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We stock genuine Clearwater Alzira Tap Parts so you can fix the common issues that usually affect the working of your Clearwater Alzira Tap. An annoying drip from the Spout usually means that one or both of the Alzira Tap Valves need to be replaced. These Alzira Kitchen Tap Valves are quarter Turn Valves and are not interchangeable. If the Tap is plumbed in correctly then you require a Valve that opens Clockwise for the Hot side of your Tap (water feed on the left) and a Valve that opens Anti-clockwise for the Cold Feed. We sell our Kitchen Valves complete i.e with the ceramic disc and rubber o ring. We do not sell ‘parts’ of Valves. If your Tap is dripping at the base (it might look like water is seeping out) then you need to replace the O Rings at the end of the Spout which fits into the base of your Tap. Usually you only need to replace the black rubber O Rings but we supply the complete O Ring Kit as sourced directly from the manufacturer (which includes the hard white plastic PTF O Ring as well). We also stock the Aerator (the nozzle part at the tip of your Spout) as well as Handles, complete Spout etc. Essentially all the moving / working parts of your Clearwater Alzira Tap. We have also put DIY Plumbing Guides on all the parts so that, with a bit of care, you should be able to do most of these Plumbing jobs yourself. We do advise though, that if in doubt, consult a plumber. At least if you have to call a plumber, then you will have the spare parts to hand for your Plumber to fix your tap.

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