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DPD Label Surcharge Off-Shore Islands £8


If you have been directed by our Customer Service to purchase an additional shipping label that is because your shipping address is one of the Isles that we do not ship to and your order has inadvertently slipped through our system. We thank you for your order and we appreciate that when you made the order and only paid sthe standard shipping charge, that you would assume that that would be the total shipping cost.

We do not ship to the Isles & state this on our website e.g. our Shipping / Returns Section which you can find here), it is highlighted in Red at the very top of the shopping cart page before you pay for the order together with other places including on the Order confirmation email itself. So we do our best to flag this in advance so as not to have any disappointed customer. The standard DPD charge for mainland Great Britain does not even cover normal shipping costs. Shipping to the isles has a further cost on top of the standard charge.

Rarely, but it can happen, someone with a postcode for an Isle can slip through our system. Usually because it shares a postal code with mainland Britain. If we see that an order is for an Isle we notify the customer to give the opportunity of purchasing an additional label here (to cover the additional charge) or a full refund.

If you can provide us with a mainland shipping address as the alternative address we will gladly ship there instead at no additional cost.


  1. Alice

    HI Russell, the £8 is an additional charge from DPD to ship to you due to your location i.e. not part of mainland UK / NI or ROI. We do not make any profit at all from our Shipping charges – in fact what we charge the customer does not cover the entire cost. For logistical reasons we only use DPD as we can guarantee swift delivery, track and trace, and the customer is texted and emailed in advance to allow the customer to manage their delivery options, should they wish to change them etc. You do not get all of these combined services from any other courier (based on our experience shipping in using alternative shipping options). In your case, I have checked the overall cost that you are now paying (including this additional charge) and it is still cheaper to you to purchase from us this genuine product than to purchase from any competitor supplying genuine parts. Some competitors charge far more for the part itself and less for shipping. We charge less for the parts than our competitors and then our additional charges, e.g. Shipping, are totally transparent.

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