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Mythos Brass Bush SP3886 With Lip

£11 incl. VAT

Mythos Brass Bush SP3886 with lip for Mythos MTX / MTG /MTV).

There is one bush per Valve so if you think you need one for each valve please order Two. If only replacing one valve, then you only need to order One Bush There is no difference between the Bush for the Cold Valve or the Bush for the Hot Valve.

See below for more information.


Mythos Brass Bush SP3886


  • Outside Diameter: 24mm
  • Outside Diameter at lip: 27mm
  • Overall Height: 19mm

The Mythos Brass Bush SP3886 might be required if fitting new valve and the existing brass bush can not be separated from the old valve that is being replaced. If you can remove the existing valve without removing the brass bush then you might not require this spare part, or if the leak stops just by replacing the Valve, then you can return the Brass bush for a refund.

It can be a common enough problem that when you remove your Kitchen Tap Valve it looks different than the valve in the picture (or the Valve that you purchased from us). It is most likely because the brass bush is still attached. In both the examples , the brass bush is the same.  That part has not changed in the Mythos Tap, only the valve has changed from a 1427R to SP3547.

Franke Mythos Valve 1427R with Brass Bush attached

Franke Mythos Valve 1427R with Brass Bush attached

SP3547 Valve inside Brass Bush SP3886

SP3547 Valve inside Brass Bush SP3886

If the Valve is stuck inside the Brass Bush then you will have to separate them OR buy a Brass Bush as well.

For tips on how to separate a Valve from a Brass Bush, see here.

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