself is cracked or has a pinhole, in which case you will need a new Spout.If you have inspected the O-ring and washer and they appear to be in good condition, you may need to check the spout for corrosion or pinholes. If you notice any damage, you will need to replace the spout with a new one.
    Example Pinhole in Spout

    Example Pinhole in Spout

What are O Rings ?

  • They are usually a combination of the hard plastic white ptfe Rings (usually the larger one is intentionally split as it might be used in a spout that requires a grub screw) and black rubber rings.  They are fitted into groves situated on the base of your Spout. When your Spout is fitted properly into your Tap you don’t see them. Most sets come with a grub screw but where the spout is secured by a locking nut, there is no grub screw included.  Some are designed to fit by a push down method.
    O Ring Kit 3668R example 1

    O Ring Kit 3668R that will fix the drip in this example here

  • O Rings are not universal.  They are designed to work with the internal base of your model of Tap which is why you see so many different sets of O Ring Kits for sale.   Depending on the combination of design of the spout and the base, the O Rings will differ .
  • All the O Ring Kits we sell on our website are genuine, sourced from the Tap manufacturer.
  • It is rare that the white ones need replacing. We always recommend that you replace the black rubber ones first and refit your spout to see if you have solved the issue.
  • We don’t supply plumbers grease but you can use any lubricant designed for rubber or washing up liquid. Do Not use Vaseline.
  • If you are able to remove the spout in advance of ordering an O Ring Kit, we would recommend that you do this in order to inspect the spout to see if you can spot any wear and tear on the spout itself. This is to establish if you actully need to replace the spout rather than just the O Ring Kit.  DIY Guide below to assist you on all of this.
  • spout example 1243R locking nut 1239R o ring kit

    Spout example 1243R Locking Nut and 1239R O Ring kit

How we can help ?

If You know your part number :

We list O Ring Kits by Part number here and our Spouts by Part Number are here or contact us with your Tap details and we will send you the link to the correct part to buy.

Please note that part numbers can change subtly on installation guides from year to year, but still be the same part e.g  1239R could be listed as SP1239, or 3725R could be listed as SP3725 and so on. That is just the R being changed for SP. Once the numbers are the same, its the same part.

Some brands e.g Franke, Carron Phoenix, San Marco, Teka, give part numbers on their installation guides.

If you don’t know your part number ?

Do you know the  Brand or Model ?

We have Tap Parts listed by Brand (and model) alphabetically for your convenience , and if you click on the Brand it then shows all the Taps with Pictures and you just have to then click on your Tap Picture to buy the Genuine Replacement Part, so click here  or contact us with your Tap details and we will send you the link to the correct part to buy.

If You don’t know anything about your Tap ? Send your Tap details to us ! Our Sales Team is available to assist you and are familiar with all the well known UK Brands. If you contact us we will assist you in identifying the correct part for your Tap.

Details to send us :

  • Picture of your Kitchen Tap.
  • Date you installed it or best estimate.
  • Other markings: Sometimes there is a clue to the brand e.g
    1. it is stamped on the base or
    2. a code on the back of the tap or
    3. a detail on the handle indicator.
  • General Picture Tips
    1. Try and take the picture as clearly as possible in good light.
    2. Show all the Tap in the picture
    3. Close up of Spout / base useful.

Guide to Installation of new kitchen tap spout “O” rings:

  1. Turn off the hot & cold water supply under the sink unit.
  2. Unscrew the spout collar by hand or remove your grub screw (ensuring that you use correct size allen key because if you damage the head on your grub screw you might not be able to remove it. They are usually 2.5mm or 2mm.
  3. Pull the spout out of the body of the tap.
  4. Remove the two black “O” rings.  You should not have to replace any of the white PTFE rings unless they appear broken or damaged.  Please note: The larger ring has an intentional split to accomodate spouts with grub screws so that is not a fault/break.
  5. Fit new greased “O” rings.  You can use washing up liquid if you don’t have any grease /lubricant suitable for rubber. Do Not use vaseline.
  6. Gently push the spout into the body.  Where you have a Grub screw, care must be taken when reinserting the spout into the body to ensure that the grub screw is located in the split of the white PTFE ring.
  7. Screw the spout collar, hand tight.
  8. Turn on the hot & cold water.
  9. *** You could also reading the comments (Q&A) at the very end from other customers that had questions which we answered as you might have the same question.  

You can buy Allen Key Pack here if required.

Click on the the Brand of your Tap on the list below to purchase the Genuine O Rings and Genuine Replacement Spouts for

All the brands we do are listed at the end of this post.

Also reading the comments (Q&A) might also assist as it might cover a specific issue you are having but please feel free to add a query below as we will answer and it might also assist someone else who has the same query. 


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  1. Les April 7, 2020

    Hi I have a bristan mixer tap, is dripping constantly, is it the O rings I need to replace?
    I have taken the spout out and replaced the 2 black rings with some I had that looked identical, but it still drips, maybe they were wrong?

