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Rangemaster Belfast Traditional Tap TBL1 Valve



Rangemaster Belfast Traditional Tap TBL1 Valve, For

  • TBL1CM/ Colour: Chrome
  • TBL1BF/ Colour: Brushed Finish

You might require different screws depending on the age of your tap – screws with these valves included. Three different Taps by Rangemaster have the same name so it can cause confusion as each one takes a different Valve. There are pictures below to help and please pay attention to the handle detail and compare it to your own before ordering. In addition to this, as it is a Bridge you need to order the valves for the opposite side i.e. if your taps is dripping from the hot water side i.e. the left hand side, you need to replace with a ‘cold’ valve i.e anticlockwise. If your cold water side is dripping, then you need to replace with a clockwise opening valve aka Cold Valve. This is counter intuitive to the way a normal 2 lever tap works we know. If your Tap is dripping from the Spout then you might need to change your Valves.  Here is our Guide 7 Easy Steps to replace Kitchen Tap Valve.

Please read below before ordering any valves as to which valve to order as this tap works differently from your standard two lever tap due to the levers being horizontal when the valves are turned off (closed) AND also because Rangemaster do two different Belfast Traditional Bridge Mixer Taps – TBL1 and TBL3 and the Valves are not the same in both styles of Taps. We have some customers pictures of their own taps to assist as well to show which Tap takes the 1212R valve, which tap takes the 1265R Valve and which tap takes the 3561R Valve (see below).

The earliest version of the TBL1 takes the 1265R valve.



Rangemaster Belfast Traditional Tap TBL1 Valve

SMR Ceramic Disc Valve 24 Splines 1265R
Overall height: 48mm
Nut Height: 7mm
Diameter at thread: 21mm
Splines: 24
Height of Splines: 5mm

1265R hot valve

SMR 1265R valve, 24 splines, Hot valve shown here

Rangemaster Bridge Traditional Handle Detail 1265R

Rangemaster Bridge Traditional Handle Detail 1265R

SMR Ceramic Disc Valve 20 Splines 1212R
Overall height: 50mm
Nut Height: 8mm
Diameter at thread: 21mm
Splines: 20
Height of Splines: 8mm

1212R-C (cold Valve shown here).

1212R-C (cold Valve shown here as example).

Rangemaster Bridge Traditional Handle Detail 1212R

SMR Ceramic Disc Valve 28 Splines 3561R
Overall height: 53mm
Nut Height: 8mm
Diameter at thread: 21mm
Splines: 28
Height of Splines: 10mm

3561R with 28 splines (Cold Valve shown here )

3561R with 28 splines (Cold Valve shown here )

Please note that there is another Rangemaster Bridge Mixer Tap, TBL3 which has more modern style handles and longer legs and takes a different Valve. To illustrate the difference so that you do not order a Valve for the wrong Belfast Tap:
Here is the Rangemaster Belfast Traditional Tap TBL1 (note the shorter legs and the handles are more ‘antique’ in style) Depending on which version of the TBL1 you have, you would be ordering either the 1265R or the 1212R.

Rangemaster Bridge Traditional Handle Detail

Rangemaster Bridge Traditional Handle Detail – Order 1265R

Rangemaster TBL1 Traditional with 20 spline valve

Rangemaster TBL1 Traditional with 20 spline valve – Order 1212R

Traditional Belfast Bridge TBL3

Traditional Belfast Bridge TBL3 – Order 3561R Valve

Here is a close up of the Traditional Belfast Bridge Mixer Tap TBL3 (note the longer legs and the more modern handles which are available in the Chrome finish in Chrome, White or Black, and if you have this Tap, then you need to order your Valves here.

bridge lever valves with CO AND ACO Symbols

Example of a bridge mixer tap (using Franke Bridge blueprint) for illustrative purposes only


Bridge lever valves with CO AND ACO Symbols
A Cold Valve opens Anti-clockwise (ACO) and a Hot Valve opens Clockwise (CO).
A two lever tap usually has two valves known as ‘Hot’ (CO) and ‘Cold'(ACO).
The Cold (ACO) Valve can have a blue indicator underneath (but not always). Sometimes it can be white.
The Hot (CO) Valve can have a red indicator underneath (but not always). Sometimes it can be white.
BUT the Hot (CO) Valve USUALLY has a nick on every side of the nut to distinguish it from the Cold Valve of the same measurements / specifications.

If you need to replace the Valve for the Cold Water Feed (on the right hand side) you will need to order a standard Hot Valve for the right hand side of your tap as you have to turn your lever Clockwise (towards the centre of the Tap) to turn on (open) the Valve i.e. Clockwise, which is a ‘Hot’ Valve. The reverse holds for the Hot Water side i.e a Valve that turns Anti-Clockwise i.e a ‘Cold’ Valve. This is as per the Installation Guide excerpt above.


Parts might be modified by the manufacturers as part of their continual improvements. We cannot always guarantee that a part will fit an older version of a product. All spare parts that do not fit can be returned for a refund excluding shipping costs.

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Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide


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