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DPD Label Surcharge Off-Shore Islands £8


DPD Label Surcharge Off-Shore Islands £8, if you wished your parcel to be shipped to anywhere in the UK other than Mainland UK and N.I. (E.G Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man etc). Please also note that we do not refund any Tax for shipping to the Channel Islands.


  1. Nicole Hardiment-Diemer

    Agreed, excessive charge which wasn’t published when I purchased. Don’t use DPD tapsandlinksonline please!

    • Alice

      Hi Nicole, This is what we show at the end of every single product “For Mainland UK / N.I and ROI, Minimum of £4.50 to maximum of £6.00 with DPD 2-3 working days. For UK Offshore Islands, please email us sales@tapsandsinksonline.co.uk, as there is an additional surcharge.” So we cannot be clearer about the fact that there is an additonal charge. It currently stands at £8 as that is the cost that DPD charge us for processing customs. We make no profit on shipping. Any customer that purchases from us that is based in the Channel Islands is contacted by our sales team either same day or following working day, with an offer of a refund if the customer so wishes. There is no obligation to continue with the order.
      However we have now put an extra flag in at the checkout stage before the order is complete in order to remind the customer again that if they are based in the Channel Islands, that there is an additional shipping charge of £8. We cannot absorb the additional surcharge ourselves as most of the products we sell, being spare parts, are of very low value / low cost to begin with. Again, there is no obligation on the customer to continue with the order if they do not wish to incur this charge, and we also offer a refund / cancellation when we contact the Channel Islands customer before we ship. We are beyond transparent on this surcharge.
      Other Carriers : We did use other carriers in the past but they were slower / lost the parcels which is why we switched to DPD as they give us / our customers a quicker more reliable service.

  2. Donald Ferguson

    Why was there no mention of a surcharge when you took my order, why was there no surcharge the last time I ordered from you. And lastly, the component is so small, it would cost very little to post.
    Therefore, I feel that I have no other option than to ask for a refund.

    • Alice

      Hi Donald we do state that all our shipping costs relate to Mainland UK and ROI/NI only. Alosevery product shows detailed shipping charges notes for total transparency including the following Shipping Information : Please allow for Delays outside our control due to Covid-19 – (in Brief – see links below for more detailed information is our Normal Shipping Times if not delays).
      Spares Parts: For Mainland UK / N.I and ROI, Minimum of £4.50 to maximum of £6.00 with DPD 2-3 working days. For UK Offshore Islands, please email us sales@tapsandsinksonline.co.uk, as there is an additional surcharge. Click here for more information about all Shipping here.

      We make absolutley NO profit on shipping and the additional charge is a cost from DPD to us . We have used other carriers but items have gotten lost. We cannot currently post anything as post is getting lost as well.

  3. Russell Ian Crebbin

    Excessive surcharge £12.50 in total for a tiny part to be posted. Not impressed first class post would have been a tenth of the charge.

    • Alice

      HI Russell, the £8 is an additional charge from DPD to ship to you due to your location i.e. not part of mainland UK / NI or ROI. We do not make any profit at all from our Shipping charges – in fact what we charge the customer does not cover the entire cost. For logistical reasons we only use DPD as we can guarantee swift delivery, track and trace, and the customer is texted and emailed in advance to allow the customer to manage their delivery options, should they wish to change them etc. You do not get all of these combined services from any other courier (based on our experience shipping in using alternative shipping options). In your case, I have checked the overall cost that you are now paying (including this additional charge) and it is still cheaper to you to purchase from us this genuine product than to purchase from any competitor supplying genuine parts. Some competitors charge far more for the part itself and less for shipping. We charge less for the parts than our competitors and then our additional charges, e.g. Shipping, are totally transparent.

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