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Avillion Tap CD Quarter Turn Valve with 2 threads

£33 incl. VAT

Avillion Tap CD Quarater Turn Valve with 2 threads
Please note that Avillion was taken over by Perrin and Rowe and your valve will come stamped TCL (Perrin and Rowe).

Please read below for more information before ordering as there is also the Avillion CD Quarter Turn Tap Valve with One Threads.

Hot 9.13145 opens Clockwise.
Cold 9.13146 opens Anti-Clockwise.

If your Tap is dripping from the Spout – change your Valve.


Avillion Tap CD Quarter Turn Valve with 2 threads

Valve Measurements

    • Overall Height: 53mm
    • Nut Height: 5mm
    • Diameter at thread: 21mm
    • No of Splines (teeth at top): 20
    • Height of Splines: 12mm (with vernier)
    • Height of Splines: 10mm (without vernier)

There is also the Avillion CD Quarter Turn Tap Valve with Two Threads.

We have included pictures of what the valve with two threads (Valve to buy here) and the valve with one thread looks like in the Gallery pictures.

To avoid ordering the wrong valve (which of course you can return if not used), you could remove your own valve and compare to the gallery pictures here before ordering. Here is our Guide 7 easy steps to replace kitchen tap valve. . We would also be familiar with most of the taps that take this Valve so if in doubt, and you cannot remove your own valve, then email us a picture of your Tap to sales@tapsandsinksonline.co.uk for our help.

Two threads means two sets of threads on the valve.


Avillion 2 Threaded Valve (Two sets of threads). Avillion is now part of Triflow / TCL

One thread means only one set of threads on the valve.


FR9762 With Vernier and C Clip removed (One set of threads)

Hot Valve – a Valve that opens Clockwise.
Cold Valve – a Valve that opens Anti-Clockwise.

This is a Genuine Spare Part.

Detailed Shipping / Returns information can be found here.
In Brief:
- Small items only by Post: £3.50 Can take currently up 7-10 working days.
- Courier Delivery DPD Track & Trace: £5.50 Usually takes c. 2-3 working days.
- BREXIT: No additional charges on delivery once your Order before shipping charges is less than £135.

Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

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