    Kind regards

    • Alice April 7, 2020

      HI Les if it was dripping from the end of the spout where the water normally comes out, then its usually the Valves. If dripping from the base, then it is usually the o rings. I have checked and unless you ordered using a different email address, i can’t find an order from us supplying you with o rings so i don’t know what tap you have, nor what o rings were fitted. I would need some more information on that before i can advise you further. It could also be that you have a pinhole in your own spout. But if we supplied you with o rngs, can you send me order detail as i cannot find any order from you. Regards Alice

  2. K REES March 11, 2020

    hi i have a astracast targa 021 monobloc tp0021 the spout is leaking at swivel can tell me what o-ring kit i need or one that is compatible for this tap please
    K REES

    • Alice March 13, 2020

      Hi I would need you to first email me a picture of your tap please as we do some spare parts for SOME versions of the Targa Tap , but not others. Please email picture to and mark FAO Alice.

  3. Robert March 5, 2020

    Hello Alice,
    I appear to have a CDA TT 41CH Traditional mixer tap.
    This is leaking from where the spout meets the base.
    In your advice you mention that I may need a New O Ring Kit but point 6 in your guide mentions a grub screw – I do not appear to have one ?
    does this mean I cannot replace the O Rings as the tap is too old ?
    CDA is engraved on the top of each tap head and also at the bottom of the base unit facing you.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best Regards

    • Alice March 6, 2020

      Hi Robert, sorry for the confusion (and since amended). Some Spouts have locking nuts, like your own, in which case there is no grub screw so this does not apply. There is a more detailed blog post here on Removing a Spout that covers in more detail the different Spouts. Here is the link to the O Ring Kit that you will need (and note the option to request reduced shipping [add in the comment in the Note option at the Shipping information stage] and we can post to you and refund you excess shipping charges. This option applies to anyone purchasing a very small item like an O Ring Kit (if anyone else is reading this 🙂 ) CDA TT41CH O Ring Kit. Kind regards, Alice

  4. IAN HUGHES December 21, 2019

    Could you help please, I am trying to replace the o rings on a Lamona Victorian mixer tap, but I cannot pull the neck out of the main body. It comes out partiality and I can see the first o ring but cannot pull out any further. Any help would be appreciated


  5. Mick September 24, 2019

    Hi I have no information on the type of tap I have,it is a single spout mixer Leakng at the does not use o rings but seals similar to say a pneumatic gland seal can you supply those if given dimensions?

    • Alice September 24, 2019

      HI Mick, i am sorry but the simple answer is No because O Rings have to be quite exact and if you don’t even know the make of your Tap you are not giving me a lot of information to go on (sorry !). Alice

  6. Marios June 10, 2019

    Well, I bought the set with two black and one white o rings, what seems to be the problem is that when I am trying to insert the faucet the o rings, black ones do not stay in there positions, any advice?

    • Alice June 10, 2019

      HI Marios , from emails that you sent us, you bought O Rings from another seller (Website) for a Tap that we do not supply O Rings for. I don’t have any information on those parts nor can I advise as we don’t do O Rings for that brand of Tap. I would advise you to contact the seller to see if they can assist you further. Kind regards, Alice

  7. John Dentith December 12, 2017

    I have a TAP3456 Rhone Swan neck mixture tap, it is dripping from the spout do I need to change the two 3 x 23 OD O-rings and the 3 x 23 OD white plastic anti friction spilt ring.

    • Eoin December 12, 2017

      Usually it is only the black o rings that require replacing, so we would always recommend only changing these unless the white o ring is broken. Here is the link to the spare part for the Howdens Lamona Rhone Tap O Ring Kit Please note that the white PTF O Ring has an intentional split (break) in it as it is also used in Taps that use a Grub Screw rather than a locking nut to keep Spout in place. By ‘broken’ I mean ‘damaged’ etc.

  8. Pete October 31, 2017

    Hi can you tell me what is the right o ring kit for the spout on the Cooke and Lewis Reno tap ( they may have now re branded this with the treur tap ) It seems to have just a single o ring and single plastic ring . Rgds

    • Alice November 2, 2017

      HI Pete I don’t have any information on this tap. If you want to email me a picture of the o rings on the spout and also measure the outside diameter of the spout (at the bottom) we might be able to recommend o ring kits to try. Email all pictures to The more information / pictures that you can send, the better.

  9. Steve July 26, 2017

    I have replaced the o rings on my Franke Rotaflow tap with genuine replacement parts but it still leaks!! Any suggestions please. Thanks.

