FR9146 Cold Valve


FR9146 Cold Valve for the Mains Cold and the Filtered Cold for some of the Franke Triflow Taps.

Triflow Kubus / Triflow Olympus (see here)
Triflow Mini System (see here)
Triflow Professional Trend.

The FR9146 is a 1/2″ quarter turn valve anti clockwise opening to fit cold and filtered valve.

This blog link here will give you more information as to whether or not you have a Franke Triflow or a Franke Filter Flow Tap.


FR9146 Cold Valve

Overall Height: 53mm
Nut Height: 5mm
Diameter at thread: 21mm
No of Splines (teeth at top): 20 (without white vernier)
No of Splines (teeth at top):21 (with white vernier)
Height of Splines: 10mm (without white vernier)
Height of Splines: 12mm (with white vernier)

The FR9146 is a 1/2″ quater turn valve anti clockwise opening to fit cold and filtered valve.

***Please Note:The FR9146 valve is used for both the cold side and the filtered cold side if you have a Filtered Tap. .***

If your Tap is dripping from the Spout – change your Valve.

Please note that the manufacturer might have changed the valves over the years that a Tap is in production.

If the valves do not fit you can return them.

*** Please note that parts might be modified by the manufacturers over the years of a product being made as part of their continual improvements. Therefore while we can guarantee that the parts we supply are as per the technical specifications sheets provided by the manufacturers, we can not always guarantee that a part will fit an older version of a product. All spare parts that do not fit can be returned for a refund but we do not refund associated postage costs.

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Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

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