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Franke Tap Spout Chrome 133.0069.251 SP3577

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Franke Tap Spout Chrome 133.0069.251 SP3577. See below for more information before purchasing including DIY Guide.



Franke Tap Spout Chrome 133.0069.251 SP3577

This Genuine Franke Tap Spout spout includes the o-ring kit 1239R and aerator 1303R.

  • If your Tap is dripping at the base then the cause is either worn O Rings or the Spout itself.
  • If your Spout is damaged or has a pinhole then you will need to replace the entire Spout.

Pinhole on your own Spout

  • If you have a pinhole in your spout (see example below of a pinhole) then replacing the O Ring Kit will not fix this.
  • Here is our Guide : How to remove Kitchen Tap Spout . You can check for pinholes.
  • If you have a pinhole and do not know what Spout you need, then contact us us with the details of your Tap.
    1. Please email a picture of your complete Tap.
    2. Please also send any other information that you know e.g the Brand might be marked on the Tap.
    3. We will send you a link to the correct Spout that you require.
    4. Here is the example of a pinhole in a Spout.
    Example Pinhole in Spout

    Example Pinhole in Spout

Tip when changing the O Ring Kit :

  1. Usually only the black O Rings need to be replaced on your Spout unless one of the white O rings is broken.
  2. Some White O Rings have an intentional split in them so an intentional split in the ring does not mean it is broken.
  3. Your new O Ring Kit might have surplus O Rings .  Some O Ring Kits had an additional smaller ring added in later years for stability.
  4. You can add Plumbers Grease to aid the movement or washing up liquid. Do not use anything like vaseline that will cause rubber to perish.


The Franke Spout is available in a Chrome ( 133.0069.251 ) or Silk Steel ( 133.0069.219 ) (Brushed) Finish. You can buy here.


This is a Spout Part and not the complete Tap. We discount all of our Brand New Genuine Spouts in case our checkers / shippers miss a tiny blemish. Our Spouts are Sourced directly from the Manufacturer of your Tap. Below is an example of a tiny mark on a Spout.

Examples of marks silksteel spouts


This Product listed here is new Replacement Spout Only. It is not a complete new Tap.

Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide


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