    • Alice July 26, 2017

      Hi Steve, if you give me Order Number for purchase I can verify which part you purchased and then I can answer your query. Thanks Alice

  10. Ron Williams March 8, 2017

    I need o rings for my gold Victorian Franke mixer tap.
    Leek at base of spout. No looking screws.Unscrewed round nut holding spout to base. Turned spout to 9 o clock position, tried pulling spout away from base, no joy. Is it supposed to be this tight?
    Any ideas? Also o ring part number please.
    Regards, Ron

    • Alice March 9, 2017

      Dear Ron, here is the link to the O Ring Kit that you need. You shouldnt have to turn the Spout to remove it. You need to pull it out but make sure that you pull it upwards i.e. stand above it so that you pull it straight up rather than sideways or at an angle. If you have limescale or debris in your water then it might make the spout harder to remove. See this blog link here Removing Limescale to see if that helps. Update: other customers have said that by turning the Spout while pulling it upwards, it helped removing it. The most important thing is to keep the Spout in the correct upwards position because if you lean the spout in any direction while pulling it upwards you might damage the base of the Tap.

      • Ron Williams March 12, 2017

        Thanks for that info, I’ll order the o-rings and hopefully be able to replace them myself! Any tips or illustration on how to do?


        • Alice March 13, 2017

          HI Ron, do you mean any illustrations about removing the spout or changing the O Rings ? I can make a video if you are really stuck but it could be a few days at a minimum.

  11. Jon January 24, 2017

    Hi, I have a Franke Planar tap that leaks where the swivel arm connects with the tap body. I can’t see how this comes apart in order to replace any parts. Also I can’t see any o ring parts on your site to replace the old ones. Please advise?

    Thanks Kind Regards, Jon

  12. Brian January 7, 2017

    I require a seal kit for a Carron Zinia tap. Do you stock this or can you tell me which size I require?

    • Alice January 9, 2017

      Hi Brian unfortunately we don’t have any Zinia O Ring Kits in stock and we can’t get them. Your only hope is to contact Carron Phoenix direct. Kind regards

  13. Jerry Obeney December 9, 2016

    I can’t get the valve cover off my San Marco Florence Kitchen Tap. Do I need to take it off to change the washers etc?

    • Alice December 10, 2016

      Hi Jerry, on our Facebook page we have a short video showing exactly how to change a Florence Valve. You need to twist off the indicator. Here is the link to our facebook page where you will find the video

  14. Rob October 24, 2016

    I changed the O-rings no problem but the little grub screw at the back that held the tap in place (entry point at back of the base of the tap) has a worn ‘allen key’ screw. I have cut a grove so that I can use a standard flat screwdriver – but the grub screw itself seems to have lost its thread so that the Tap unit is easily pushed out by the pressure of the cold water flow!
    This is a Neoperl tap servicing between 2 basins.
    Plumbers suppliers that I have visited locally don’t stock such an insignificant spare part! I can’t believe I have to invest in a new tap and a plumber to fit when all I need is this wee grub screw! Help! Anybody?

    • Alice October 24, 2016

      HI Rob
      first of all read this blog here My Neoperl Tap is dripping as Neoperl is not the brand of your tap, only a part of it. If you follow the blog and send us on the information specified in it, then if we can identify your tap and have the part you can purchase the O Ring Kit for £7 that would include the grub screw etc. Kind regards

  15. Blisters January 20, 2016

    Hi, our Carron Phoenix kitchen tap is leaking at the joint between the top of the hot and cold mixer housing ant the swinging spout outlet arm. Is it and easy job to fix or do I need to get a plumber in?
    A photo has been sent separately as I couldn’t attach to this message.

  16. Neil December 18, 2015

    I need a new cold valve for a Doeic filterflow tap but I have no idea how to replace the old one.
    How do i take the tap apart?

  17. Alan October 24, 2015

    Hi I’m after a seal kit for a messina Mono Mixer Kitchen tap .the tap is leaking from the Base . I took the tap apart there are 2 black robber o-rings and a nylon ring that sits on the Base please advise

    • Alice October 25, 2015

      Hi Alan
      If I have identified the tap correctly, it is a single lever tap. Unfortunately I don’t have a tech specification for this tap but similar taps take the 1231R O Ring Kit but that comes with 2 black rubber o rings and 2 white ones. The O Ring Kit 1239R comes with 2 black and one white. One option would be to purchase both and then return either (or both) if not required.

  18. Andrew September 9, 2015

    I have a similar issue – I can’s see how to get the spout out of the main body after removing the small screw at the back. Where is the “spout collar” ?
    Any advice appreciated !

    • Alice September 9, 2015

      Hi Andrew
      email us a picture of your Tap so that we can see what your problem is. Send it to with a brief description again of your problem and we will get back to you.
      Kind regards

  19. Tanya August 31, 2015


    I have emailed you with details on how to purchase the O Ring kit that you require for your Maya Tap, but you can also find it here

  20. Anthony russell August 31, 2015

    Can you supply me with orings for maya carron Phoenix tap it’s leaking from bottom of stem
    A Russell


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