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Perrin & Rowe Etruscan Tap 1520 Valve

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Perrin & Rowe Etruscan Tap 1520 Valve Hot, Cold and Filtered Valve for the Perrin & Rowe Etruscan Tap 1520. This Tap comes with a Rinse. If your own Tap did not come with a Rinse then you might have the Etruscan 1420 or the Franke Triflow Tradition. This is important because the Cold Filtered Valve in Etruscan 1420 & in Triflow Tradition is a different valve than the Filtered Valve for the 1520. See below for measurements and pictures.

Here is our Guide Valve and Vernier Insert changing procedure for Perrin and Rowe / Atriflo Lever Taps. If your Tap is dripping where the Spout meets the Base then you might need to replace your O Ring Kit.


Perrin & Rowe Etruscan Tap 1520 Valve

As some customers mix up which Tap they have, if ordering the Filtered Cold Valve, we recommend checking your own valve before ordering unless you have the Original Installation guide that came with your own Tap (not one found in www) which will accurately identify which spare parts you need.

9.13380 Filtered Valve Measurements:

  • Overall Height: 47.5mm
    Nut Height: 6mm
    Diameter at thread: 16.8mm
    No of Splines (teeth at top): 20
    Height of Splines: 10mm (with vernier)
    Height of Splines: 10mm (without vernier)
9.13380 150

9.13380 Filtered Valve

FR9146 V 9.133.80 Filtered cold valve

9.13146 Cold Valve & Smaller 9.133.80 Filtered Cold Valve (see how much smaller the 9.133.80 is)

Cold Non Filtered Valve 9.13146 / Hot Valve 9.13145 Measurements:

  • Overall Height: 53mm
    Nut Height: 5mm
    Diameter at thread: 21mm
    No of Splines (teeth at top): 20
    Height of Splines: 12mm (with vernier)
    Height of Splines: 10mm (without vernier)
9.13146 150

Cold Valve for Non Filtered Cold Side. This valve is larger than the Valve that goes into the Filtered Cold Side.

The Cold 9.13146 Valve opens Anti-Clockwise and the Hot 9.13145 Valve opens Clockwise.

This is a Genuine Spare Part.

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Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

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